Paps runs BOG , Lefthanded seeds, Orange Goji ,Oregon Huckleberry, and useful seeds Octopot style

Hello OG
I figured I’d start up a new thread I’ll be closing out the last run soon so here it goes
Just placed in shot glasses with room temp water 4 seeds each regular 2 fems
Line Up
BOG boggle gum group buy thanks to @Hugh_Glass
Lefthanded seed Panama haze x Lebanese thanks @lefthandseeds
Orange Goji received from @Mongobongo
Oregon huckleberry from the preservation run ( forgive me I do remember who ran the f3 )
Useful seeds fem blackened oranges

Need to find 5 females for the Octopots only the strongest ones will make the cut

I’m using promix bx with mycorrhizae and perlite in the mix no other additives
The best fem after a couple of weeks will go straight in to the Octopots in the 24 x 24 x 60 tent
And I’ll do a fluxing or Manifold style ( whatever they call it these days ) she’ll be grown to the 6 node and topped at the third node object is to go for 8 colas and veg for about 3 weeks after the fluxing

The rest will need to sex and the best will go in the big tent in the Octopots as well

So let the games begin


Hell yea! I’m really looking forward to the PHxLebanese…


Do you enjoy the octopots? I’ve looked into them a couple of times, just kind of on the fence.


Thanks lefty so am I I haven’t had a haze since back in the day so I am really looking forward to it
And it’s my state went legal today what better way to celebrate


Was there a provision for home growing in the bill that passed?


Now for me it’s the perfect method
It’s easy to set up
Basically fill the Rez and forget it for up to a week

I’ve increased my yield in a small space by double
And my quality is also increased

There is a learning curve like with anything

I feed every fill of the Rez and just follow my feeding schedule it’s easy and fun
The biggest problem is just leaving it alone


No I wish there was but they are talking about it and this recreational law won’t even start till the new year


WooHoo!!! got my chair and popcorn :slight_smile:

should be a good ride and thanks for the invite



Excuse me while I pull the ole beanbag into that corner over there. Slippers, Tv Remote and, a large Mug of Hot Tea will tide me over. I’m ready for the Show. Good luck, stay safe and…be well.


Yep got my lawn chair, some papers, plenty of herb, and some coffee. Oh and a hat! Ready for the show :sunglasses:

Gonna be some nice plants in these! Hope you get some beautiful girls to show off, and fill your pots and jars with :wink:


Thank you all for your support on this grow
I am looking forward to so great smoke to be sure


Another Octopot grower here. The plants seem to love them. I grew the same strain, side-by-side with some in fabric pots and some in Octopots. They had the same genetics and environment (same soil mix, nutes, light, etc.). The ones in Octopots significantly outperformed the ones in plain fabric pots.

I think you get the benefits of both soil and hydro while avoiding many of the pitfalls they each have. The convenience factor is nice too. The reservoir holds several gallons, so even when the plant is in heavy flower and drinking like crazy you only have to check on them every few days. In early veg I could leave town for a week’s vacation and not have to worry about the plants. There are no “moving” parts, no pumps, no timers, no electricity - fewer points of failure. I’m definitely a fan.


I’ll be following along. Lots of great strains. I’m also interested in octopots. I almost bought some while chatting with Jetdro but never pulled the trigger. Excited to see what you do with them.


Pulling up a chair for this one!! :beers:


Looks like you’ve got a plan hum|nullxnull , always tempted by those Octopots, specially after watching Jetdro’s performance with them, wouldn’t miss this one … popcorn


Ooo BOGgle gum and orange goji, two I can’t get enough reading about. Going to watch this since I can’t sprout my Sour Boggle for a while. I do have orange Goji F2s going right now in the 16oz contest :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Im with @Seamonkey84 excited to watch the Orange Goji and BoGgle Gum.


Pulling up a chair with a pipe in my hand!! Just got my Octopots so I will be following along with interest!!


Checked the shot glasses this morning 18 hours in water none open all sank but 1 bog & 1 PH x L
So I just may drop 1 more of each to be safe

I normally leave them in the water for 24 hours then in to paper towels till tails are 1/4 to 1/2 inches long
Then they’ll go in to solo’s for 2 weeks ( pro mix only)
I’ll start with T5 lights low wattage I find low wattage is the best for the babies even a 100 watt led is fine
I do leave seedlings under lights for 24/ 7 then I drop them to 18/6 once established


24 hours all seeds sunk to the bottom and are now in paper towels placed on tv cable box for heat

We seem to have a seed killer among us
Only one of the two blackened oranges can be found
What am I to do
Ms Bella seed killer

look at that face