Mom Hunting…

Going to look for a few plants worth keeping around. Yesterday I soaked the following to get things started:

-Green Crack Bx x2 (High & Lonesome)
-Appy F4 x2 (High & Lonesome)
-Appy F3 x4 (High & Lonesome)
-Green Crack x Tres Dawg x5 (High & Lonesome)
-Lime Berry Mega x4 (Dynasty)
-Caramel Candy Kush x3 (Dynasty)
-Moose & Lobsta V2 x3 (Dynasty)
-White Hot Guava x3 (Clearwater)
-Big Bad Wolf 2.0 x3 (CSI)
-? X3 (Think it’s Jack or C99 from 10-12 years ago)
-Schoolyard Haze x4 (Santero) NLHz Bx3
-Kaspar Hauser x4 (Santero) Amnesia Haze x Emperor Haze
-Irene x Cherry West Bc x6 (stanknuggz testers)
-Chem D x Dog Patch x6 (stanknuggz testers)

The Appy F3, Appy F4, Green Crack Bx, Lime Berry Mega, Caramel Candy Kush, and Moose & Lobsta V2 were generously gifted by @Slammedsonoma420! Huge thanks to him for that!

The Green Crack x Tres Dawg are from a trade with @DesertHeartGardens.

I’ll post weekly updates. Males will be tossed, cuts will be flowered out, flower will be smoked, and then I’ll see if anything stays around. Soaking seed picture:


I’m thinking in four weeks I’ll soak these:

6-Ol’ Betsy x Appy (High & Lonesome)
6-Electric Boogaloo/Dogshit x Appy (High & Lonesome)
4-Blood Orange F2
4-Pillow Book (Bodhi)
4-Cannalien (Romulan)
3-Alien Sourz (Umami)
3-Blueberry Dub (Useful)


Nice selections. I’ll be watching over in the corner :+1: :sunglasses:


Oh yeah! Kick it off buddy, I’ll be watching along


Best wishes as always!
I’ll be closely watching as I hope to replicate what ur hoping to achieve…:slightly_smiling_face::v:t3::herb:


Pulling up a chair to watch this one!
Nice lineup to hunt through, I hope ya find a bunch of keepers!


Woop woop!! Have fun man :fire::fire::fire:

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Got my attention! Very interested to see the H&L plants.

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Quite a multistrain run here, hope you have the room for all that. Curious if you’ll find something that fits your taste. Good luck!

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Wouldn’t start them if I didn’t have the room for them.


White Hot Guava already all have tails shooting out. Was wondering how viable these were. Nice to see. Two Big Bad Wolf 2.0s were shooting tails, as well as two Lime Berry Mega seeds. Those seven are in and have their tags in the coco.


Only one from that list that I’ve tried was BT but am interested to see what you find in quite a few of these!



Im watching this hunt!


Nice genetics you got going, I have a good amount of the gear you’re running so I’ll be happy to see what phenos you find in those packs! @PatHealy


Thanks all for the kind words and following along! Did one last check for today and all of the Lime Berry Mega seeds have shot tails and are in coco. Two of the mystery beans shot tails. One Moose & Lobsta V2 shot a tail. Pretty sure an Appy F3 and an Alter Latcha have a tail barely out, but they can wait until tomorrow.


Got lots of great stuff going on can’t wait to see what you find for sure pulling up the beanbag chair and the bong for this one :v:

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Awesome brother! Been wanting to obtain and run a pack of appy forever! Was by far my favourite mom , although I’m quite partial to 88G13hp. You know I’ll be following along. Tons of great stuff


So far, everyone has shot a tail while soaking and been put into coco except for all four Black Triangle beans and one each of Alter Latcha and Big Bad Wolf 2.0. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning they’ll shoot some tails out.


That’s good to hear! Hopefully a few more will pop for you soon.


Your beans were 100%! Can’t beat that. I’m always planning for 3-5 beans not to pop, but that rarely happens. Usually they all germ and come up for me and I have more plants than I wanted. But, maybe this is the time 3-5 don’t pop and starting extras was actually warranted. Haha