Male to female herm?

So, I sprouted a few blueberry seeds a while back. Put them into flower when young, to get sex ID. Pulled out the females and put them into another tent for later use.
But, I had one nice healthy male that I liked. This plant showed as strong, 100% male. No doubts (in my mind anyway)
So, I put him back into veg (18/6) with a couple other various females. That was several weeks ago.
I checked on this plants today and the male is growing pistils! In 18/6 light!?
Not only that, it seems to have seeded itself in a couple of nodes!

Has anyone seen males do this when going through the stress of re-veg?
Is this male worth hanging onto, or is he too much a risk for passing on hermie genes?


I had a male do something similar and a few users informed me that its a pretty normal thing. It’s also apparently normal for a regular male under regular flowering hours to throw the odd pistil. I’ve never really grown males so was new to all of this.

Neat plant, mine did something similar with those rounded leaves and stuff… freaky!


Yeah. This one is definitely showing A little more leaf weirdness in re-veg than some of my other plants have when switching from 12/12 back to 18/6.


I have seen this with C99 and recently with an Early Girl knockoff called First Girl -don’t ask XD.

DJ Short referred to a male that eventually shows this as a backwards herm and didn’t think they were a bad thing:

A quick word on “backward” hermaphrodites ? declared males that eventually sport female flowers ? as opposed to the usual female-to-male hermaphrodites. These are semi-rare occurrences, usually sterile but sometimes viable, that I have found at times to be valuable in their genetic contributions. Some of the most resinous and desirable males I have encountered exhibited this trait. This trait almost seems to guarantee against unwanted hermaphroditism in subsequent generations as it also increases the female to male ratio in its progeny.)

I am yet to grow out seeds made from the C99 to see whether I get hermaphrodism in the females, or just really frosty females…


Latest I’ve heard from the Jodrey is: it’s just a herm male. Probably don’t want to breed with it, but your call of course. :nerd_face:



Ah! Thanks @cannaloop. That’s some good info from DJ Short! I need to do a deep-dive into that article you linked.

But, based on that, think I’ll keep this male around then, maybe do a junk seed run as a test, and see what the offspring do.


I think it’s worth it. I will be making my own version of Knight’s Templar when I pollinate a herijuana with the backward and very frosty C99 male I have - I will of course be growing those out and will report back to you as well. Good luck and good work :+1:


I’ve had one male herm during clone / reveg. This is as far as he got. He was culled.

Logically, I don’t think there’s any benefit to it, as far as I can tell. If you want stable plants, I believe it’s best practice to never use any herm in breeding unless it’s induced via reversal. But I’m no expert, just an avg joe blow without nearly as much experience as the aforementioned breeders.

As for DJ’s claims, bodhi seems to find perfectly resinous males without issue or herms. He’s posted dozens of pics of them without pistils over the years.


Very fair comments and I totally get where you’re coming from. A full on herm is pretty easy to identify and be culled. We may simply find that this fails and that’s all good. I’ve wasted time on worse strains and claims :roll_eyes:

But what’s different about this one is that it didn’t show pistils for months and that it will return to 100% male if left to grow out with ample root room. I get where you’re coming from, but even the slightest possibility that it could pass on more female traits has my curiosity and I am willing to take one for the team. I will purposely stress the offspring to see it there’s any way for me to get a female to herm. If any do, the male and all the seeds made from him will be gone.


Cool, experiments are good. Even if they’re not high enough numbers, or in a controlled environment with variables tracked well enough to be statistically significant, it’s neat to see trends in your own garden if you’re not trying to do it for profit.

For profit requires a whole different standard, imho, and I think that is underscored by DJ and JD’s recent string of swing & misses in their last few years of releases.


Good to know. Kevin knows a thing or two… :wink:

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I had a Spotted Lime Auto male do this recently, culled it pretty quickly after.

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