Hello overgrow friends…

hello overgrow friends……

i want to apologize for not being able to be more present in the online world, 2018 was a very challenging year and it took all my time just keeping the garden going and the ship afloat at home. we are still a family business and i pretty much do everything along with help from my wife. i love what i do, and do it with all my heart and soul but time is the one commodity i wish i had more of. so….big thanks and blessings to all of you that support us doing what we do and sharing in the process together.

i want to say how honored and gratified i am that people are working with my seeds, its the biggest blessing to know that people are finding, keeping, sharing, and working with my seeds. i feel like the cannabis gene pool is a beautiful living tapestry that we are all weaving together as one.

iv’e have had some friends that have asked me to clarify my best practices and wishes for working with my seeds. the cannabis community has grown exponentially and theres a lot of new passionate growers and seed makers, in the early days of the online forums it was a much smaller community, there was a code and mutual respect that i think kept us engaged and integrated even if we did not always agree on everything. i would love to see that flourish again, half the fun of making seeds is meeting new people, trading, collaborating, and creating a strong, vibrant, and healthy community.

nobody owns nature, we all borrow from the past and creative for the future, i feel honored and deep reverence and joy that other gardeners work with and use my creations for their own creative work and inspiration. we are all in this together, the cannabis genome is a never ending collage guided by endless hands and the great green spirit. we are protectors and shepherds of this most sacred garden planet.

these are my feelings on seed creation

please make hybrids with any of my stuff, please create more seeds to find your special expression, go deeper, or take things in new directions. trade, gift, even sell* but find your flow and niche, these are unfinished works of art we all work on as a community.

i know we live in a group reality but not everybody sees it the same way so heres my guidelines for maximum respect and co-creational harmony:

testers: please wait till they are released to breed with incase they are not up to par, we want to create novelty not entropy.

hybrids for personal use or for sale: yes please!

fgens of dead lines: yes please, thank you for your time and energy to allow these cultivars new life, i can also possibly provide old special lines to reproduce if theres something needed and not available.

fgens current lines: personal/friends/family… sure, but not for general distribution . i would prefer that you focus on lines that need reproduction over things that are currently stocked by bodhi seeds. *current fgens for profit is ok if you have isolated or line bred your own unique expression of a line with documentation. (bare min 2 generations).

landrace/heirloom/neirika…. open pollinations of nierika and landrace or heirloom releases are always welcome, its up to you to keep the vibe alive and to insure maximum geographical and environmental expressions for the future.

so…… in essence just have fun, be creative, be respectful, collect, create, grow, share, and find your niche…. cultivate community, get involved and get evolved….

and remember it’s not how high you are, it’s hi how are you!

overgrow the planet!

biggest blessings

genesis 1:29


Hello @bodhi.

We are very much honored to have you here. Thank you for taking the time to describe your philosophy on breeding and seeds.

I think you’ll find many here on the Overgrow that hold your words and your take on life with high regard.


Thank you sir! Truly appreciate such a humble approach. Much love. Kind of a random question for you, but what cross/ line is the most ‘special’ to you? So many times what is the most popular to the public in any form of art ISN’T the piece that is the most sentimental to the artist


That was great to read. Next seed purchase I make will defiently include Bodhi.


Welcome to Og Bodhi! Thank you for making the time to visit and provide clear guidelines working with your lines…some strains are only heard about as they have been limited release, retired etc. and never seen again. We don’t want to see this happen so have organized Preservation runs for the OG Community using only strains that are not available to our knowledge.

Anyhow, Dragonblood Hashplant was among the strains that we thought was no longer available when we started in August. Shortly after we became aware it is available at Great Lake Genetics…it was reasoned that the version I am growing for distribution to members are a previous version (Dragonsblood f2 x 88g13hp) and not the new one (Dragonsblood f4 x 88g13hp) so should be ok.

Your guidelines clears that grey area right up!

While I consider many of you friends, they have been intended for general distribution. I have not crossed it with anything nor have I have done any isolation of specific traits except kept only bleeders, not for 2 generations and 2 Generations would be a pale copy of what is currently being sold. With this said, I will halt the DBHP production and we will not distribute the seeds already produced @Craigson15 @Gaz29

Just to be on the safe side, @bodhi could you please look over our Preservation Project and let us know if any of the strains listed are just unavailable and not dead?


I’d love to see Dream Beaver get brought back to life. Any chance you have some tucked away @bodhi? :grin: Great to see you around and thanks for the clarification.


Welcome to OG @bodhi!

