Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 DBHP - Give Away Has Ended

Pretty much…its all about the cannabinoids, terpines and their preservation. When I grow this way, I get plenty of both to come out any difference is negligible…it is a bit trickier preserving them since they are all broken up. On the plus side, no grinder is needed and can roll up a lot of joints with humidity packs in glass jars :wink:


Wow! I wish it was zen for me! If I could afford to pay people to trim for me I would. I hate it so much! lol I’ve thought about it a lot and believe it’s because of my career as an Accountant, my job can be very tedious, so I suppose since trimming doesn’t pay me (monetarily) I can’t tolerate it after working and I’m always working.


Yeah, numbers and I don’t get along very well so I made sure at least my older 2 play nice with them waaayyyy above my understanding at the calculus level though give me something to keep my hands busy and I am all in lol


Any thoughts on the doc brix ma?


So far I don’t like it…my main obstacle is continuing to foliar feed after budset. Just everything screams not to then I wonder what they aren’t getting in the drenches that make the foliars so important.

Another thing that keeps gnawing at me is they give enough foliars and drenches for 2 runs though you have to buy the 2nd run amendment when remixing with another 15-30 gallons earthworm castings (ewc)…the potential isn’t unlocked til the 3rd run with a max of 4 runs. I guess some have learned to turn it into no til though I haven’t looked much beyond the 1st 3 runs

I thought it would be a good comparative with my diy soil…regretting it now though nothing ventured is nothing gained :wink:


Thank you. Was looking into it and thought you’d give an honest review so thank you


Your welcome. So are you wanting to do high brix to no till or just try it out?


Was just going to give it a go, but need to research a bit more


How long does the Ag lab usually take for soil test results?


Lets see, ~5-7 days for mailing then ~10 days for processing, ~2 to receive the email with results and ~10 days for the final copy sent through the mail sooo ~18 - 27 days


The newly fertilized clones are hanging in there…seeing the effects of not using the Docbuds foliars for the last month

Time to restart the foliars for the next 3 wks…4 wks to go :wink: May have to redo this one though that’s ok as it happens sometimes…have 4 newly rooted clones for this cabinet and the micro cabinet just in case

Pretty messy in Cabinet 1

Removed everything except the soil and cinched up the side better

Took the spent leaves and let soak in 1 gallon water with 1 Tb LAB to rehydrate them for an hour

Washed the walls and light hood then added 20 gallons of my “mystery” soil on top of the 1st run soil, broke up the rehydrated leaves, spread on top and put a light layer of new soil on top of the leaves (just enough to cover) then watered in with the LAB/nutrient water moving in a crisscross pattern

Broadcast 2row barley, chamomile and clover to get a cover crop going

Replaced Mama and Papa gnome after their bath…doubles as place holders for the 2 clones going in here

And a few more placeholders

Pyramid seeds Skunk in the solo cup for the future site of cucumbers, sexing Black x Champagne in the middle for the future site of lettuce and the very abused Shaman on the right holding a place for a tomato plant leaving just enough space in the middle for a male for seeding…may as well get full use out of the soil :stuck_out_tongue:

These 2 girls are getting an up-pot today (or tomorrow) in a 2 qt pot to prepare them for the big bed in ~3wks


Wow, that was a long read. im gonna try some of these teas you made. I would like to keep my grows as cheap as possible and use the things around me as much as i can. These plants turned out amazing. I will add my name to list for these. thanks.


I bet it was…6 months of postings :stuck_out_tongue:

Turns out I only used the Growth one and resorted to using liquid fish and Calmag plus until budset as the rest weren’t needed per the 2nd soil test

In the next round in that cabinet, I will be using my “mystery/soil building” nutrients on everything I put in there then send off a soil test to see how much potassium is taken out from the tomato and romaine lettuce. In the fall, the bed will be ready for no-til conversion :wink:


Pretty natural in Cabinet 1(I fixed it for you!) :grin:


Rofl!! Your right :stuck_out_tongue:


The clones are enjoying their new pots settling right in their new space

Wish their clone sister in the micro cabinet was doing as well…note to self, only flower small pot clones within a month of rooting or after potted up to a bigger container

This afternoon I harvested most of the seeds from Big Momma pollinated by boy #1 :stuck_out_tongue:
Good seeds on right, discarded on left

Packaged them up with some desiccant and ready to mail out to the distributors :stuck_out_tongue:


Man just packing those looks like a ton of work! Thank you for all the effort put forth!


Sweet Jesus that’s a lot of bird seed! I think ya ought to throw the rejects in the bird feeder and have all ya feather friends help ya out with your breeding project all over that fine city of yours!


Thanks MOTR!! Looks like you killed it! I say, sit down, roll one, and have a nice smoke on me! Tell 'em I authorized it. Thanks for all the hassle! peace