More FREE Seeds!

I have some more beans that I’d like to give away for FREE, ahead of our 2019 re-launch.

In 2004, I shuttered my label and merged with the Deep Ellum Seed company. My partners and I have been underground for 14 long years and we are excited to bring our genes back to the world’s stage.

The next strain that we are giving away is a USA/Canada mashup.

The Black from the States, x Champagne from British Columbia

The Black was created by us in 2006 and is our most widest known strain. We owe a great deal of success to turn-of-the-century Canadians and thier support… so we choose our personal BC favorite, the Champagne.

The seeds in the giveaway are the F1 (or H1?).

I inbred The Black to f5 and backed to the p1 Afghan… and I took my Champagne f2, to f5 and then went f5xf2.

And then I crossed them both together.

[Afghani p1 x ((Vietnamese Green/Michoacan/Afghani/Blue Oaxacan)f5)]


[((NL#2 x Sk#1)f2) x ((NL#2 x Sk#1)f5)]

The hybrids express a indica dom structure. These will be tall in height (for a Indi dom), similair to old school big-ass dutch skunks.
Most plants will finish within 49 days, a few will take a week longer… so I’ll say it’s a 56 day flwr time.
The stone is hard and happy.
Black doms will have better yeild than the champers dom phenos.

We have a limited quantity of these.
They are regular beans and will be 4 seeds per pack.
We will ship them out starting July 1st.

The seeds are FREE to whoever wants them. Just PM me…

All we ask in return, is that you post yur thoughts on our genes… a single sentence or an in-depth grow report or something in-between I dont care,just post something. thanks, cheers!


1st on the list for free seeds.


I put my name down for the other offer but i’d take on either when i get the current grow finished. I’d prefer it if they don’t get too big though, i’m growing indoors and cant let them get much taller than about five and a half feet :thumbsup:


Wonderful old skool genetics, yes please. :wink:


I would like to try some please :sunglasses:


Those indie dom including the black sounds like my kinda smoke, great giveaway mate…
I’ve never heard of DEEP ELLUM Seed,Co though this is a great way to relaunch your wares…


That sounds awesome, I’ve had Champagne before its very nice


Is it possible to sign up for both of your gracious samplings?

Thanks again


I :heart: OverGrow! Thanks!

:mushroom::moyai: You rock too :sunglasses:



Awesome genetics! I’d like to grow these… Sign me up!


id love some seeds bro those are some killer genetics

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Excuse me, cos my English is so primitive… Is it your above quoted cross The Black strain? N can ya tell me more bout your Michoacán & Blue Oaxacan, please?
Thousand thanks for your open free offer.


Can I get in on this please. My grow will be finished by the time I get the seeds and will be able to start them shortly after getting them. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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I am a huge fan of these Mexican Genetics. Enjoyed those strains in the 70’s. Yes, please! :cowboy_hat_face:


i’d like in if i can yes please thank you


I’d like to get in on this if still possible!

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This would help me out immensely. I would like to get in on this kind offer if possible.

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ok sent plus 20 characters


Wondering if available to send up to Canada?

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You should name it sparkling shadow or ebony. I really like onyx too but there’s 1 called that already.