Led light, indoor cultivation and how would you go about it

hi. Since I did not find any advice, I will allow myself to start a new thread. If it bothers, I’ll delete it. I would like to start growing indoor normally in the soil in the fall, I will not cut or clone. Just flower pots on the ground. Can you recommend a tent and a light to me? I’m from the EU, so I don’t want Amazon or China. I have to get BubbleGum Reg Autos seeds and I would like to leave a few to pollinate the seeds and leave some without pollination. And here is my next question. How would you go about it? I should get about ten seeds. Thanks in advance for your interest in helping me.


Kind of a hard question to answer bud. How much space you have to work with? How many plants do you want to grow? You want to pollinate some but not others so you will need 2 spaces if you want to open pollinate. What kind of budget are you looking to spend?


Yes, I know, I didn’t specify it. Theoretically, I can clear one room about 3.5x3 meters in size, but in the winter it does not heat up and I would have to darken the windows with something and put some foil on the wall, so I ask for a tent. If you’re wondering if I’d like to pollinate only a portion of them, I’m just asking … how would the rest of you go about it? I would like to pollinate just one plant, for example, but I don’t know how many seeds it will be. As for the budget, it won’t be seen until the fall, but I guess I could pay 600-1000 euros. Or would it be better to grow in a room than in a tent?

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Ok, if it were me I would throw a 4 x 4 tent in there. It’s big enough for 4 good size plants or a bunch of small ones. If you have issues with heat you may want to consider HPS/MH setup as they kick off more heat. Otherwise I use an HLG 600 Rspec in that size tent and it does just fine.
I would not use foil on the walls, it is not good for this particular job. White paint is actually better but if you use a tent that is not important.
As for pollinating one plant, it is possible to get pollen and do just one plant but you will have fans blowing so it would likely spread the pollen to the others. That said I am not experience with pollinating plants so I will let someone else give you advice about that as I don’t want to steer you wrong.


what size tent do you think to what extent? Meters or feet?

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That was 4x4 feet I was suggesting. Give you 16 square feet and 37.5 per square foot of lighting. These are my last 4 plants in that size space and what they yielded at harvest for reference.


Wow, I have no words. bomb.


I like your light, but here in Europe they want $ 1,100 for it, and that’s too much for me. If I ordered from America then it would cost $ 800, but the duty and VAT would cost almost $ 1,000 even with the purchase. I will have to find another affordable light.


I would take at least 1 4x4 tent and one maybe 3x3 so you can grow one crop for meds and one for beans if you like to do it, you can use it as a veg tent later on.

If you don’t want to buy from Amazon or alibaba ( I would buy them from alibaba I’n the beginning ) you can make your own? You will still have to pay for VAT but not so much.

Search in the threads and you shall find a nice one about DIY lights. Digikey is a nice place to find a lot of good things here in EU.

I made 3 x 200w lights for the price of 400 euros with shipping and customs


I know this place is selling the 600 Rspec for 649 and is in the UK. LEDGROWSHOP.CO.UK There are also many other options but I like that light. You may want to take a look at their site.


That’s a good price and a good idea. Thank you :slight_smile:


You are getting good advice.

In my experience novice growers want to do too much. They want to grow lots of weed, they want to make seeds, they want to do everything all at once.

My input is that just growing for the first time is a steep learning curve. Grow just to have some buds to smoke and have fun and make seeds next time after you’ve got a little experience.

I guess I’m saying learn one skill set at a time.

Good luck and all the best.


If I have to learn only one, then I will choose seeds. I’ll be happy to get ten unfeminated car bublegums and I want more to grow in the future.


Best of luck to you my friend. I just want to see you set up for success.


Thanks friend. I should start in the autumn and if it turns out well, I will give the course and the result here. I am gathering information now, because who is ready is not surprised. :slightly_smiling_face:


Consider posting your grow here from the beginning.
You will gets lots of ‘real time’ input (in case of trouble).
Just ‘hang out’ and focus on the basics… ie. ‘don’t kill them’. :grin:
Everything else will fall into place. :sunglasses: :+1:



how much of your budget? and which type of light dou wanna buy? taht’s all qustion!

I just don’t know. I am going to a 4x4 growing tent. I’m thinking of telling a friend to make it for me from ice strips. If I had to buy it, about $ 500. However, I still have plenty of time for the winter.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m thinking about this set. Do you have any reservations about that? Without fertilizers, soil and pots.Or…