Nitro's Current Culture XXXl 13 x 6 Grow ,(2500 Watts LED SolsheetX)

Just posting this to give mad props to Current Culture on their XXXl 13 x 6… I was sitting on the fence on this unit due to its high cost… I am a do it yourself kind of guy and it was a big ugly pill for me to swallow to pay premium dollar for a Hydro system. Looking at it online the system really didn’t look too special to me and if I wasn’t so busy with work I probably would have built my own… Anyways to make a long story short, I am humbled ! the system is worth every penny, the quality is thru the roof, every part is custom made by Current culture, this isn’t some kit you can put together with hardware store supplies, this is a complete proprietary system from tip to tail and the quality is just awesome ! This thing is way nicer then I was expecting, its worth every dam penny and truth be told its price is probably on the low side considering the quality, fit and finish… So to anyone like me sitting on the fence all I can is go for it, the Current culture system is more then legit and is worth every penny they charge… DIY is fine if you have no choice financially, but if you can afford it the system is worth every penny… I have been gardening for 25 years and its not often something impresses me this much… As time goes by I will post some pictures and a more in depth review …But so far all I can is that this system is very nicely made, all the pieces are top quality, the fit and finish is perfect… dam well embarrass anything I could have mustered as a DIY

Edit ! this post initially was a shoutout to current culture, but I have edited to be a little more of a Grow diary using the Current Culture system and the SolSheetX LED lights… I should have made a new post but was being lazy ! FYI I am a legal licensed medical grower in Canada, I have Crohn’s disease… I am a Old school grower with plenty of grey hairs, I love gardening and am totally stoked to see how this new hotrodded modern growroom performs…lots of new stuff to learn, but I feel pretty confident I can handle it…I still need to get the Iponics 624 online …will be neat to check on it using the phone app


Don’t have a Current Culture System though I’ve been thinking of purchasing one of the solo set-ups for miscellaneous vegetables. They are very nice looking.

Congrats, looking forward to your experiences with that system.




Nice. What spacing do you have on those?

The lights are Solsheet X kits … totally awesome ! plants are growing super nice under them… I believe I have mostly 3500K but have a 5000K and a 2700K as testers… I have a few more 3500K sheets I have not hung yet. I am big time impressed with these lights… If you did buy them I would suggest getting them pre-built instead of the DIY kit’s which I bought, for what they charge its well worth it IMO, , looking back I would have bought them already built ! they go together easy, but they do take a bit of time and when you have 8 of them it adds up …I do like how they grow so far… definitely powerful !

the screens are 32" wide from the outside edge to the wall, 9’ down each side of the room and 6’11" across the back … the SolSheet X allow me to setup the room to have a 22" walkway down the middle which will give me great access to the plants and still have perfectly even light coverage across the canopy… I will end up with 9 SolSheetX covering the screens, 3500K … 3 across the back and 4 down each side

the Room will have a Natural Gas C02 Burner…

I had to customize the XXX13 system by increasing the spacing between the two rows so it fit my room and allowed a middle walkway,

I am a legal medical grower, my first RDWC crop, but many years experience with all sorts of methods…

I have a nice 5’ x 5" Fusion Hut in the back corner of the room with a Aero chamber for Veg

Iponics 624 Dual room controller, not quite setup yet…

Screen was laid down today, pictures taken right as lights were coming on…

Be interesting to see how this performs… this is a strong strain, been growing it for a couple of decades…

Distance between top of pots and bottom of screen is 12"

the floor is wavy in the room so I had to build a shelf with independent leveling feet

I plan to reroute the airlines, right now its a mess down the center… I will end up splitting the line and running a feeder on each side of the room with the hoses tucked in the between the wall and the pots

I also will build a rest/bench that will lock into a rail on the wall between the plants and allow me to lay on my back under the canopy and comfortably work on the plants … kind of like a mechanics creeper…

there will also be a second layer built for the netting which I will try to use string… I tried string on the first row but found too much flex in the pipes to make a tight net… So I decided to go chicken wire which I think may be too fine for the second layer.

