Pollination and herms

Could a fem plant that has been pollinated already put out nanners / herm?


Are you asking can a feminized plant be a hermaphrodite/intersex, put out male flowers and pollinate itself? If so, yes.


I think the question is can a female plant thats already been pollenated and bearing seed still go herm after its been pollenated.
Good question.
Technically being its already pollenated i would think it would have no want to throw male flowers afterwards. Usually herming is genetic so i guess it could if it was very very unstable genes in its makeup. But as for last ditch effort to reproduce it shouldnt feel that need if its already bearing seeds.
As said above a feminized seed plant can definately throw male flowers. It was made a fem seed by introducing intersex.
But if it had no male parts and was pollenated by another plant it shouldnt throw male flowers afterwards i would think. But im not 100% on that.


Yeah this is what I was thinking made sense, but was wondering if anyone knew for sure. Thx

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Good question! I hope some knows for sure.
I also don’t under stand why a herm is bad but tuning a branch and self pollination is good?
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Yes it can. You would think because it’s pollenated it would not have the urge to do so, but it still can.


Hermie plants are genetically prone to herm, thus passing on the herm trait. When you chemically reverse a good female, it will produce fem seeds (and if you select correctly, should not produce herm seeds).

edit: just so no one else misconstrues what I was saying here…


used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions.
“he should have been careful”

used to indicate what is probable.
“£348 m should be enough to buy him out”

…so when I say “if you select correctly, should not produce herm seeds” - I’m saying that (it is not probable to find many herm seeds in your population) there could still be herms in a decent population but the likelihood is greatly reduced, versus reversing a poor selection.


Female plants can still throw male flowers after they are pollinated, if they are going to do that. Pollination may slow down new flower development, so maybe they will do it a little less.


I have a few small reg females that I pollinated and are in w my other females in flower and was wondering how closely I should be keeping an eye on them for nanners. Since they are regs and already pollinated, prob not highly prone to throwing their own pollen, but still possible is what I’m gathering from the group. They are in small pots, so may be more likely to run dry / get stressed on me. Seems there’s no reason to get careless, I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Thanks all!

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One of the reasons I avoided feminized for years was how they used to make them. I remember on erowid in the early 00’s there were articles which talked about wrapping a bag around a branch to force male flowers, things like that. Basically forcing herm traits on unstable plants and then selling them as feminized. And it sounds like it created a lot of hermies. I really feel like that brief period of figuring out how to make fems polluted a lot of the gene pool, because people kept doing these types of things and breeding them. No matter what modern stuff I grow I expect at least a few hermie flowers because of it.

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Me too, but sometimes its the only option they release.

This information is wrong.

I’d become merely an observer, if I were you ~

Now I go to your website…

“Swackhammer is a hard-hitting Indica Dominant Strain. Some phenos are a straight knock-out high with Stanky Floral, Fruity (Cherry), Musky-Earthy, Funk Terpene Profile. Others Phenos just as hard hitting, are mixed with some Citrus & Gas – these phenos are a little more functional and clear headed.”

“Sugar Ray, paying Homage to the Great Boxer Sugar Ray Leondard. Sugar Coated triched out buds, with a Sweet Doughey terp profile, meet a bright uplifting Gassy Citrus for a complex hard hitting yet functional high. Strong Indica dominant medicine. We have seen the odd pheno finish at 6 weeks! (However most go 7-9 weeks.)”

Heh… What in the world…

So basically all of your offering is with MAC STOMPER. I assume you put a bunch of your female flowers in with a single MAC Male… And called it your gene company

I knew I shouldn’t have went down another rabbit hole today…

No knock to the hustle. Keep chuckin’

And if you’ve got pics of those solo cup tests would love to see them ~

At least you put the Ladies > Gentlemen… THat’s pretty cool. +1

Hermie plants aren’t genetically prone to pass on the herm trait?
A well stress tested reversed mother is not less likely to produce herm seeds?

I don’t understand? Instead of bashing me, maybe you could help me understand what it is I’ve said wrong?

You highlighted descriptions of some of my strains (which are accurate by the way)…I still don’t see what’s wrong there? This is not the thread to bash my strains - it was a herm/pollenation thread.

…but to answer you question, I’ve live documented ALL of these runs. and they can be easily found if you search (IG). And if you knew about my work ethic you’d know I’ve held the mother to Swackhammer and Eutierria for over 6 years. The male was plucked out of a 150 plant hunt. And I tested them before release.

I really don’t understand why you’re picking a bone with me. I don’t see what I’ve done wrong, sorry if I offended you somehow?


Not bashing. Just pointing out those descriptions have no benefit to anyone whatsoever let alone explain all of the work you put into them.

Not picking a bone ; Stating that you are wrong.

When you spray a good fem plant - What do you produce Mister Breeder?

I searched for your runs and couldn’t find anything… Link?

I want to see the solo cups why do people get so upset when they are wrong?

okay, you’re still coming off accusatory, so I will not engage with that any further.

If you want to dm me and straight tell me what is it you’re looking for I’d be happy to have a cordial conversation. But I’m not doing this.


I asked you a simple question ~

If you cannot answer it no problem…
I don’t need you to explain to me, in a DM, what happens when you spray a good female plant…
That won’t help anyone out here who sees this.

It’s OK Mister Breeder… I understand. I will answer it for you ~

You create a HERMIE. Good luck to you and your gene company.

well, if you just came and said - hey man you’re wrong, a fem plant can produce hermies … I would have told you that you’re correct. But instead you decided to bash me for no reason.

Sure a fem plant can produce hermie’s. But the high majority of them will be fem. Otherwise people like Katsu, CSI, InHouse wouldn’t have entire companies based on fems.

Maybe my answer was taken out of context or maybe I could have worded it a bit better… but for the majority of the fact, what I said is correct.


Would you say femanized plants are easier / a short cut (in a way) to create a homogenous “strain” as compared to regs and needing to back cross / mult-gen to create homogeneous/ stability? Or, is it just as involved for fems; just trying to isolate out herms more than diversity?

No. Not at all. To get a truly homozygous lineage made would take years and years of inbreeding and line breeding.

Feminized is just using a female for both parents, your still mixing genes during meiosis.