Overgrow your area

Has anyone here successfully or semi successfully overgrown your local stomping grounds by going johnny pot seed on a mountain? I get it, it would piss off the cash crop guerilla guys. But at the same time ut would be sweet to see a mountainside full of “free weed”


I plan on walking train tracks and wooded paths, disc golf courses, etc. and sprinkling my jar of oops seeds this spring


I plan to put clones anywhere I can find existing irrigation. Condo grounds where water splashes over the fence onto the train tracks. That sort of thing.


I was considering a bunch if regular autos, toss em through a valley so the winds can push the pollen around better. And being autos should give them a better chance of finishing to seed.

Within a year or 2 it would probably be shit weed though


Is there a universe (way) where a wild version would remain fantastic smoke?

Having a valley that automatically produces enough to swim in every year, the dream :smile:

Original land races did that to a degree even though farming occurred.
Would have to have similar conditions in every way to get similar genetic selection.

Hypothetically one would need a strain that exhibits super smoke traits naturally in our individual environments.

Extreme out crossing and grow with little meddling. Weed out survivors, continue working them until one finds a range of naturally fantastic plants. Might that have a chance?

Still, I suspect with generations, what survives will not coincide with our needs.


I had always heard that, I mean if there’s industrial hemp around your definitely right… but if its only good genetics to begin with, well what makes it drift to not being a good thc strain?

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i’ve always thought about buying 1000 or more balloons and putting seeds in them, then just let them fly away to seed wherever they land. it wouldn’t work as well here in a big city but it would be fun to do.


Ive thought about it, but there’s no water here… :cactus: :sun_with_face:


I always toss seeds in any flower pot I might happen to see if I happen to have them on me…I have thousands of seeds from different chuck’s over the years…good way to check germ rates :flushed:.


I’m going to have an outside grow this year of regular bagseed and let em do there thing I have about 20 to plant and let em pollinate themselves should’ve a few seeds to spread around here next spring

Peace out and stay safe


I was on the road a few years ago and stopped at a Georgia welcome center looked down and dam there were2 plants Ina pot I had pics of them but lost the pics


Hermie ( I believe) seeds from summer 2020 will be sprinkled at City Hall and in the local city cop shop landscaping…possibly the State Capitol grounds too, for sure the State Patrol…already a Head approved secret garden at State Fairgrounds…all locations downwind from my outdoor possible guerilla sites.


When I was 19 a few of us wanted to go to the casino around March, on the way we pulled off the main road onto a nice back country road to smoke one. Pulled over to roll our doobie and threw a bunch of seeds out the window.

Shit you not, during summer we saw in the paper that a bunch of pot plants were found growing in the ditch on that road. It didn’t say an exact spot, but I bet I knew where they grew…


we have a short outdoor season and extreme cold, some years the waterfall is frozen by the second week of sept. but there is hemp from some old work program that grows wild here some how its acclimated

That’s where I buried a lot of old mushroom substrate and contaminated jars.


I don’t know if any of you are on IG but about 2-3 years someone held a contest called overgrow the planet and it was a fun one. Participants had to plant seeds or a plant in public and take pictures, best pic won. The grand prize was like 80 packs of seeds from various breeders that donated. The person who won planted seeds in a garden for the blind lol. Ill see if I can some of those pics.


St Augustine FLA has a school for the blind next spring for sure

Peace and stay safe


I planted a panamonium from dragon flame genetics on the beach in Lake Tahoe. I had it growing in a 2 gallon pot and remember walking down to the beach with a plant in my arm and a beer in the other hand like nothing lol there were a lot of people and I don’t think anyone even noticed me. I just dug a hole and threw the pot in it.


I have dropped a few hundred or more seeds in a couple of times in remote areas and never returned!

One spot was a film cannister full in Wielangta State Forest in Tasmania around 20ish years ago and the other was around half of that near Somerset Dam SE Queensland last year.

I will do it again in the next few weeks when I go to collect the water system and tools etc from the patch I used a couple of years ago (Edit:last year) as I am moving and won’t use it any more.



My mistake its cover the world in cannabis not overgrow the planet. Here’s a few pics from the contest. If you have IG i highly recommend to search the hash tag #covertheworldincannabis and check out the pics and especially the vids. Someone planted a cut in the planters inside the mall lol. I hope this motivates people!!

All credit to the growers…

Scented garden for the blind