Medibles don't work for me

When I was younger medibles had a profound effect on me - full on body buzz, and if I ate too much I would sleep like a baby. Fast forward 30 years and now medibles have zero psychoactive effect on me it seems. I am sure that the CBD and THC are doing wonders to my body that I am unaware of, so I still consume medibles, however when my friends are practically falling over ready to go to bed from the effects of the medibles I feel nothing, maybe a little bit of a buzz but it’s hard to tell because I am generally smoking too so if they do have an effect it is negligible, because anyone who says “I think maybe I am getting off on these medibles” probably isn’t lol, since it is so strong. From what I have read it isn’t the THC that gets you wasted with medibles, it’s a chemical that your brain and liver produces as a reaction to having the THC present that is so powerful, almost hallucinogenic. I used to think that it was because I wan’t consuming medibles that were strong enough, that maybe I had built up some sort of tolerance, but I have packed cookies and brownies with enough weed to tranquilize an elephant and it does nothing for me, even if I eat a whole tray of brownies, where my friends are good with a half a piece. I followed the tincture thread here, and made some green dragon, and that had no effects on me, but my friends loved it. I have no problems getting high from smoking, but I long for those days when I could eat a brownie and be good for the rest of the day. I was wondering if anyone else here has the same issues, or if anyone has found a fix or cure for this.


I have given people edibles before, people who smoke regularly and people who don’t, and some people just seem more or less immune, whether they smoke or not. It really is fascinating.

Cookies from the same batch that would have me unable to drive make some people feel nothing, zilch, nada.

The absolute top 10 “highest I’ve ever been (on weed)” list is exclusively edibles lol.


The heavy use of marijuana cause cb1 and cb2 receptors to become less dense. The endocannabinoid system may be-causing it, the other thing is it has to pass through the liver into the blood stream. Heart medication, liver damage, stomach problems, etc can cause you it to just pass to the upper intestine and never get digested.


I have a friend like this. He eats a whole bag of the 100mg gummies and he can barely feel it, but he can still get high from smoking or vaping.

Weirdest thing ever.


Ya I was going to ask if you maybe have liver or digestive issues? @monkeyman, not you lol

I’ve always hated edibles they make me feel like I’m made of rubber.


Have you tried on an empty stomach?

For me if I don’t eat for at least 6 hours before an edible I’ll get pretty far out there. However, If I’ve eaten recently they don’t do much.


yeah edibles are hit or miss for me as well. I have to eat them on an empty stomach and some days i’ll feel nothing at all and others its time to pass out. I found gummies tend to work better for me than brownies or baked goods in general. And easier on my stomach. I do have minor digestive issues though but nothing diagnosed specifically.


I have tried them on an empty stomach, and also without smoking anything, and there is not much if any effect on me. What’s weird is that I have had little pieces the size of a piece of rice of RSO that has sent me to the stratosphere quickly, however medibles made with that same RSO don’t seem to have much effect on me either. I feel kind of robbed lol, I used to really enjoy eating it. It’s not like I did it all the time, so I don’t think that I burned out any receptors that are specific to medibles. My liver has been checked recently and it is functioning as it should, so I have no clue as to why I am affected like I am, and it’s not like I can ask my primary care physician why medibles don’t work on me (not because he would care, he knows I am a medical marijuana card holder, but I doubt that he would have an answer for me). Anyway, sorry to rant on about this, I understand that it is most likely an unanswerable question, I just thought I would put it out there for discussion, and I appreciate everyone’s input.


Since the RSO worked when you tried it orally, but not when you digested it, you may benefit from adding lecithin to your pot budder. It emulsifies it, letting it pass through the stomach and liver.

Otherwise, perhaps try buccal or sublingual dosing of tincture (can burn like hell with alcohol though). Try the Dragon Breath Spray recipe instead.


I have this same issue @monkeyman.
I’ve been using and growing cannabis for 40 years, this year, and it’s been harder to get high on edibles over the last 20/25 years than the previous 15/20 years.

I’ve made pot brownies that have floored me and some that had no effect on me, but ruined my friends every time.

Every year on my birthday, I get some type of edible to share with friends… along with smoking many joints back to back. This year I got two packages of gummies, one was 350mg and the other was 1000mg. They didn’t do to me what they did to my wife… she was lit, and I was not so much!

Last year I got a 1000mg brownie made with shatter and I ate 60% of the brownie and was so high I could barely walk. That doesn’t normally happen to me, but I’m glad it did that time… I felt great!


