Red Scare Seed Company

Good day anyone grown out any of their work?

Uzbekistani Headstash (Bodhi Uzbekistan Landrace male x Petrolia Headstash female)

I would love to grow out this

or maybe this

Herijuana x (Pure Kush X Uzbekistani) but that is snow high

the Uzbekistani is tripping my trigger

or just go with Talk of Kabul

the question is Red Scare Seed Company good work?

thanks and be safe



Never tried any of those :v:t4:

Don’t have any of those. I’m planning to include the Sophisticated Fuel on my next run.

@valleymicro looking a Spiked Fuel F2s by them

Good pick. I’ve been needing GMO in my arsenal.

@valleymicro no fear growing their gear ?

thanks My Brother stay well and strong


Not really. I mostly wanted to do an open pollination and find some funky smelling keepers . So it won’t be a long run.

Snowhigh is running a special on these Heroine seeds for $20 per pack. They are older stock with lower germination rates but he gives you extra beans to help make up for it. Can’t beat it!


I would say go for it. I have a few different things from him. Did I pop them yet no. But great guy and honest. Passes my test there. I just wanted to support him after the cops robbed him of his hemp crop.



point this seed whore to those beans Good Sir :slight_smile:


Spiked Fuel is on the list

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