New Grow Reboot- newb2.0 doing newb things

Got a couple popping


I second the soil for seeds vs starter cubes


So far I have 3 of the guava 99s, 2 of the OG Blue Lotus (one that was popped a week earlier than the others) and no new SSDDs yet popping above the soil. So only 4/10 right now. Didnt expect much on the SSDD F2s based on the 2/15 germ rate the last go around.

I think I’m going back to paper towel just to be able to tell if the seed at least cracks or not.

And depending on the outcome of this round, I may just put all the SSDDs I have left into paper towels since the germ rate has been so low. Ideally I end up with 4 or 5 females to choose from…

So I’m up to 2 of the OG Blue Lotus and 3 Guava 99s from this recent batch of seeds. Still hoping I get another SSDD to pop.


My SSDD’s went 0 - 32 or so…Not a one opened , I usually have 95-100% germ rates.
Something happened to my seeds in transit, maybe yours too…2 -15 is poor in anyone’s book!!!

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Well looks like a sunshine daydream is trying to make an appearance!


Definitely confirmed I have a SSDD, shed its helmet last night.

Looks like the last @growhard cross is starting to pop, and looks like 1 more of the @paintedfire420 guava99. So far I’m liking the peat plugs, they just need a little water w a sprayer a couple times a day when the lid isnt on.


Im.subbed up for your journal

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Dang, didnt realize I hadn’t updated this since when the seedlings were barely popping.

Ive mentioned in other posts how I struggle with plants in solo cups, but hadnt posted any pics yet.

So things were good for awhile, then yellowing and growth issues. Started adjusting ph, gave them some ferts, they popped back in good shape for 2 days tops. Watered and fertilized again w adjusted water and they kept going downhill. Watered and kind of flushed 2 days ago w bottled spring water. The yellowing hasnt changed but everything shot up an inch or so.

So now I’m planning to stick w the spring water that’s ph adjusted, at least for awhile. I know my ppm coming out of the tap is high, but my cheap ass TDS meter I dont trust. We have really hard water that runs thru a softener. So thats why w the small cups I’m now using bottled water.

Id really lime to keep them in solo cups bc they fit in my cabinet right now. I’m hoping to hold them like this for a few more weeks and looking for a bit of help. What y’all think?


I’d say if you can up pot maybe a light ph’ed watering of 350/400 ppm of nitrogen with a bit of cal mag and some lifta , to me they look either over watered , root bound or possibly way too high ph . Doing all of the above will cover all possible problems . Just curious how much are they drinking and how frequent are you watering ?


Definitely been conscious of overwatering. Probably once every 3 days so kinda already ruled that out.

Ph is crazy high here. Pushing probably 7.5+. I use the color indicator drops bc I’m too cheap to spend $200 on a good pen.

So whats the consensus on really hard water thats a high ppm coming out of the tap?

Ph down will fix the high ph how are you figuring ppm of your water two different things ?

I’m not. My cheap ass tds meter read really high coming out of the tap, but Idk how accurate it actually is. I just started on the ph down in the last week. Up potting means I need to move the light and grow outside the cab. Not totally opposed just trying to avoid if possible

What’s your tds meter read on the spring water then add 1 mil of chemical to a gal check with tsd again see where your at

TDS reads 440 from the tap
179 spring water

When you say 1ml of chemical, you mean fert or ph down? I’m using foxfarm grow big for the plants in veg- 1/2 strength when I feed them. Which is 6ml per gallon

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Fertilizer, with your tap water at 440 I wouldn’t exceed total tsd much more than 600 so what ever it takes to get to that number .
Then ph down accordingly to 6.2 . If using spring water do the same but 350/400 total tsd then check ph to 6.2 would probably be a good number to start out at .

I’d even try no fertilizer and just ph your water down see if they improve feeding that to them along with correcting the proper ph .

My tap is at 230 with 6.4 ph I generally will mix to 450/500 tsd and not need ph adjustments, you could get by with just adding micro I bet with your tap water being at 440


So did a few things that seem to be working. Hit them w ph’d bottled water, light Epsom salts and a feeding. And turned down my driver all the way! They perked up and are praying now, seem to like the lower light output. 2 solstrips on a 100w driver in a 2sf cab may be too much for struggling plants in solo cups…

Had to go out of town, so hit them with more ph’d spring water and a light feeding of kelp. Also hit them all w mosquito bits for fungus gnats. They’re getting bad and im sure they make a not so great situation worse. Im hoping I turned a corner here. Big note to self- until i sex new seedlings, I need to account for some extra space to go into 1 gal pots so I’m not at the mercy of these 16 oz solo cups. Until I make a bigger veg space, I’ll be starting fewer seeds next time.


I liked this nice big leaf on the OG Blue Lotus. Took a look and can tell sex on about 1/2 of them right now. This one is definitely a female. Going to up pot a few this weekend and probably take some cuts.

What ive been doing w bottled water seems to be paying off on theae little plants. Things generally look much better.


Potted the OG Blue Lotus and 2 SSDD clones into 3 gal pots, next to my lettuce

1 of the @paintedfire420 Guava 99. All the stuff in cups looks so much better now that I’m using bottled water and fertilizing frequently. Gonna need to start taking clones to sex soon.

A shot of the veg cab. OG Blue Lotus, Guava 99, SSDD male clones


I did some training on the Blue OG x Snow Lotus and the SSDD.

Sexed my Guava 99s, I’m 90%+ all 4 of them are females!