:thinking: I was in the same boat until a few weeks ago & made hi-test tincture. Bubblehash + MCT coconut oil + elbow grease/time = :sleeping_bed:

If any of you are in Calif. let me know & I’ll test it on you (for science of course) :heart: :hugs:

Dabheads, hash-smokers, line’em up. :spoon: :sparkler: :droplet: :dizzy_face: :stopwatch:

Amazing discovery. :relaxed:



great advice @ReikoX, I will give that a try

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sounds interesting - what exactly was the method you used?


Apologies for being lazy @monkeyman :joy: but I’ll copy & paste my PM to @joecool ; Just woke up from unexpected tincture nap at 9pm, not sure if the dog ate, etc… :laughing:

Marauder(GG4xGDP) from Samwell BakedBeanz is a good sleep weed.

I’ll say, forget all that reading :sweat_smile: because I did it plenty & STILL needed to trial/error/fuckup & get satisfactory results.

I tried the alcohol extraction described by Reiko & the Green Dragon Cookbook, with Everclear low-grade AND the “710 Extractor” 200 proof stuff from the growshop. The alcohol tincture burns & tastes foul & wears off quick. Didn’t get no satisfaction.

Then I tried something else, mostly by coincidence, and it worked AMAZINGLY well. :sunglasses: :zzz: … I grabbed some “MCT” coconut oil from my discount grocery store, not really knowing what it was but because it said ‘no flavor or odor’ and was 1/2 price. :grin:

After a visit from another OGer I counted up my bubblehash pile and had about 80 grams. :astonished: Not great stuff but I was going to make edibles with it(via butter) and so I did a test batch with a nice looking chunk of hash (4g) into (2 oz) of this flavorless oil. Crumbled the hash up first & put it in a covered saucepan on low heat (aiming for 150F, stay below 200F) for about 2 hours, stirring a couple few times, then let it cool.

I tried a 1/2 teaspoon under the tounge for 30 secs then swallow. It tastes SOOOOO good! Must have been mostly GorillaZkittles hash because my follow-up with the whole pile is more like bitter lemon but not bad, especially swished down with a sip of grapefruit soda or lemonade. :relieved:

My completely rough math/science on the dosing was:

4g of 50%THC(guessing) bubblehash + 2oz = 12 teaspoon(TSP) doses of tincture. (4000mg x 50%THC) / 12 = 166.67mg THC per TSP(5 ML) unless of course my hash is stronger–it could be 80-90% but probably not :blush:

1 TSP fucks me up for 8+hours including a long 2-3 hour nap in there. 1/4 tsp + smoking a bowl still destroys me, & I’d challenge most dab-heads to try this stuff & not pass out. :laughing:

The 2nd batch I did with all the remaining hash, I did a double-boiler but I don’t think it was necessary, just don’t overheat the burner or pan(i.e. too low & slow is better than too hot & fast).

The other revelation was: if I want superior flavor it’s all about which strain & the hash; that first batch with 1 chunk tasted f’n amazing but the huge mixed batch not so much.

Strain the mud out if you want or leave it in if you aren’t picky & can avoid hash-teeth. My suspicion is the “pulp” :joy: :lemon: is beneficial but it WILL stick all over your teeth. Ask me how. :unamused:

So acquire you some of this yuppie cooking oil and some grams of tasty bubblehash.



I’m a dab head, and I mix my reclaim with coconut oil at a 1 to 5 ratio. It absolutely destroys me, my wife can function fine on it and were taking small vials. But it fucks me up for 24 hours plus no joke. And its an awesome way to do it because the reclaim is already activated, just mix and heat, then fill vials. :fire:


Hi guys I’m new to the community here. I have a friend who found out when this started to happen to her. She drinks 12/16oz of milk then it bonds to it and she will feel as before


Great info! How soon before or after the medible?

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It’s something like ‘if you don’t have enough fat in your system, it just passes through’… IME, and a bit of chocolate seems to work even more so for me.



@monkeyman have you tried eating mangos before taking edibles I hear it may have an better effect with smoking but maybe give it a try with edibles… I’m just wondering if your not getting a complete conversion from delta 9 to delta-11, If that has anything to do with it I just recently have bought sunflower lecithin to incorporate with whatever I make suppose to help better absorb and make it more potent.


Well damn now I’m worried about my guts lol