Pass-It-Along Program: Unchecked Community Spread!

No seeds, we can’t have that. All I know for sure I have some to give are the sour strawberry. If you’re interested shoot me a pm. Btw I don’t send 10 pls of them, more like 40 pks lol


After reading this I was gifted some beans that are supposed to finish by labor day by trichhouse. Have no idea what they are that’s all I was told about them. Since I’m an indoor guy I have no need for fast outdoor. Indoor the ss are like 6-7 weeks


MY Bad I have beans to grow but none to share yet but will soon :slight_smile:

Seed list 2021

With the Durban mix you get:

California Orange x Durban
(Durban Thai-High Flyer x C99) x Durban
(Durban Thai-High Flyer x C99) x (ESB x Durban)

 75 seeds

With the Cinderella mix you get

ESB x C99
California Orange x C99
(Durban Thai-High Flyer x C99) x (ESB x Durban)

 75 seeds

Vigorosa Sativum (High Yielder/High Resin) 10+ seeds x 20 seeds

Purple Punch F1 reg. 15 seeds Purple Punch 2.0 father from Symbiotic Genetics

highly resinous clone Purple Punch mother

Second Sight F2 - Cannabeizein 10 seeds

Goat Yogi - Cannabeizein Lineage: Purple goat x Second Sight 10 seeds

NYCD x Second Sight - Cannabeizein 10 seeds

Trainwreck x 88 G-13 HashPlant ‘F2’ (24 Regular Seeds)

Jackberry F4 Regular 10 seeds

Killing Fields F6 10 seeds

Selene F2 10 seeds

Hybrids From Hell - Danish Gold 10 seeds Danish Passion x Guerilla Gold

Hybrids From Hell - Hashplant2 10 seeds X-files x Core AmnesiaARNE X Danish Gold

Hybrids From Hell - Jaggen/C99 x Hashplant 10 seeds

Hybrids From Hell - HTC DC/DG x Reeferman Grapefruit 10 seeds

Hybrids From Hell - SSSDH x Hashplant2 10 seeds

Hybrids From Hell - Wild Grape Chunk 10 seeds Reeferman Grapefruit, Tom Hill Deep Chunk and Wild Royal Dane

Generals Daughter 5 seeds

15 boxes of chocolate many seeds Thank you @Worcestershire_Farms

and a load of Kashmir to work with this season

But thank very much I do not want to take seeds from out of the hands

of another who really needs them :slight_smile:

you my friend make this world a better place by your kindness

if you still have something that could help to my goals I always welcome help

all the best and enjoy the day



This is awesome :sunglasses::+1:. I’m so happy!! I will have some beans in the next month.
The Angry Princess
The Drama Queen
XXL Bananas
All will be F1’s except The Angry Princess is f2 status


I’ll have to return later. Just started my very first autoflower seedrun: lemon haze autoflower.

Should be all stable autoflowering genetics to start with. I have about 8 of them that just germinated. I’ll probably select 2 or 3 of the best ones to breed with.

Sooo i’ll see you guys soon


I’ll check my stash and see what I got plenty of to send out.


Right now, I can offer Kosher Daddy Regulars …
(Jew Gold 1974 x Granddaddy Purple)

I’ve got many strains to seed out this year and hopefully can get through them all successfully.

Will definitely shareing what I’m making (can follow my thread)

Will be offering out whatever I can when seeds are finished each run. Hopefully 4 strains each run…

Just poped BlackBerry Auto, Alien Rift Auto & Grapefruit Auto for seeding…

Potential list of seeds to make this round…
BlackBerry Auto
Alien rift auto (died)
Grapefruit auto

With my initial thinking, I could make S1 of each strain and crosses of each deepening on what I’ve got avaliable…

Thanks for making this thread.


would love to get a few beans of those Kosher Daddy Regulars


Pm me your safe addy.


Have you grown any out? I know gdp helps my brother in law sleep.


Kosher Daddy Tester I sent to a friend, grew 4ft. The reviews had been top shelf :ok_hand:
These are F1 and I’ve only seen 2 main phenos so far. Grown out 6 myself and several testers.


Very nice looking :slight_smile:


Can I post links to another forum? My friend has a whole thread deadacted to Kosher Daddy grow.
Loads of photos and details about my strain.


Naw man, I believe you. If its not on OG, I dont care to see it. I dont want to become a member anywhere else and get sucked into the drama. I love the name and fact you have tested it out for sure.

I was more wondering if there are any GDP leaners in there.


@CADMAN I would and more than likely have :slight_smile:

but not sure if it is bad form :frowning:


Yeah brother. GDP pheno is what posted (turns purple when cold) the other pheno leans towards Jew Gold 1974 … I’m planing to work this F1 into something epic. But so far, it’s really dam good the way it is.


Probably haha. I was more active on another forum BUT since discovering OG I’m here to stay and chill. OG is my place to be.

But yea, if you have seen KD before elsewhere cool, We probably know each other then lol


Sounds awesome gonna stay out until I have some beans. Been collecting rare strains lately to grow out and back cross.

Still running my SOG moms

I’m creating mix pollen some that will be feminized and some regular. To cross with my selected moms.

Still pheno hunting


@CADMAN post it here would love to read it :slight_smile: can’t know enough and pictures

and no worries I have a hard enough time posting in one place not a joiner


I would love some either way! Ive got a buddy we lovingly refer to as “the jew” , so there are obvious advantages to that leaning as well. :slight_smile:
OG is lucky to have you bro. You’ve been nothing but pure OG since you came on board.