My first cannabis everything

We have a 4x4x6.5 grow tent, an Aglex 2000 LED light which I am keeping 30 in from the top of the plants. I thought they appeared as if they were getting a little warm. Plants are growing in a medium of coco, rabbit poo, Black Gold organic, perlite, aged for 6 months. These seedlings are 9 days old.

I am a total cannabis newbie, even when it comes to use. Do these young ones appear to be in good health? Can more experienced eyes see anything in the appearance of the leaves of these plants that might be a cause for concern?

Three Dream Berry Autoflower:

One free photoperiod seed labeled “Chem 13”:

Then there is the Bruce Banner autoflower that is the largest of theme all. Either the phone or email or both aren’t working properly. I hope that this post is in the right place and that I am not stepping in anything. Open to getting educated on these fronts, for sure.



And in the right area, even added tags, look at you!

Welcome to the jungle @Dej

Seedlings looking just fine and dandy btw


Thank you! I will be glad for all the input.


So at this stage you biggest concern is watering properly. You dont want to overwater and drown them. They have everything they need for early growth right in the seed. Looks like you are off to a good start. :+1::seedling:


Thank you. There is more moisture in these pots that what one can dig a finger to the first or second joint to. More than I thought, with what water they have been given. I will have to be careful.


Looking good! Welcome and keep it up :+1:


You’re doing great so far, they look really happy. :relaxed:


Took me forever to learn how to water seed starter mix. I just use a mister now. Seedlings are looking great!


Sending magical green thumb juju your way. Happy growing


Thank you. They are fat little seedlings, I guess. I don’t know of anything to compare them to!


Hey green and healthy! That’s exactly what you want

I am amazed at what a difference 1 day can make in their growth.


Week 2 for these plants. They sure don’t seem very thirsty. I only had the veg light on for these first 2 weeks

Week 3 sees a need to raise the light further up and some bronzing to a leaf of the Bruce Banner autoflower top Left. Watered a bit today, the third time since planting. It would be easy for me to try to nurse these plants to death. It is a fight sometimes to just let things be. The top plant, a photo freebie, is starting to smell.

I have never seen a cannabis plant in person, so all I have to go by is pictures. I think I should be fairly content. Other eyeballs may perceive something that I am not currently able to.

The leaves are firmer that what I thought they would be. They also feel ‘tough’. It was just incredible to me how fat and firm the stem could get, and quickly! I see no sign that anything will be producing anything that looks like the start of flowering.


They look great very happy plants there :+1:


Welcome Dej,

You chose the right community to start with. There are a lot of great folks here, who are very friendly, and willing to help someone out when in need.

You look to be doing very well for a beginner. Happy growing Buddy.



Firm leaves and stems mean they have the perfect amount of water. Everything looks really nice! You won’t get anything regarding flowers on the regular/photo seed until you flip the lights to 12/12 and I believe it’s too early yet. I only grow outdoors, but one of the indo peeps can tell ya what week to flip in.

Keep up the great work! And yes, don’t fuss with them too much! LITFA!


Once the branches stagger themselves instead of 2 each side of the stem the plant will show sex and can be flowered, depending on how big you want it.

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Excellent. I’ll need a lot more exposure to be able to judge color, texture, turgidity, growth rates of mj that is happy, or not. Thank you, @Meesh


look really nice, make sure you have a fan blowing on them to encourage nice thick stems and give them a good workout, as has been said, dont overfuss or overwater them and let nature do its thing, was going to comment they are a bit small for 3 weeks but went back and reread that your growing under leds so maybe thats normal for that, also the soil factor i suppose but regardless they seem healthy and happy so keep on doing what your doing and you will soon have the satisfaction of finally smoking a joint you brought through from seed to smoke and theres no feeling like it!!

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I don’t know what I was expecting, but these cannabis plants are just a nice looking plant. Last Friday the autoflowers started sending up pistils. The little photo is showing one little prefertile reproductive organ. I do believe it may be male. I’ll wait on it to be sure.
I may be growing a little dry.
There is still not a fan in this tent. I hope to remedy this this week.
According to my eyes, the only thing that might be off is some light burn on some tips and some leaves of the Bruce Banner. I do hope this goes well so that I might learn how to make tinctures, extracts and edibles.
Please do look closely for signs of something that might need attending to. I would be most grateful.

Not knowing how this will go, I’m still stoked about getting some more seeds to do grow some more.