Seed harvest time vs. Bud harvest time

In other words does anyone know of a link between seed maturity times and optimum bud harvesting?
Does it vary by variety or type, indica/sativa?


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This is my understanding:
seed maturity would depend on when it’s was pollinated, usually 6-8 weeks after pollen takes…


I’m hardly an expert but last run I pollinated 4 different strains at 2-3 weeks into flower and let them go ~8 weeks and all the seeds were nice and ripe.

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Thanks @Dewb and @Foreigner for your replies.
I guess I didn’t articulate it well enough, my apologies.

Here’s a scenario:

Let’s say we had 2 identical females, clones perhaps.
One pollinated and the other not.

Would the finish times for the unpollinated plant be less than, the same or longer than the ripening time for the pollinated one?

Thanks too to @LemonadeJoe for fixing this topic.


The clones would both start and finish around the same time… even the one that’s been pollinated.

Seeds are a by product of flowering, they don’t determine the flowering time of the plant, a pollinated plant will normally take 4 to 6 weeks to fully mature. Fully mature means that the calyxes are starting to open and release the seeds. The 4 to 6 week seed window is strain dependent, as is seed size and color.


Makes sense, thanks.
I’ve been growing mostly for seed production and now that I have a large enough setup I’ll certainly try a side by side when the opportunity offers.

I remember reading that if you force a female to flower longer than the amber stage some can flip and produce male flowers.
One way to get fem seeds.

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if thinking harvest times pollinated plants typically take longer to “finish” up compared to non pollinated plant as they are spending that time trying to put as much energy as they can into the seeds they are forming, but how long that takes depends on when the plant was pollinated typically by week 4-5 after pollination any seeds that are gonna be viable are viable, any others are duds or aborts


Yes sir… when you let the female go way past her harvest window and she knows she is not going to get pollinated, she will pollinate herself to keep her genetic line going.
This process is called Rodelization.


Rodelization like revegging is very hit and miss tho. I’ll be using STS to make fem seeds this winter after almost 20 years of pollen chucking. I have a couple strains of Sebring’s auto fems I want to make more of for a decent grow outside next summer. Trying to get a few going now but the weather has been rainy and cold so far. Finally gave up waiting to plant outside and put 8 in seedling pots to get them started at least. (Just checked and two just pushing up but not yet standing) Maybe in a week or so can go into the garden. All the wife’s tomatoes and peppers are still in the house hogging up my veg space too. lol