MrDucky Three Tent Grow-a-Palooza!

Hey All!

Super excited to be back and settled in. I redid my grow room, kids have been starting all kinds of sports, and just life being nuts. I got three tents in the groove and really tried to hone in on my timing and cloning. Cloning for me this round was a miss since I almost killed them but am fighting to bring them back, here soon will take a crack at round 2. Still a new grower started in Dec 2020 and going into harvest number 5.

In my 4x4 I have Hindsight by Mendocino in Week 5 of flower. In the 3x3 veg tent, I have 2x Diamond Cookies and 2x Purple Banana Cookies by GreenPoint Sales in week 2 of veg. In the 3x3 seedling/cloner tent there are 4 hindsight clones.

4x4 Flower Tent: Mars Hydro

  • Maxisun PB4000 (Lights)
  • 6 inch AC Infinity (Inline Fan)
  • 3 Fans (2 hanging fans and one oscillating ground fan)
  • 2 Dehumidifiers (Planning to upgrade soon)
  • Humidifier (Not being used)
  • Inkbird (Humidity: 40-50% and Temp: 76f-80f)
  • Pot Size: 7 Gallon Fabric Pots (Happy Frog and Perlite)

3x3 Veg Tent: AC Infinity

  • Mars Hydro TSW2000 (Lights)
  • 4 inch AC Infinity (Inline Fan)
  • 2 Hanging fans
  • Humidifier
  • Inkbird (Humidity: 50-65% and Temp: 80f-85f)
  • Pot Size: 3.5 Gallon Plastic Pots (Happy Frog and Perlite)

3x3 Seedling/Cloner Tent: Vivosun

  • 2 HLG 65 v2 (Lights)
  • 4 Inch Inline Fan (Random Brand)
  • 2 Hanging Fans
  • Humidifier
  • Aerocloner


  • Fox Farm Trio
  • Cal-Mag
  • Hydroplex
  • Molasses (1 Feeding Weekly)
  • Mykos
  • Vitamin B-1 (Transplanting)
  • Kelp (Seed starters) - I do want to incorporate this more.

Alright over with my novel. If you have any advice or knowledge to share do not hesitate :slight_smile:


Looking very nice , healthy and happy looking plants


Thank you! The last two grows taught me a lot and did not go as successful as these. Happy to get dialed back in.


Good deal you figured it out , just takes patience and time


@Eagles009 just in case you wanted to see what I have in the tents so far :slight_smile:


Nice setup! You got it going on for being in your first year!


Making those money moves lately! I got a lot of plants going on now which makes me very happy :slight_smile:

Flower Tent
I think I am seeing a little fade on one of the plants. I am super excited for that if it is the case.

Old Veg Tent and now Flowering Tent :wink:
So I totally forgot that these take like 10-11 weeks to grow so I am flipping to flower now. I don’t want to bend my plants and double scrog if I can avoid it. Took clones from them and now will be working to get these moved over to the bigger tent in 3-4 weeks.

Cloning Tent
Hindsight are in the solo cups and made it out alive it looks like. Just got the aerocloner down with some cuts from our other 3x3. Also I got antsy and wanted to drop more seeds, so I dropped some Rare Dankness seeds, 2x Rare Darkness and 2x Scott’s OG.


The cloner worked really well actually. Now I got me a lot of projects to work on. Flower tent is look great, I personally think this is the frostiest run that I have had.

Good news I just got in some new seeds also that I am going to be dropping here today or tomorrow. @Eagles009 knows what I am talking about :wink:


Those roots are looking choice! Glad they found ya.

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Just growing, been a little behind lately since everyone in our house got a little cold/stomach bug.


@Eagles009 my bad brother life hit me and stuff keep adding up. I will pop those seeds soon.

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I did end up harvesting some of my girls!


No worries. No rush. They are yours :wink:

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