NYCD ruby red grapefruit cut or crosses


In Europe nobody know where is this old cut of Soma : NYCD ruby red grapefruit. We have the new cut : mandarina, but the old cut has disappeared and it was the better ^^

If anyone have informations about this cut, or crosses from, I say a BIG thank you.

I have the Grapefruit Diesel clone but it’s like diluted stuff :slight_smile:

Thank you everybody

All the best


Hi, I know this is an old thread, but maybe some others still look for the same.
I know the ruby red grapefruit pheno, oh dear… My kryptonite… I back when nycd started to win the firsg awards I bought 3 packs of him in Amsterdam, spent a fortune on this seeds. The germ rate was not even 50%. I popped all 3 packs (~350$) to end up with around 12 plants. Most were fems, but none of them had that smell and taste I remembered from the NYCD back at the cup.
I contacted Soma later about this and he sent me a free pack of 5 NYCD fem, with a note, the red grapefruitpheno has a better chance in the fem beans to show up. Out of 5, 2 plants made it and both had that smell and taste. One was special, she was… Outstanding. The puredt euphoric high, not as strong as hazes, but clear and pure joy. The taste and smell on the otherside, pure grapefruit. I was still smoking cigs back then and rolled with tobacco, but with a bud of the nycd, no tobacco smell or taste. Just sweet, ripe, red grapefruit taste, which stayed on the lips and tongue. Very tasty
After I lost this plant due to a friend taking care of my mums, I tried to rehunt that pheno. I contaced Soma again, and he replied it can be found in all reg or fem nycd, that was back in 2008. From other sources I heard, Soma lost most of his original breeding stock, that’s when the red grapefruit pheno dissapeared as well.
I was hunting it of different sourced, crosses made with old NYCD stocks, but never found one that came close. Like OP wrote, just diluted stuff.

But even now I still hope for the best and still hunt it down. This list is what I was growing, to find one that comes close to the old NYCD:
NY47, Grapefruit Diesel (NG & Phenofinders), NYPD (NG & Nirvana), Dieselicious, Chiesel, Black Diesel, Blue Diesel, NYCD F2, F3 and F4, Grapefruit Haze (NG), Ice… and so on. I buy everything promising and loon for that smell.

I still hunt and I know, one day I’ll find it



Yes this ruby red grapefruit was something special

The most closed strain I had the opportunity to smoke is grapefruit diesel, the cut underground in uk

This cut will come back for sure


Hey @HiNooN I got your email. Glad to see you here! Welcome back to Overgrow after a long hiatus!

To both you and @trytogoodbud, I hope somebody can help find the ruby red grapefruit you’re seeking. :slight_smile: