Rules for making F2 seeds to trade

I love how together this forum is, while other forums might be bigger this is the one I’m going to call home from now on because of the community. I love the idea of making a f2 for trade with others. I would like to know if there are any rules and restrictions on lines that you can use.


Nah!!! Got for it!!

We all love seeds

Edit: Just don’t f2 something in production from someone else and try to sell them to people… Not a rule, just bad form :wink::sunglasses:


Good question about ethics, @Souljah1! Don’t miss letter from Bodhi, who is very respected breeder… I really like his take on this …


I think if a breeder or anyone else doesn’t want a particular strain distributed or sold etc. They should not make it Available. Once sold or given out by someone you’re free to do what you want, through out all my years of buying ,trading beans ,clones etc locally or from around the world, not once was I told nor asked not to share them or further their markers.

IMO The only thing you should never do is claim a strain as yours when it was made/produced by someone else. And if you use their strains in a cross give them credit for the lineage as well .

Besides that well I’ll do whatever I want with any beans or clones that are in my possession.


Thanks for the message from bodhi I think I will make some sort of hybrid for trade and give away.

I personally saw the Instagram war between archive seeds and inhouse genetics over slurricane. Archive most likely spent slot of time making do-si-dos while inhouse purchased a pack from him and selected a good pheno. Inhouse went on to cross dosi with purple punch and called the cross slurricane. He sold it for a high price and never asked for permission or recognized archive. Which lead to a long war or words between the two camps online.
I think it’s important to respect the breeders wishes.


I like to take Matts view on breeding which is basically nobody owns genetics if you bought those beans and did some magic then so what you’ve paid for it. Which is why a breeder like Bodhi isn’t bothered people give him shoutouts in nearly every breeding discussion board because of the fact he’s open and honest just says crack on do ya thing. Why? Because you bought the seeds so you own them.

Not aware of the war over slurricane never really heard of it but they should have given credit but then if the breeder is gunna be salty then they’re just gunna be salty ya can’t stop people breeding with “your” creation that was taken from somebody else’s creation :joy: overgrow the world man :ok_hand:t2:


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Just putting in my ‘two cents worth’ here… I gotta agree with what I see here. If you sell or giveaway seeds/clones, what the people do with them is their business. Unless, you specifically ask them not to do something. Even then, after it has left your domain, there isn’t much you can do to stop anything from happening. I’ve given away and sold seeds and clones to people over the years…yes, even of ‘Frankenstein’ (my baby and biggest success) all I ever ask is just mention me as the breeder. What they do with things after out of my hands is up to them. I will freely give advice when asked, to the best of my ability, and try to help young or new growers any way I can. Since they are the future of growing marijuana, and continuing and advancing the cause.



If a plant breeder wants to “protect” their plant creation, they never release it but only release it’s grand or great+ grandkids so the “original work” can’t be duplicated 100%. :wink: :+1:



Agreed, cannabissequoia…


I love to make seeds, and spread the love. But I try to make sure, as Bodhi says, that I don’t give away ALOT of something still in its early days of availability. Such as, for example, Beldia, from Khalifa genetics. Although it’s a landrace in desperate need of preservation, he has done all the good, hard work to make it available, and it would be poor taste to pass out massive quantities of these before he can make some money. With that said, I or he could be gone tomorrow, and I believe sharing SOME ( a few) seeds with the right people is not only responsible, but good advertising when they are grown. And… if they go ungrown, Sometimes the fridge or freezer is the best chance for landrace survival, to await a more responsible, appreciative generation.( I won’t hold my breath)


A good breeder doesn’t release his breeding work at 100%, even if is a BX3 he is the only one it knows the traits he wanted to keep and those he wanted to release to the public,in other words those traits that are homozygous of the original breeding stock.
So yeah,You could f2, bx or even IBL Any strain from other breeder but it would be very difficult, if not to impossible, to Get an exact copy as the original breeders is.
Saying this, it is ok to F2 someone else’s work? As long there is non profit, I would say yes imho.


It’s allssomeone else’s work. Imo. I.mean all these new strains keep.coming out every day, and get all these cute names and stuff. Like strawberry cough. I mean that’s a clone gifted to him by someone he didnt even know, then because it had a certain cent, he just ups and names it. And while I’m sure he did his work to stabilize it. It clearly was someone else’s gear originally.

Obviously this is my uneducated take on the breeding of canabis. But it’s not far off. I mean does.any one know they actually have what they say they do when you can get dozens of phenomena from most strains. Sometimes hundreds.


Along with this thread I’ve been making crosses for 20 years. I always pass along the genetics and as much history as I can find about the strains/breeders to whomever I send seeds to. I also want that history for any seeds I might get in trade or I just don’t want those seeds.

If I’m planning to send seeds to someone I don’t need other seeds or any form of trade either. I do have some good older time genetics and all I’d ask is some reporting back about how the recipients liked them once grown out and sampled.

I got so many seeds that will just go to waste unless I can find someone to take control and pass them along to others. Anyone here who can do that especially if they have good cred in the community and can be trusted? Hundreds of a good DJ Short’s blueberry crossed with Island Sweet Skunk gifted by a friend back east a few years ago. Many of my own crosses like Kali Mist x NL#5 from original year 2000 beans from the old Cannabis culture seed bank. L.S.D. x Blueberry both from Barney’s Farms c2005. The beans from both are fresher than that as I grow out a bunch and cross them to make fresh seeds every 5 years or so. All those are great yielders in the right hands.

I got so many other crosses at hand right now that I don’t know how to get them going. Also getting into making my own fem seeds with STS.

I don’t want these treasures to just dry up in my safe but hope for someone to take them over, spread the love and keep good genetics moving around.

90% of what I see for sale these days are crap crosses from many other crap crosses so they all become mongrel mutts but sell for $20/seed! Fuck that BS!

So some decent breeders should step up and if the vibe is right I’m willing to pass on a shitload of good stuff. Some will be mediocre but many gems in the various piles.

All I would ask in return is that I get a few new beans back to grow out any new and improved models and early versions get passed off to other newer growers that need free/cheap seeds with traits they are interested in growing.

My main interests now are hi-CBD/auto fem type beans for outdoor growing way up north here but all sorts of other types especially older landrace types are more than welcome!

If you end up making a super fine x from all that and can get rich off it that’s fine with me too as long as you pass along the parentage and give credit where credit is due!



Lone Star Blue Heaven. The Barney’s Farms cross of LSD and Blueberry from a buddy in Texas back around 2008.

Can’t find a lot of the other pics since switching to Win10 but still looking!



I’ve got ‘a full dance card’ at the moment but once I clear that maybe we should talk further about doing some seed runs on some of your older stash.



Yes yes and then yall should talk about hooking a brother up with some seeds :joy:


@labrat I’d love to get some in the perpetual rotation …just started breeding a line that was gifted to me. Always looking for good old school cultivars to add t the mix. I spread all my seeds around on here as you do to see them grown out. In diaries.

Here’s a link to my ongoing perpetual jungle. Working on a seed preservation of Darwoh2.5 chocolate Thai. But I always have space to drop a few breeders in with the selections available on a monthly harvest schedule. Recently acquired a pre DJ Blue Berry that I’m dying to get in the mix… Welcome to the Jungle


Is that the blueberry dj started with and improved? Interesting, that is an old cut. I would be wanting to make room for that in the rotation as well. Would that be a good candidate to reverse and make some seeds of?

Sorry man, I love to learn and I am infatuated with blueberry.


If I get a pair I’ll definitely do open pollination so everyone can go on a pheno hunt…