Need some help 2 plants in 4x4 one looks great the other not so much

My set up 4 x 4 2 AC INFINITY fans , chilled tec 660w. Set at 275w. 7 gal rain science bags Strain is romulan blueberry Soil is straight stonington blend mixed with happy frog from veg. They get de-chlorinated tap with epsom salt when thirsty I can give better pics in the AM. TIA


Temp and humidity?

50/58RH. AVG. 80-82 deg lights on 74-76 deg lights out. I have t6 as well. I was thinking too much light but I haven’t done anything different at all I will post pics when lights are on so full plants can be seen. The sick plant also has some purple stripe on stem and some red leaf stems my 3rd grow still learning


I would a run higher humidity minimum or avoid the swings.

Are you familiar with VPD? Do the leaves feel like paper?

Two different expressions of the strain possibly?


Are they using the same amount of water? Do you water both at the same time normally?

Yes water same time the left one has been drinking a little more.

I was thinking it was hungry or too much light the leaves don’t really feel like paper

The soil isn’t compacted either and no bugs thanks for replies so far


I think Tejas is correct. They both look to be healthy plants to me. Do a stem rub on both and see if they smell different.


It looks like 2 similar phenos…
Significantly more side branching on the first plant.



You have your fan set to static 2 and not on a humidity and temperature trigger?

That will throw the VPD.

I run static 1 for the smell and have a ramp up for humidity and temperature.

A single 6 inch fan to service a 4x4 will create a microclimate too.

Paper leaves, to me at least, means that particular plant is transpiring faster than fluffy thick leaves.

If in fact the lighter green plant is more Sativa leaning, minimize the nutes. Sativas prefer little or no nutes based on experience.

After jacking the stems they both smell pretty much identical.

This leaf was on the bottom of the plant in question

Also I have the T6 set to constant because it’s in my bedroom and the on/off cycles I would never sleep

So should I turn the light up or leave it?? This will probably be my final harvest before it starts getting cold the nutes are slow release so I can’t back off on them. Thanks for the help again and the fast responses


I would go for Phosphorous deficiency hum|nullxnull, seems both plants have different needs as it’s been wisely said … beer3|nullxnull


With respect to your under leaf curled plant, I’ve seen this same phenomenon with a sativa leaning hippie slayer….weird thing in my case is one side of the plant was normal and the other was like yours….it’s got to be a nutrient excess due to the sativa characteristics. I’ve been trying to figure mine out to no avail. Give that girl some straight water for a few weeks and see how she does.


I can do that hence the name LIFTA. Also appreciate this site so much more than the Facebook groups

nobody said cal-mag lol I’ll post weekly updates I’m kind of excited even though it’s just starting to flower it has visible trichomes already.

I gave this pot a nice shake and massage to aerate the roots a little too figured it couldn’t hurt


I recommend looking up Vapor Pressure Deficit. Good luck🤞

Static minimum is set in the OFF position. Then set max in the on position (I use 5 max). Then set a max temp and humidity triggers.


That looks like a nice setup. Looking good I still need to learn how to read and control VPD.

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Here ya go, like playing golf…stay on the green👍


Thanks @jango I will be trying this out soon enough, gotta get my skills up alittle more. Always something new to learn.

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Thanks for sharing, here some easier to read … beer3|nullxnull