Mask smell of pot sent in the mail?

So maybe I’m just not patient enough, but I can’t find anything on the site that talks about mailing pot , and how to mask the smell. From all I’ve read over the years, a couple things stand out. Like double triple bag everything, and wipe down each bag with rubbing alcohol. One should also be washing ones hands and wiping with rubbing alcohol every step of the way. Most other ways of masking the smell do little good from what I understand, because dogs sense of smell is so acute they can detect odors even when masked in cologne or incense or soap or any other of a million ways. So I’m curious about others knowledge and experience on this issue, and if the USPS scrutinizes packages coming from states with legal pot laws more than from other states.

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I’ve mailed herb to myself for vacation a couple times, right to the hotel. Glass mason jar gets it done - preferably vacuum sealed. I used the Priority Mail box that is sized for paper documents, the smaller mason jars fit right in and weigh about the same as a stack of paper.


Its a taboo subject and talking about methods in public like this is dry snitching on ourselves.


Agree with @Dr_Jekyll on this one.


Also you cant “Mask” the smell. Dogs nose wont be foold with extra smells. The way their nose works is different than us. We smell everything as 1 scent, they smell individual scents.


I’m sure any feds who are reading will agree with me that vacuum-sealed glass is the way to go. :smile: Good luck to the narcs trying to intercept these packages. Give the outside of the jars a quick swipe with rubbing alcohol for extra security if you want.

And good luck trying to bust me in Oregon or Massachusetts for picking up less than one ounce. Sending legal or decriminalized amounts is a sure way to avoid trouble, it’s not worth it to the feds and the local cops can’t do anything about it.


Sorry dude I don’t smoke pot and I sure wouldn’t mail it either


I doubt there’s anything here the feds haven’t seen or know about.


And I don’t dance, but I’m taking dance lessons! :slight_smile:

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mailing it is asking to have cops at your door.

sure it’s been done successfully, but do you really wanna chance it?

there’s NEVER any need to put yourself in harm’s way for anothers satisfaction.

talk of trade and sale and shipping or purchasing final product is a bannable offense… just saying


watch “Breaking Bad” series for more ideas. Sealed jars inside a 5-gallon bucket of refried beans is another great idea! :smile:


LOL (not laughing at you) Somehow I think mailing a bucket of refried beans might draw more attention then anything.


I’m fine with this discussion…


First off, ain’t gonna have my return address on it. :slight_smile: Also it’s not like I’d be sending any large amount if I did it, be like only a 1/4 oz or so. Something I don’t think the feds would even waste their time on if it was intercepted. And we’re on a pot site where everything about pot is talked about, but you’re saying talking about masking the smell is a bannable offense? Please. Let 'em ban me than, won’t break my heart if they did.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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it’s a joke, obviously you’re not going to send a bucket of mexican food through the mail! Unless you’re a cartel moving cargo trucks over the border :smile:

I guess the issue is small-time personal amounts or commersh. I always keep the worst-case scenario in mind. Not too bad for less than one ounce. Commercial amounts more serious obviously.


I knew it was a joke, hence the lol. It made me chuckle. And if I was gonna mail some it certainly wouldn’t be any kind of quantity. That would be dumb, and could even possibly result in the receiver getting harrassed or busted. Certainly wouldn’t be worth it. I would never endanger anyone like that. But like I said before, I doubt they would even look twice at a 1/4 oz. Like when you ordered seeds from overseas, if they were intercepted, you would simply get a note from customs saying it had been intercepted.


LOL LOL, I dare someone to send herb in a mason jar buried in a 5gal bucket of refried beans, LOL. (Please don’t, but definitely mock up some photos of doing it so we can all laugh at how silly it looks.)


I’ll never forget when “The Chief” Robert Parish got busted when I lived in Boston in '93 - it was a real lesson in what can happen with mailing it. It was interesting politically too because most people felt sorry for him and it gave momentum to MJ reform at the time. They also arrested his girlfriend which added more sympathy to his cause.


This is a great attitude. You are asking aboutshipping not just masking the smell.

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