My little deformed baby

Happy Friday all. I’m hoping one of the many bright children here can help me. The two infants in the first photo are from the same seeds, germinated the same way and time, and have been side-by-side since.

You will notice that the one in the second picture has malformed leaves. So far, every leaf has come out deformed. The first real leaves were deformed when they opened. I would normally just toss it but I want to learn from it so I’ve kept it going.

What would cause this? Is it genetic or perhaps a result of some injury the seed had? Neither have been exposed to excessive heat, light, etc.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. May your buds overflow with resin. :v:t4:



I kill any weirdos. They’re seldom worth it, save your space for strong seedlings.

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The plant in question is experiencing a genetic mutation. It’s a very common cannabis disorder.
It may grow out of it… time will tell.


id try and keep it never know might end up with a goo plant

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by goo i mean a plant that sweats resin some of the weird plants can come out pretty funky i have one to right now.

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Have a similar tigers milk in my garden now too… fun with the mutos


I have a Green Crack that did that. Plant is growing strong and healthy. Most of the leaves on it are perfect, occasionally one or two would twist. Each person does their own thing., I like to grow and learn myself.


As long as you’re not going to breed with it and have enough room I would give her a try, maybe she will “recover” normal traits in the new growth … :sunglasses:

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Rest easy @Kingmambo.
In my experience, leaves that start out mutated, like your plant, normally grow out of the anomaly and start growing just like the other plants of the same strain.