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Hey OGs,

I wanted to start a thread where anyone can submit interesting science-based articles and papers surrounding all our favorite plant, its physical properties, discuss the findings and how they relate to each of our systems and approaches. The hope is that this will become an interesting place to store up to date analytical information on not only grow science but cannabis science. From extraction chemistry to assimilation of cannabinoids in our body, interested in what you all are finding interesting!

I am very much enjoying MCR Labs website that links thousands of studies and chemical analysis of Cannabinoids, Terpenes, extractions and much more - they are also able to test whatever you got cooking! MCR Labs Knowledge Hub

I often use CHEM Spider to lookup particular chemical properties and related testing and studies on specific terpenes here.

I have so many great articles and links that I have stored form various OG member’s threads (and their threads) over the years that I will slowly be referencing here and hope you do too!! Post up your favorites!


If you haven’t checked out this thread @Mr.Sparkle has been laying out some very interesting science-based knowledge and troubleshooting for building and specing DIY LED lighting system here. Calculations, links to parts you will find it all here and if not the man himself will likely chime in to save your bacon.


DATA: The most valuable resource on the planet. How are you tracking your grow data? Pictures, analog paper journals, dataloggers and apps, today there is more than one way to track your stats and if you aren’t you might soon be left behind… Knowing not only whats going on in the grow now but what happened historically is providing hobbyist growers all the way up to big AG a powerful and site-specific metrics that are tailored fit to their operations, with their specific conditions, equipment and genetics. Guess what, you can too.

I’m sure at some point you have all come across 7’s Workshop of Weed and the many wonders within however I wanted to specifically highlight his analytical approach to his own Grow Tracker.

I’m a huge data junkie and tracking metrics was/is a huge part of my professional life both in and outside of cannabis. The ability to track, view, and establish trends in any data stream is a veritable gold mine for those who know what they are looking for.

7 is working on a new version of his app currently however his latest release is fully functional and free to download for Android. If you are currently using other tracker apps or looking to get into it, maybe check out 7’s thread or download through His Github here. Should you do, be sure thank 7 for all his hard and on-going work, and let’em know what you think!

EDIT: v2.6.1 was already released at the time of this post, link fixed!


Thanks! Although, the latest version is v2.6.1 has a ton more features than the 2.0 you linked (4 years old now!)

Here’s a ton of other apps i’ve come across. All good in their own way (I still think mine is the best but I may be biased :laughing:)


Grow with Jane


Grow helper

Cannabis calendar (new one I found on reddit)

Canna calc

And ofcourse GrowTracker


I will amend the link!! Sorry 7!!!

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Feeling bored with COVID quarantine? Plants are well-tended to, you are all caught up on your favorite threads and you still feel like a good read? How about a year’s worth?

There is an excellent series of readings on a wide variety of cannabis, growing and various techniques, technologies and applications, all free to download. It’s hosted on another site but none the less a very comprehensive toolkit for the cannabis producer. Maybe there is something you missed, maybe something you hadn’t read yet, or if you are new to growing; this is a substantial resource to cut your teeth with! -Enjoy


TERPS! One of the many reasons I love cannabis!!! There is so much to know about these amazing organic compounds that one could easily spend a lifetime doing so however most of us would much rather enjoy them. Found this 45 min discussion about controlling terpenes and cannabinoids in flower and extracts by Dr. Markus Roggen. I am not going out of my way to prop this man up, don’t know him however he has approached his studies into cannabis scientifically and this I can appreciate. There is a lot of empowering, science based information for the hobbyist and professional grower and extractor contained within. I had a dab of Strawberry Cough Rosin and had it running in the background while I tended to my plants tonight.


Not 100% sure on relevance. but have been listening to

Teaching about soil


I’m all about knowledge and I am soil-based like many others here. There are certainly various other mentions of KIS here on the site, but no I haven’t been listening. I will have to add it into the mix, thanks for the recommendation 6 :boom:

I have the Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web on deck and likely the rest of the trilogy: Teaming with Nutrients: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to Optimizing Plant Nutrition, Teaming with Fungi: The Organic Grower’s Guide to Mycorrhizae after countless recommendations :nerd_face: Anything else piquing your interest these days 6?

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Was pretty stoked to come across this article. Gives a run down of the purpose and functions of terps and company.

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Thought this was super interesting so figured id share… They were not testing on cannabis specifically but Id imagine similar findings would result. They manipulated the plant’s ethylene synthesis gene by altering the corresponding gene in microbes within the plant.


This could be very interesting for canabis down the line for sure, I will see if I can’t find some more info on this. Thanks for sharing @Stickyjones

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Id love to read some more about it if you come up with anything… Heres a link to the write up


Was reading up on diploid/triploid/tetraploid and came across this. I saw some probable exagerations but the idea and process are neat.

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