Meesh's Cali Winter of Curiosity 2021

Happy New Year, OG Fam!

Boredom has set in big time from the Covid lockdown, so I’ve decided to go on a Winter volunteer watch and I started a fem seed in my mini greenhouse today. Curious to see if the 2 UFS 18 x OG Kush volunteers make it through the Cali winter. It get’s down in the 40’s here at night. Since the 2 volunteers popped up just after the solstice, I figured why not plant a fem seed as well. I chose a Maui Wowie from @Sebring to germ. I’m gonna assume it will germinate in the greenhouse since the volunteers came up outside in the cold. If you are curious to see how cannabis fares outdoors in the winter then you’ve come to the right place.

Maui Wowie in there

2 volunteers UFS 18 x OG Kush left to their own devices in the veggie patch


When next my boyfriend comes over, I’ll have him help me get down a couple tomato cages from the garage rafters to put over the volunteers so the gardener or the dog doesn’t destroy them.


Winter :frowning: I do not see winter :slight_smile:

oh well I see a plant so I am in the right place

grow well and a great New Year



Well, Winter is a relative term where I live. Last year I did get 2 rare small frosts though, let’s see what happens this year. lol I will only be attending to the one Maui Wowie seed. The volunteers will just be watched, I’m gonna let them do their own thing. We get crazy wind in Winter, so let’s see how tough these suckers are!


Those will probably be some of your strongest plants ! siblings that are accustomed to the environments !


Unfortunately, they will probably herm come flower time. They came from my hermed OG Kush. Time will tell. lol


Hey @Meesh,
Have been following some of your threads.

I am learning to grow weed now and had different kinds of problems while growing in winter. My current plant ended up flowering in day 19 from germination. The other plant before that which I accidentally burnt down, flowered in day 21 after germination.

So if you don’t have enough sunlight, the nature will do it’s own thing.

You can check out my thread named “my first time” and you can see everything in details.

Happy new year.



Were they planted before the Winter Solstice? I have a theory. I don’t think mine will prematurely bud as the sunlight hours are waxing not waning.

Sounds like you planted yours after the summer solstice when the sunlight hours are going down. That will cause them to prematurely bud. Once the winter solstice hits the sunlight is increasing so the plants, while growing slow as shit cuz it’s cold, shouldn’t bud now. These volunteers started up at the Winter solstice, so we’ll find out. lol


Just sayin…


If a plant was vegged inside, and then brought out this time of year would that cause flowering?

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Yes. More than likely, as usually the indoor light hours are substantially more than sunlight hours. They will either just prematurely bud or bud then reveg. No matter what time of the year you bring plants out from being under lights, they’ll usually bud from the rapid change in light hours.


That’s what I thought. I have a few plants currently vegging, that I was going to experiment taking outside soon, to see if they could get their full flowering cycle in before the spring equinox to see if a winter crop was feasible. Do you think that could work without revegging?

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It’s a crap shoot, but with such a lack of sunlight hours right now there’s a good chance they will just flower. I put a bunch of clones out in May once and they all budded. Half revegged. Learned the hard way. lol If I ever do clones again, it won’t be until June.


Awesome. I’m just doing it as an experiment to see what happens. Worst case, they don’t flower and I just have some monsters.


Oh they’ll flower, I’m curious to see if they reveg this early though… Let me know. I love experiments!

Will do! I started two plants from seed outdoors at the end of November to see if they would flower, and they look like they are in stasis. Just growing really slowly, and no sexing shown yet.

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@Greasy I’m at 9 hrs and 59 mins of sun. Probably will barely break 12 hours by the equinox. I’m thinking you may be on to something and will have no reveg if they finish flowering before then.

Oh yeah, I’m actually surprised right now at how fast the volunteers are growing, but eventually they will stall out until it warms up again. I’ve seeded sunflowers in the fall and they vegged and finally stalled until mid spring when they started up again and flowered. I compare the two because they are both summer annuals.

That was my hypothesis. I doubt the yield or quality will be stellar, but having an off season crop is too tempting not to try.

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