Meesh's Garden of Weeden 2022

Hello Overgrow Fam!

I’m back for Spring and excited to talk to everyone and grow some trees again! Tis the season!
Actually, starting my seeds earlier than my usual April this year. Making life easier on myself this year and went with all feminized seeds. Last year I had 21 plants to tend to in assurance of at least one female of each strain. Just a reminder, I have 9 spots inside the bug enclosure with trellises. Smartened up this time and bought a cool multiple tier stand to hold all my germinating babies, cannabis, veggies and my usual flowers and am germinating them all inside the completely bug free enclosure this time. Why it didn’t occur to me last year, I will never know. lol

Way behind the game with my soil test this year and won’t even send it out until sometime this week. I will amend according to the results as usual. Anyway, I started my seeds cooking outside today. 11 cannabis seeds (2 for my protégé, 9 for myself and your viewing pleasure), along with 4 dwarf cherry tomato seeds F1 from Johnny’s Select seeds.

My line-up this year is as follows:

  1. Jack’s Rainbow aka Rainbow Kush (I think) courtesy of @Esrgood4u
  2. Cheese (Dad’s fave)
  3. Jack Herer (For my Man)
  4. Sour Diesel
  5. Bubblegum
  6. Chemdawg
  7. Grape Ape
  8. Blue Dream
  9. C99 (again from the kind and generous @Esrgood4u)

For my protégé

Jack’s Rainbow
Northern Lights

I’m looking forward to chatting you all up, writing all my epic long ass posts and this growing season. Hoping for a kick ass season for us all!


Spring and you coming hand in hand, finally some good notices … chati|nullxnull


I am looking forward to watching your progress through out the year. :v: :slightly_smiling_face:


Corporate taxes were all due yesterday, now I’m just down to a few sole proprietorships and a few corps on extension.

I’ve been a really busy bee this year and to add to the crazy, we adopted a new puppy. His name is Casanova cuz he is a lover and steals hearts. He’s about 6 pounds and is knee high to a grasshopper. As far as we know he is a chihuahua, but looks as if he may be a mix with a Jack Russell. Cutest darn dog ever!! We are exhausted though, puppies are like chasing a toddler around. lol We have had him for a little over a week and can tell he is gonna be a great dog. I’ll post some pics later from my phone.

We also built a shed in the backyard, that was an ordeal in itself, but it’s done now and I couldn’t be happier. Tried some cool crops in a new raised bed, some lettuce, carrots and green onions. I think I underwatered them cuz they have been growing slow as snails and I think the carrots and lettuce were supposed to be finished now, but look like they are just barely starting. I dunno, never grew veggies in a raised bed before. Eh! Aside from work and the puppy, I have been digging out grass and weeds from the huge patch behind the garage where I pulled all those trees out a few years back. It was a effing nightmare. It is almost completely cleared now, I planted some jasmine and a lilac vine back there. I’m trying to block one of my walls where the neighbor’s homeless tweaker friend jumped over and tried to burn down the bug enclosure. Hoping it grows fast and tall by summer. The shed has changed the dynamic of sun back there and has given me a kick ass shaded spot for my growing new collection of succulents and cacti. Another obsession. sigh. I have sectioned off a spot in there for a butterfly garden as Monarchs are becoming extinct so I have a bunch of milkweed for the babies and butterfly friendly flowers for nectar. I am planning to make this whole back section of my yard, my personal oasis and coffee drinking spot, surrounded by butterflies and good smelling flowers.


The state of the bug enclosure and cannabis greenhouse extraordinare is in this state right now. We can’t run the rototiller through there as it may crack the PVC trellises, so we dug the Bermuda grass up by hand and are in the process of covering the whole thing with black tarp until the soil test is complete and it’s time to amend. Hopefully the tarp keeps the grass beat back for awhile.


Casanova… Our new baby


Welcome back and happy spring. Looking forward to watching your next grow :slight_smile: Casanova is adorable. :dog:


Almost forgot. I turned fucken 50 end of January. Obviously, I’m thrilled. Those damn kids better stay off my lawn… Just sayin


Happy belated birthday and welcome to the 50 club. What a ride getting here, imagine the possibilities to come.


What? Like arthritis and depends? Or how about the Geritol? :rofl: :joy:

Thanks Man! Yep. I’m officially a geezer now.


LOL, I hit 50 the end of October so am a few months ahead of you but I have not had to deal with any of those things thus far thankfully. I think they moved the age for geezer designation up to 66 back some time in the 80’s.


Front row seat for this year. :grin:


Welcome back! That lineup is a lineup after my own heart! Looking forward to watching!


So many choices, it’s overwhelming. I would have sat here changing my mind a thousand times. Decided old school and fem seeds this year. Keeping it simple.


Do you have any single sisters? :slightly_smiling_face:

Howdy hey, @Meesh!! Great to see you again. It’s funny, I was looking at the 2022 California State Highway Map, and they listed your back yard as one of the must see attractions in southern California this year. So, if you see people peeking over your wall and flashes going off after dark, that’s probably all it is. :raising_hand_woman: :ok_man: :grin:

I’m really digging your new pup. I sure would love to get one, but still waiting on it. Is your other dog still alive? Shoot, I forget…

OH, and happy belated birthday! :partying_face: :birthday:


Hey @GMan ! Sorry, I’m an only child. Jezebel, my 12 year old pit bull is hanging in there. 4 years of cancer and still good quality of life for now. I’d like to say she’s in mommy mode with the puppy, but it’s actually grandma mode. :sweat_smile: She overdoes it a bit playing with the new baby. Wore herself out the last week with him. He’s learning a lot from her. She’s a good dog.


Hi @Meesh! do you have pictures of that backyard?

late to the party, so diddo.


Pulling up a chair Meesh. Great lineup of strains!!!


Cola was the breeder @Meesh. They are Rainbow kush x tangie kush. They were created in his brothers memory. I just did a fem run for him and kept hold of a bunch of the seeds that I decided to hand out after he did a disappearing act✌️
Nice to see you back


great to see you around again. Happy 50 :birthday: !!