My Amesiahaze from Gavita 1000pro

I thought of nothing surprises me anymore, had it happened to me 3 times. First time I could not believe my eyes :smiley:


after 6 months


Yes its pretty surprising in this amounts… I’ve always wondered how these resin drop-lets are created… :slight_smile:

Enjoy the smoke!

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I had heard a term for this happening but have forgotten, I’ve had it happen on headband a few times, in the pic you can see a purple goo ball and on other side of same nug there was a clear goo ball. I’m not a %100 but I’ve heard it’s from the process of transportation of water and sugars by the xylem and phloem cells inside the stalk, that process gets outta whack from nutrient or water regiment! I’m assuming your growing in bio/hydro. You’ve probably figured out that that’s not resins of the plant, taste it it will probably be sweet from plant sugars


This drops contain mainly sugar which some plants can oozing on her flower site. It is often caused by cold temperature at nights, sometimes it causes high EC in the end of the bloom or the intense flush. I had seen this miraculous effect on my outdoor Hashplant, when I harvest in firs week of December…


How’s the Amnesia? Strength, flavor…

Amnesia haze defiantly fire.

Hyping are right it’s basically just sugar that couldn’t travel An got pushed out its super tasty has no thc but still a tasty way to get all natural sugar

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If it’s sugar it would just add flavor in edibles ? Being a sugar you don’t want to smoke it correct ?

No it’s will not have any affect an wouldn’t tast good smoked

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I am starting some Amnesia OG for an outdoor grow. It’s Amnesia Haze from Hy-pro Seeds X Dead Head OG from Cali Connection. I am wondering if I will see this effect outdoors.

It varies from seed to seed, there’s no way to say for certain unless it’s a clone of something known to do this under certain conditions. At least as far as I know