Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 DBHP - Give Away Has Ended

Sprouted seed tea maybe? I wonder if that would work well. Thanks for all you do! :pray:


Looks like a big success! Thank you @MomOnTheRun! I am excited about these :grinning:


Nothing to it as these are what had fell out after a week of turning 3-4 times a day…still have ~an ounce to de-seed :wink:

Perhaps in ~2-3 months when the birds come back up here :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I did! Tried out a bit…very stony: face tingle ->red eyes -> kick back and relax… I can’t really comment on the taste though will be happy to let ya’ll know what my daughter says about it :wink:

It would for those that aren’t too misshapen and/or immature to sprout :wink:

Absolutely! I will have to order more containers here soon for boy #2’s seeds

So far, we have 3/6 germination (left) for the seed check at 4 wks after boy #1 was removed and 6/6 germination (right) of the seed check done ~2-3 days before the harvest

Now to try to keep them happy to find out sex expression :stuck_out_tongue:


One interesting thing about DBHP that I am seeing more and more of is instead of wilting when dry, the leaves start to fold under like nitrogen toxicity then after a nice drench, most of the leaves revert back to normal with a few that seem to never recover

Just something to take note of in these older (5month old) clones.

The fertilized girls are making progress…mostly in trichome development from what I can see though still have 3 wks left IF they stay on target following Big Momma’s path

It may be just me though the more days that pass, they are just not developing like they should in the Docbuds soil kit…something is missing that I just can’t put my finger on. On the brighter side, the new girl clones are settling into their 3" pots very nice and starting to grow again

All the boys are loving their environment

Even have another sprout on the F2 seeds making 10 to grow out


Those seedlings are fast! Do you plan on flowering them out all the way?


Not bad for no drainage in 1/2" soil, light spraying and LIFTA :stuck_out_tongue: The current plan with them is only to check germination rates and male/female ratio… that is all I can promise at the moment. I may get a “wild hair” and do a SOG with the Lucky Charms and Lucky 7’s with the girls or up-pot them to see how they fare in colder summers just not sure yet


LITFA works. I’m impressed with how short they are my seedlings usually get lanky.

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If/when they get lanky, they are typically reaching for the light…just get it closer so they don’t spend all their seedling energy reaching :wink: Imho, this is a far better measurement than par, ppf or whatever else people measure


Awwwwsooooome … So much effort and care put in!! @MomOnTheRun rules


I’m pretty new to the site, but I can agree with you, she’s pretty amazing!


Hey MOTR, I battled that issue last winter and never really figured out what it was. I’m thinking it could have been the cold and also maybe a lack of CO2. I didn’t have a great intake for fresh air. Not sure, still wondering as I never felt like I could make any change in it. Environment is the only thing different than my last house, and I think that’s what it was.

Just a guess and hunch on my part. I tried no nutes, more nutes, and let it get in my head. Finally settled on a regiment of daily LIFTA, but never felt like I figured it out.

More I think on it, it could be CO2 and cold related. Lack of CO2 is my best guess.

Lots of work going on at your place. It’s fun watching everybody do their magic. peace


I want to second what phatlewtz said. I’m grateful for the hard work and patient sharing of info!!


I’d have to agree @MomOnTheRunis absolutely amazing,I love reading and watching, learning,and put together in such an coherent package,I love the way you take care of your babies and the way you can make everything sounds so clear and sensible yet so fun! Beautiful job Mom, please keep up the fantastic work, taking me to school! Haha
Peace and much love,if there is ever anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate, although I’d say it looks like you’re probably on top of it , with style!


Love all you guys too! :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::hugging:

Yeah, I am not worried about it as its only happening to the DBHP girls’ clones while everyone else wilts lol
Not the cold giving 65-70f night, 75-80f day. Not c02 as it doesn’t matter which cabinet it happens in with/without supplementation…real head scratcher for sure and would investigate it more if the others do/did the same thing. If it is something to do with the girls’ genes then we should see it in the f2 generation so taking note of it now :wink:


Yeah. It’s not even Mother’s Day yet knuckleheads. :bouquet:




The clone girls are starting to come along making their seeds… still progressing though at a much slower rate than their mom at the same stage

I noticed one of the F2 seeds is puffing up the 1st true leaves like mom did when she was on the dry side

Being in a shallow starting soil, its time to transplant them to their own 3" pots. Started with filling them with ~1" soil then inserted a 1" pot on top before filling the rest of the 3" pot

Removed the 1" pot and dusted the bottom of the hole with 1/4 tsp transplant formula then using a butter knife sectioned off each seedling

Using a spoon, carefully slide it under the seedling and lift then slide into the hole in the new pot …if the soil is on the wet side, roots will break rather than sliding out if/when on the drier side

The soil is then knocked down around the new planting then filled the rest of the way up

There is still quite a bit of seedling soil left behind though thats ok, its ready for the next round of seeds

Watered each seedling with 10ml of water from the top then sat in a tray of 1 1/5c water to soak up from the bottom…15 minutes later, set them back into the micro cabinet

Taaaa Daaaa! Perfect fit…couldn’t have planned it any better :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, just like a pro! The little babies will never miss a beat! Nice bud development on the seed mama.

Have fun! peace


What was the reason behind starting them and then moving them? Couldn’t you have just started them in what you just planted them in with less shock or cutting?


Root building…start off in 1" pots with seedling soil (peat, perlite, vermicilite and ewc) for their 1st 2wks to let their cotleydon’s do their thing supplying them with nutrients obtained from the mother plant then graduate them up to 3" pots with a 50/50 mix of seedling soil and nutrient soil for sexing then into final pots to complete vegging/finish flowering.

In this case, I started them in essentially a 1/2" bed knowing I would have to pot up in 7-10 days…I could have put them into a 1" pot for separation and keep the roots restricted though that’d only last for ~1 week before the next potting up so I skipped that part and put them into their final 3" “sexing” pots… makes for stronger/healthier roots while weeding out the ones that aren’t as strong

Sure though the purpose of starting these is to see germination rate, bleeders, stress management and sex ratio only as I wait for the Dr Mendo clones from my only girl (out of 3 seeds) to take root and fully fill the space…If I have my timing right, the DBHP girls will be ~3/4 way through seed making when the Dr Mendo boy is ready to release pollen so if they accidentally get pollinated by him, the seeds will be just forming/too immature to mix up with the feminized ones.

This way I can squeeze in 1 more seeding before I shut down the small cabinet for the summer as I do not think I can keep temps down without investing in a real extraction fan instead of the duct fan :wink:


I know its been just about a week since my last update though not much has happened…

The vegging girls are ready for their repot into the soil bed…i’l do this either this evening or in the morning/early afternoon

Meanwhile the seeded girls are doing their thing…lots of trichome production

The f2’s from boy #1 are working on their roots

Can’t see any pistils on the “boy” in the micro cabinet

A bunch of hurry up and wait :stuck_out_tongue: