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@lefthandseeds That’s nice I guess. I might go there next week. I am currently on Samui and go to Phangan on Sunday.

@Tlander I agree with everything you said about the current situation.
And I stumpled upon these Zomia Collective recently too. I contacted them and met one of the guys in Bangkok and we smoked some of those landraces. I still try to convince him to go more out with his stories. Fuck Arjen and these people on YouTube, these Zomia guys are the real deal. But when you check the geographical informations on the website and google the areas where they source their stuff, you can imagine why they are not able to tell all the stories on Youtube. They are really amazing people and I can highly recommend to buy their seeds, since you definitely support the right people. I will tell him to check out overgrow.


And one question about the OG Overgrow. Is here still this story online, where some old hippie was looking for his old partners in crime when they grew a huge field in some US valley? He posted pictures and everything. That was the best story I have ever read in my life and I want to see if he maybe found some of the people. Anyone remembers that thread? I tried it with the search but didn’t find him.


Yeah, all us ‘old hippies’ have that same story! That’s how we all ended up here on OverGrow, looking for our old partners in crime… Most of us just found ‘new’ partners in crime!


@Tlander There was a reply for you before that post about Zomia.


You guys are real lucky congratulations

the homeland of some of the best weed and you get to grow it in the open


Hello! I’m Brendan - I run pr and coordinate for Zomia in Cambodia and India currently. If anyone has any questions I’ll do by best to answer! Thanks for the kind words Tlander - I would be more than happy to chat with you!


Thanks for the kind words! I’m excited to sit down with you and smoke once I return to Bangkok! Currently I’m in the Himalayas exploring possible inclusion into our collective with some connections here. Will let you know once I’m back!


Welcome to the OG @highthailand, @Zomia & welcome back @CHZA.BLVCK !

Some amazing things happening on the OG :call_me_hand:


Sure. I’m testing something right now that I think you might like since I see you enjoy the hype modern gear.
Lime Kush Cake sounds like a polyhybrid of Ice Cream Cake x a OG Kush cut x maybe Black Lime R. from MeanGene? Just a guess.
I usually work landraces and heirloom cuts ( Thais/Afghans/S.American & Chems/Sours/Hazes) but I have a more modern line I’m working now. Since I just germed the testers it will be awhile but once I get sorted Ill reach out.

Appreciate all the warm welcomes.
It is good to be back online at a forum.

But back to the matter at hand THAILAND REPRESENT!!!

If you are ever in Bangkok, Thailand check out Sukumweed dispensary around the Sukhumvit area. Their tree is definitely official. Big Shoutout goes to 66Zombies crew holding down my city with that good work.


Yes it’s a black lime reserve you nailed it . I’d be honored to test something coming from Thailand . Thanks


@Zomia @highthailand and anyone else in the area; I’ve been doing deep research on the commercial availability of predatory mites here… and coming up with zilch! I’m now in touch with some of T’land’s top scientists and hope to get more info soon. Meanwhile, has anybody even heard of availability over here? (NOT talking about those pouches of 6 “Live Predator Mites” from China on Lazada/UBUY! :joy:).

I can air-ship them in from New Zealand, but the import/export paperwork is a big hassle on both ends. Would be just as happy to find out they’re here and I’ve just been looking in the wrong places!



Okay all you NLD people, here’s a nice leaf of a Thai bag-seed plant for ya!

(Posted elsewhere but…)


Any Thai’s here will recognize him right away! This was shot a couple days ago on Koh Tao.


The Party;

The Man himself; (First two minutes will make you smile like you’re here!)


I bred some real nice plants using the black lime reserve , I’d like to find that lime afghan if it still exists.


I’ve been really impressed with black market breeders take on the male he used . I’ve grew several different strains with black lime reserve and there wasn’t 1 I wouldn’t grow again . Really like the lime Kush cake cross he made.


Welcome to OG!! I have only been here about a month, it’s the best no doubt!

Welcome to OG!! That’s great on Thai’s legalization of cannabis. This community is safe and peaceful. :peace_symbol:

I want to hunt out a good female from the ones I created with the black lime cross and cross her to the 87 lime pop beans I have from freeborn selections, while taking the 87 lime pop back to the ghost og :smiley:


Sounds like it would be a great match up, if you do it keep me in mind for a flip or 2 .id definitely run those the minute they showed.

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Hey, ya’all might want to check out the field photo-reports from Zomia Collective. Appears they’ve been coming in hot and heavy from the Himalaya Trip!