Perfect gummies overnighto

Hands down the easiest gummy recipe I’ve ever made too. You need a microwave, a large microwave safe measuring cup, a shallow dish to pour into, a silicon whisk, a silicon spatula, 1 box of Knox gelatin, 2 boxes of jello, 1 teaspoon pure vitamin C powder, 1 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon of liquid soy lecithin, half a teaspoon of xanthan gum, a packet of kool-aid, and a half cup of corn syrup.

Set 2 gelatin envelopes aside and bloom them.

In the large measuing cup add everything else and add just enough water to hydrate things. Microwave in 30 second bursts mixing between each burst. Once it starts boiling whisk jntil fully mixed to the same color evenly and nuke an additional 15 seconds.

If you’re making it infused add decarbed oil or weed butter at this stage and whisk until emulsified.

Once everything is fully mixed add the bloomed gelatin you set aside at the beginning and stir until fully melted and incorporated.

Give everything one last whisk to be safe and then pour into a heat safe shallow dish. Once it’s cooled down mostly put it in the fridge and it’ll set in no more than 12 hours.

You now have a gummy that’s like commercial gummies in texture.

Here’s a comprehensive post about what I did.


Nice. I’ve been making them a few years now. I eat edibles every day when my days done. It allows me to vape way less. Rarely smoke. :100:


Nice, thank you for sharing, not much of an edible guy myself but am often asked about them. This seems pretty simple/straightforward

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Bookmarked. Thanks for this, we’re just getting into making edibles and the like. Great tips.
Stay up!
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Do you have to keep it in the fridge for it to stay a good consistency? That’s the problem with every other recipe i have tried. They turn gooey out of the fridge.


No refrigerator needed after it sets. Tbh it’s entirely optional as long as you have somewhere it can cool down at to around 50f at least. After that it’s the same as any other gummy


As a added insurance you could coat them in cornstarch. As long ad there’s enough gelatin though it’ll be fine.

Really the only thing other than that to keep in mind is if your place has high humidity. I use a hygrometer to check ambient heat and humidity in my apartment to keep humidity under 70%. I have an industrial dehumidifier that pulls about a gallon an hour out of the air. I can’t recommend one enough if you live in a humid area.


How long will these stay good in the cupboard? Shelf stable for say a month?

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A month should be fine yeah. If you want to store long term I recommend lorann mold inhibitor drops.

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Never tried butter in a gummy recipe. What kind of oil? Coconut?

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Coconut oil will work really well yes. The MCTs in it will add an additional effect boost initially.

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I’ll add steps with pictures either this weekend or on Monday. I need to get some supplies first.

Correction: I’m making an infused batch today. Total cost is 164 for 3 batches. If I were to sell a batch I’d make 100 pieces and price each one at 3 to make my money back from 1 batch alone with a little profit too.

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Hey @Bobgrows check this out! I think u should prob forward this one to family for sure!


I have a similar recipe.
I don’t use soy…I actually prefer sunflower lecithin. The body and the RSO I use work better with sunflower lecithin.
Not to mention soy isn’t good for some
cancer patients. Changes hormone levels in some


Very interesting! I’d be interested in checking out ur recipe for my recreational loving self hahaha


I’ll text it to you


This time with pics for each stage.

I used 22.8g of weed and 4g of a badder type dabs. I also threw in my auto for this batch as it’s too far gone to jar imo, but perfect for an edible batch. Next year I’ll have a better yeild. I’ll be starting a seedling soon to grow slowly and adapt to the porch slowly this time.

I’m going whole plant extract even though it faded to crispy edges on the leaves. Better than nothing honestly. I’ve been too busy with work to care for them tbh sadly :disappointed_relieved:. The auto was happy until a week ago when it’s soil got too dry. Just foxtailed from the PM invasion.

I saved 3.8g of the auto to add at the end for terpenes.

The bud, stems, and leaves are on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and covered with aluminum foil.

The auto buds fresh weight is 29.8g

Cook for 40 minutes covered in foil sealed tightly.

After decarbing and allowing to cool before removing foil add to a mason jar or in my case a blender cup. Then add ⅓ the volume in oil. I chose avocado oil to ensure the best flavor. The 3.8g of buds I saved will be added at this stage to add terpenes and anything else heat sensitive back into the mix. Soy or sunflower lecithin can be added at this stage too ensuring proper dosage per ml of oil.

I went with an everclear wash option after blending in a ninja cup.

It ended up rso level dark

I made the Gummies finally, but I forgot pics at each stage oops :grimacing:


They actually set in 4 hours. I checked before bed. Nice and firm like a commercial gummy


I cut a chunk off and sliced into gummy bear sized chunks. The effects are fairly fast initially with 2 stages to the high. The amount shown here should be about 25mg altogether. I’d say they’re soft. Almost malleable, but some time to dry on a cooling rack should fix that


Each gummy is around 20-25mg