One cool thing is the C02 monitor can measure how much C02 I put into the room when I am working in there, it will sit normally around 300-360 PPM, If I work in the room the PPM will jump up to low 600’s in no time… the room is small and well sealed, but still, I had no idea me breathing affected the C02 levels that much !

I also have a RO water system …Using the CC nutes at their ridiculously low recommended levels… seems to be working great

this strain is a beast and grows like crazy for the first three weeks of flower, will be interesting to see it in a scrog like this… Very potent, strong hashy tasting old world strain we have protected for 2 decades … its the only strain I have found that you can’t get acclimatized too, it doesn’t matter how many years you have smoked it you will never develop a tolerance… every time you smoke it your going to be uncomfortably ripped, like peeking out the corner of your curtains of your window looking for the boogie man ripped… can cause heavy anxiety to a lightweight smoker… produces heavy, but is difficult to grow as it doesn’t fill out its buds till the last 2 weeks of flower…requires super consistent watering regime, extremely sensitive to changes… have produced 1000 grams per 1000 watt old school HPS batwing hand watering in Coco.


this is the veg unit… I think its a GH Rainforrest… uses 3" cups and has a spinner sprinkler down the middle… seems to grow really nice… these plants are backups so they have been neglected and are long overdue to be transplanted. but still a great little veg unit for this setup…


Nice grow room. I like the details in your posts. Welcome to the cool kids club (SolStrip users). :+1::seedling:

thats a very nice room. how long do you think you’ll veg for and how much space between the first and second scrog? how much wattage is each sheet about 2500/9=277.77?

i sure could use this in my life :smiley: i love that oldschool hashy flavour. look forward to following along

the plants are 39" apart between centers… the frames are 32" wide …


sorry i was trying to ask how high up the second layer of netting would be from the first layer, thanks! :thumbsup:

I am not quite sure yet ! I may wait to see how much stretch I get by week 2 of flower… probably 16-20" , at least a first guess anyways

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I am starting to see some nice growth…still have a few wrinkles to iron out

  • Humidity issues … right now I can’t make enough humidity… my room is around 56% and I would like it to be around 70% …current room temp fluctuates between 78-81F … … my residential humidifier just doesn’t seem to have the juice to catch up quick enough after the exhaust turns off… I guess I will buy a greenhouse style humidifier.

  • C02 generator… I bought a Natural Gas burner…I need to hire a gas fitter to come install it in my room…! possibly have it inspected by the city… even though I am a legal grower I am still not that comfortable having a city inspector nosing around my grow room…

Air conditioner… I am fortunate that I live in a very cold climate, so cool air is usually not a issue, however I do have a short but intense summer with very long daylight hours. my house has central air, but was considering some of sort of split style AC… my grow room is in my basement, so I am not quite sure what all my options are…




Nice grow man. I will shortly be posting my CCH2O system too.

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Beautiful setup. Subbed.

So here we are, day one of the 12/12 cycle… I am very happy with the growth… had some PH YoYo’s , but plants are still happy … Solsheet X lights are awesome ! plants are growing wicked under them, nice and dense, super healthy …Combined with the Current culture setup this is a badass system, I can hardly wait to get the C02 setup ! Anyways here are the week 0 flower pictures, plants are huge considering how short the veg time has been… This strain is a big stretcher so I am thinking this is the right time to flip, it should fill the screens quite nicely from here…


So here is a before after of 13 days worth of growth, right from the small veg chamber to ready flower in 2 weeks less a day… April 19th to May 2 …No extra C02 added, but room is controlled by a Iponics 624 which I do use to optimize CO2 using a intake fan drawing cool outside air in place of a C02 generator …on its own the room can drop down below 190 PPM but after 2 minutes of intake fan it can get up over 360 PPM …So I just set the C02 values to keep the room between 275 and 345 PPM … seems to work quite well…it wasn’t cheap but I can see the 624 being worth the investment, it gives me such fine control and monitoring over the grow environment