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haha bruce i love it!

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The Durban Poison plants got transplanted today. Those 12 oz. cups were drying out too fast. They were super easy to transplant though. Rip down the seam then around the bottom and slide the root ball out. They got watered with aloe, fulvic, silica, kelp, and malted barley.


Just got an email saying my concrete sprayer I ordered in October will be here Monday. $15 for a $120 sprayer? Yes please! Thanks @lotus710 for pointing it out to me. Now paying $45 for the mister tip doesn’t sound like a bad deal. :grin:

Oh, and the new Star Wars was awesome! Can’t wait to go see it again next week with my daughter.


WHAAT ? i didn’t get that e-mail yet !!! i ordered two Oct 30th

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Must be my lucky day!

Zak Haze at 63 days. This harvest looks a heck of a lot better than the last time I grew her. Adding the bulb extenders really made a difference there. Just going to remove the fan leaves and hang to dry.

I was Christmas shopping and got myself a few things for the workshop. First is a big dry erase calendar for tracking whats going on in the workshop. I used a small one, this is much easier on the eyes.

I also got that new rig I was eyeballing at the dispensary. Needed a couple of grams of wax and decided to splurge. It hits great! I love jow my e-nail can be configured for male or female and fits multiple sizes.

Low humidity shouldn’t be a problem anymore with this fogger. It’s been able to bring the humidity up to 63%. I have a hygrostat on the way should be able to maintain 70°F and 60% RH in the “lung room”.


That’s some awesome gear! I haven’t gotten into wax as I’m such a lightweight haha.

I like the E-Nail setup though, Induction?

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I will say wax/rosin/shatter or whatever you want to call it is nice. I like being able to do a quick single small hit at that’s it. Also a lot healthier compared to joints. Also like yourself i consume very little, such as maybe 4-5 times per week on heavy weeks, to nothing other weeks.

I still find it worth it, but i use a wax atty with a small mod box “eleaf nano” from the e-cig world, probably cost me around $30-40. Also easy to make your own wax with quick wash alcohol methods, also saves on space :wink:

And nice new setup @ReikoX , i dont consume anywhere near enough to go down that route yet.

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The e-nail is what got me hooked on concentrates. Never liked hot knives or torches. I also like the hit it and quit it approach especially with kids. Slip away, quick dab, and right back in action. Doesn’t smell as strong either.

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Totally agree, ive been looking into even smaller wax “pens” for out and about use, such as on a hill in winter instead of trying to light Joints in the blowing cold and snow. But most really small pens are either designed for e-juice mixes or distillates, or they are not really designed for true waxes or solids, with crappy wicks and coils. The other option is disposables, but similar issues, and i would rather something i could rebuild or replace parts of not throw away

Saying that i ordered in a cheap yocan hive for a tester, as its like 3"x1"x0.5".

We will see.

What size pots so you keep your moms in? You went pretty in depth with how you keep them but you never mentioned it, or I didn’t see it. I’m still wanting to mimic how you keep your moms with my nursery tent. The main section in it is 2’x2’, where I’d keep the my moms.

About 20 oz? It’s a 16 oz beer cup in height and diameter, but not tapered. So about 20 oz. is my guess.

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Durban poisons are getting pretty big. No signs of sex yet. I got a little bit of burn from spraying with the lights on. They are getting watered every three days with very little (if any) run off.

Ancestral Skunk #1 at about seven weeks. They are starting to go into senescence and should be well done in a week or two. By then I should see pre-flowers on the Durban Poison plants.

The fungus gnats are all but gone now. The nematodes were applied last week and again this week. The sticky traps maybe had a couple dozen this week. The nematodes were used to treat my whole garden, not just this no-till cabinet.


I’m so jealous of that rig!!! I need me a setup like that once things really get rolling…

Plants look great, I’m sure they will be as good to you as you were to them. Nature is awesome like that, not many things in life are as fair and square


little fuggin bastages


This one sounds interesting, I’ll try that out!

Have you tryed it out with smoked fish also? Would this be possible? How long can you store those fertilizers and how?

Thanks for your reply.

Be well.


No, I believe it has to be a fresh, raw fish.

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Well maybe if you soaked the smoked fish to reconstitute first in water and maybe something enzymatic like papaya or M.S.G.

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Fish products are excellent as fertilizer , but you gotta be careful when it comes to smell. I had this one apartment grow going and I “thought” I would give Alaska deodorized fish fertilizer a try indoors and paid an ultimate price. It smelled so bad inside the apartment I had to get a motel room and wash my clothes from the closet. When they say deodorized they lie or have some perverted sense of stink free.