Gonna try an outdoor grow in an octopot

I made a homemade cover for the tank part of the pot. Also note those fancy eyelets I put in the sleeve. Those set me back $4 for the eyelet tool from Walmart. (it’s probably the cheapest-made tool I’ve ever purchased)

The white thing sticking up in the middle of the pot is a place holder for the transplant.

Fancy access panel for the water fill spot:

Here’s where I check how much water is in the tank:

If you look hard, you can see the orange level indicator that shows the level from when I put 4 gallons of water+nutes in the tank to start off.

Gonna use some of the Extreme gardening root stimulator sample when I transplant (tomorrow):

Here’s the brave future Octopot resident:

I’ve given this a decent amount of thought. It should make for an interesting growing/learning experience. Hopefully I get something smokable from it, but I’m mainly just trying this to learn more about this hobby. I’m using General Hydroponics liquid nutes + cal mag. Never used liquid nutes before.

Wish me luck!


Pretty sure you’ll have good success octopot growing is like auto pilot . I did a similar grow last summer with good results.


Thanks for the encouragement. One reason I went with this is we only have about a 3 month window to grow stuff outdoors and I have a week long trip planned in mid April. Hoping to have it dialed in enough at that point where I can leave her alone for a week without killing the plant.

It’s an auto and should be done by mid/late May.


I’ll be watching the progress-

What strain is it?


ILGM White widow auto. I couldn’t get any of my blueberry autos to sprout.


She’s in her spot.

I watered 2 quarts over the top of the media as per the octopot instructions after transplanting.

Now we wait. :smiley:


Looking great! Can’t wait to see the progress :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see it hit the res and explode .


Yay!! Tell me more about why the cover? I’m new here at Octopot and I’m so curious to learn all your tips and tricks!


Hi Kaley. I live in Arizona and the sunlight has a way of being rough on things around here. I also felt it would help keep the reservoir water cooler. Also the way I made it I felt like it gave a tiny bit of extra support to the grow sleeve.

Already doing a little LST to get more light to those lower nodes.

In case you don’t know what “LST” is: The paper clips put a gentile downward tug on the fan leaves so that the sunlight can hit the little nodes on the main stem and get them to grow out into more branches.


Great, thank you for sharing. So…we are looking into the option to have WHITE pots and fabric - to try and help with the fact that the black does hold the heat in. Living in Arizona, you have unique perspective to myself and the team here in Michigan - is white something you feel makes sense?


Yep a white tank/sleeve would be a valuable option to offer some of your customers.


What an awesome idea. Can’t wait to see how the outdoor octo goes for you. :+1:


The thing I learned is that by the end of the run it’s drinking that Rez plus some worth of water, the plus side they get huge. Best of luck. I love octopot a!

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Two days in the pot she seems pretty happy. I undid the LST from Monday once those lower nodes started growing. I think I’ll let her get a bit taller before I start tugging her around the pot.

Those spots on that one leaf are from when I watered with starting nutes when she was transplanted. 99% sure some got on to the leaves and made the brown spots.

She looks happy to me! :smiley:


It’ll take about 14 days till the roots hit the res then Boom growth explosion :boom:
Looks great
Best wishes


She might be getting a sniff of that res she grew quite a bit today.

We had 30-40 mph winds yesterday I was sweating that!


She got bent over this morning. Has already recovered. :grinning:

I saw what I think was a cabbage looper worm on a tomato plant right next door, which got me thinking about bugs.

I know it ain’t much, but I’d rather avoid chemicals if I can. I have D.E. to try if something starts making my plant their dinner.


OK so she’s still alive, kickin’ and appears healthy. She just hasn’t grown much.

Today makes her 8th day in the pot. She could still be stunted from the transplant I suppose.

Here’s my other outdoor spring experiment:

That chain link is to keep the stray cats out. I used some Dr. Earth Pump and Grow on it about 4 days ago and it seems like it has an odor that cats would go for. I’ve put a lot of goodies in that AZ clay soil should be interesting to see how it handles growing a cannabis plant.


I’d say it hasn’t hit the res yet 8 days is still a bit early.

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