It is a pleasure to hear from you and to finally be able to follow some guidelines as to how you want us to work your lines.

Thanks for taking the time to write to us. I follow you and the Mrs. on IG… Good stuff all the time!

Even some movie recommendations i have taken… LOL

God bless your heart, your contribution to the cannabis world is second to none, paramount!


Sci :robot:


Hippy Slayer or Cheech Wizard would be unreal @bodhi if you had thise for us to reproduce. Or some straight Snow Lotus!

Thanks for just being around and offering advice and kind words.


Hey @bodhi, thanks so much for your generosity. Although it’s not your most popular strain, Jungle Spice is phenomenal, and my personal favorite of anything I’ve ever grown or smoked. I’m thrilled to be able to share it and keep it going.

If there’s anything I can ever do to repay you, just say the word. I’m currently starting a grow with your Cherry Queen strain. Excited to see how it does! You’ve made a loyal customer out of me. Looking forward to your upcoming Nierika this year. Keep doing what you’re doing brother!


Thank you Bohdi! +20


i would love to see some dream beaver too…
i dont keep alot of packs fort myself, so maximum get out there to the people, but i do have a stash jar with some rare packs are…
let me check…
mostly i keep the seconds (the viable seeds that dont make it into the seed packs because of size or color)


im pretty sure i have a cheech wizard pack or two…


i have a few personal clones i gravitate to… depends on the mood and time…
i like vietnemese… i like a1… and everything in between…
for a desert island, its hard to beat a nice goji cut…


Thanks fam! Appreciate your time


i love jungle spice too, it has unique cannabinoids, the congo cut is one of my favs, its a slept on strain…

cherry queen is awesome… its like a much easier to grow version of big cherry afghani… enjoy!


your all good my friend… its hard to tell when things are discontinued, its usually when the male is retired or lost, sometimes a female clone is lost too that cant be replaced and a line is shelfed… the ssdd male is no longer with us now, so those will dry up…

the original dbhp is either out or on its way out of stock… for now… you used your best judgement with the info availible so dont worry about it, you also put some serious time and energy into making more, so its ok to share the love, maybe donate a few to a charity auction too… or put some away for the future… like a bean bank account…

the current release coming up is the f4 version using a much more inbred dragons blood line at f4, more sativa/more blood… the original is more hp and is quicker, bigger, and more balanced high, the f4 version will smell better and have more blood but will be a little longer flowering with the sat phenos…


Preservation Project looks amazing…

i love it!

the only one thats still availible is ssdd…


Thank you @bodhi for investing some of your time with us!

I’ll keep the 7k SSDD F2s I have in the seed fridge until they aren’t being sold. After that I’ll open them up and start redistribution through the preservation thread!

Also, I’d love to do a re-population seed run of any strain you have access to, which you think would benefit the cannabis gene pool, or the OG community. I’d be growing the seed mothers in a 3 year old no-till living organic soil, which produced 10k seeds in my last grow, and I’m confident the OG community would love to be able to honor you by spreading them far and wide! We’d also be happy to set up a charitable donation fund for anyone that wants to contribute.

My hope is that we’d be able to add some under appreciated genetic diversity back into the world wide genetic pool! :earth_asia:

With gratitude and love,
(PS. I’m in Washington state, so cuttings or clones should survive shipment to me.)


I feel like my OG experience has finally reached the divine level with your arrival!

I’ve been wanting to thank you for ages, your work is so inspiring. Your journeys and methods of obtaining the seeds are so holistic and incredible to me, I truly think you’re living the dream and doing great things for humanity at the same time.

Your compassion, positive outlook, and passion for the plant have really driven my own explorations and curiosities. I am so motivated to grow out weird stuff like you.

Can’t wait for the releases from your recent journeys via nierika and otherwise.

Thank you, sincerely, once again.


Thank you for your understanding and the added clarification :heart_eyes:

Totally worth it to help get discontinued strains out to members while continuing my education with this wonderful plant on an incredible strain :stuck_out_tongue:

As long as your ok with it, we’ll go ahead and distribute what we have to members, share already stored pollen for a cross or 2 for at least 2 generations, i’ll grow out what I have going for a personal bud run and eliminate the boys

I know of a perfect one to offer 10-15 packs to Seeds For Deeds
Its a closed group on Facebook that holds auctions at the end of every month with donated seeds. The money is used to help a few patients get access, help with transportation, offset medical fee’s and distractions for the younger members

I like that, Bean bank account…makes me feel better about having my seed collection in their own little mini fridge :stuck_out_tongue:

I will definitely be picking up a pack though probably not until September :wink: