Meesh's Cali Winter of Curiosity 2021

Yeah, the yield will be smaller. I did some outdoor greenhouse autos 2 winters ago and they were teeny tiny. lol A photo will probably yield like a large auto

Depending on your daylight hours will depend on if the plants will flower or not. Even if the days are getting longer but still close on 12/12 they will flower out… might only do a 30 day flower then reveg as the seasons change is really noticable … that’s why it’s hard for us where I am to start right at the beginning of September((spring) without an hour extra supplemental light to stop the plants from flowering because at that time given my location were still just over 12/12 … hope this helps …


Shoot, those clones I put out as a nube flowered with 13 hours of outdoor sun! lol I think he may be on to something though before spring equinox to have a complete flower cycle without reveg. I love that he brought this up as I cant wait to find out.

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How much light were the clones getting before you put them out?

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So I’m outside looking for green onion and poppy sprouts where I planted and found this…

Haha! That effen og kush herm!

Def not a poppy or green onion sprout


I would assume 18 as they were the first plants I bought when trying my hand at cannabis growing. Lol. I had no clue. Remember how confused I was on the reveg? I had no clue what was going on.

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Yeah hehehe no ways they wouldn’t flower when put outdoors … understandable them doing that in limbo flowering too… it sux when that happens… plants start reverting but cant decide if they really want to or just flower again… have one doing that outside this year… pain in the ass plant lol


Honestly, I’m pretty grateful for all my nube mistakes. You learn so much by screwing up! At the time I wanted to tear my hair out though. Those clones cost a pretty penny!

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Its how you truly learn… people can say a whole lot and the internet can too but until you fuck it up yourself you never really learn… I’ve made some.funny fuck ups in my time :rofl::rofl:


I haven’t killed any cannabis plants in awhile at least by accident, but I kill plants on the regular out there. Sometimes I figure out my mistake and sometimes I don’t. Trial by fire is truly the best way to learn though.


I’ve learned how to make cannabis thrive, now if I can only figure out how to not kill my gardenias and snapdragons, my life will be complete! :rofl: :rofl:


Last year I learned not to plant nasturtiums directly under the cannabis as they attract aphids. This year I will plant them across the yard instead and lure all those bastards away from my plants!


I lost my little rosemary and bought 2 more …then killed both of them. It is so arid when the temps drop below freezing consistently. Going to have to use bigger pots. I like rosemary for keeping bad bugs and mosquitoes away.

The ‘rose’ geranium you sent needs repotting and I need to take some cuttings.

I suspect they will reveg; but don’t expect them to grow very fast until the temps warm up some. You should at least see if they have some color eh?

Building another pc at the moment and upgrading a light and fans …still love all you people just been trying to stay busy.


Volunteers not looking too bad. A bit of bug damage, but overall nutrition looking good.
The fem seed in the mini greenhouse didn’t sprout.


@Herbie I take rosemary for granted here. They consider it a native so it grows into huge bushes with no care here. My 2 rose geraniums are monsterous and need to be pruned back. The peppermint one is in the ground and gigantic as well now.

I haven’t been posting much since Wednesday as the shit on Capitol Hill has really got my anxiety disorder over the top and I have been obsessively following it and thinking about it. It’s one of the most upsetting and disturbing things that I’ve ever seen. That’s all I really want to say on tbe matter here as I have no interest in a political discussion on my thread or this site in general. Just wanted you all to know that I’m still here, doing okay and reading. Just not a lot of my usual posting right now.


The 2nd volunteer looks more UFS leaning right now… The tiny 3rd baby that I found is still really small. I’m more than likely gonna pull that one though, the green onions are sprouting now. It came up in the wrong spot. They are growing slow with only 10 hours of sun a day.


So, it took 9 days in winter for the Maui wowie fem to sprout. It’s almost above soil as of this morning. I had given up. lol


Very interesting what you will get out of it.

It isn’t auto right?

No. It’s a photo. I think it will just veg until summer, but we’ll see

Well, I’m absolutely swamped with work. 70 hour weeks right now. We’re having a heatwave. I forgot all about the Maui wowie fem sprout in the greenhouse and cooked it. :joy: Oops!

There are volunteers popping up all over now more cannabis and a bunch of other stuff. I’m only gonna keep the 2 we’re watching though

Volunteer 1. Looks like a slug has been munching on it. Gonna throw out some sluggo this evening. But it’s still doing fine.

Volunteer 2

They’re everywhere. Even all the way across the yard no where near the cannabis patch