Pina Rita Open Pollination

First off. Let us take a minute to remember subcool💜. Youll be missed.

And now for the grow.
Got gifted this 10 pack of pina rita from my buddy so im gonna do the proper thing and open pollinate them.

Everyone take a seat and lets get some seeds growin!

Germinated in a cup of water. Got 6 out of the 10 to crack in 24hrs. Got them all in solo cups now. Lets see how it goes.



I’ll be following along, good luck to you. :grinning::+1:


Awesome! Got my chair pulled up.

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No need to say more



You da man, gotta grab a spot for this, don’t mind me I’ll just be over here taking notes

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I’ll start loading the party bong…


I’m climbing on board, as well :+1:t4:

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I’m not familiar with this strain, I will be following along :grinning:

This will be good, always loved everyone of the many TGA genetics I’ve grown for years. My favorite being the Apollo bx. Pulling a chair to this one if you don’t mind.

good morning I sit in the front row big boy I am very curious to observe this growth

I look forward to following along. I had not heard of this Subcool strain before but after looking it up I bet it is going to be a good one!

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Awesome of you to do, Subcools Karma Of Life will shine on your efforts!

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Always down to watch subs gear grow out. Anyone got info on this strain in particular? I think I remember him mentioning the pins briefly in his potcast interview, not a lot of details coming to mind though

I will be lurking, waiting for the pics!

@LegsMahoney pina rita is Oaxacan gold x space queen I believe.


Very cool. I look forward to watching. I have a pack of Conspiracy Kush from Subcool I was thinking of open pollinating myself. Hopefully this will inspire me.


Be Inspired…

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very nice, ill be watching the show, should be fun

I’ll be watching this. Good luck!

Super cool to see this! Ran this a few years ago, was great stuff, can’t wait to follow along!

Pina Rita outdoor, was end of Sept, don’t have a later picture unfortunately