Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 DBHP - Give Away Has Ended

Nice job.That’s a fertile looking male. Best vibes!



I tried to find it in the 600 posts, honest I did…but how many of the F1s were bleeders out of curiosity? I’m a sucker for some sap is what I’m getting at @MomOnTheRun :smiley:


Oops…that “boy” should be in my micro thread as its the girl (#3 at the beginning) turned boy for feminized seeds. Teach me to upload and run lol ah well still DBHP :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem! I sprouted 10 seeds…7 came to fruition and out of those 4 bled

I hypothesized early on that its dependent upon brix (sugar/sap) levels…I was correct though to an extent. To see the “blood” , brix has to be at least 3% otherwise you see only traces of it in newer growth. None is seen in older “woody” stems

I got rid of all the green sap ones which left me with #3 - the only girl, and 3 boys: #1, 2 and 7… seeds from boy #1 has been sent to the other distributors and have germinated some myself to give a heads up on what is what (Male:female ratio, bleeders & growth)…Imho, best of all was bred 1st. Seeds from Boy #2 is almost complete though I may do a “do over” just not happy with the Docbuds kit just really behind “expected” growth though time will tell how the seeds come out and boy #7 is taking most of my veg area until he gets his chance to pollinate the girls clones…he was the hardest to salvage as a seedling: slow growth, behind on everything yet has seemingly come into his own being the oldest non-clone from the get go.

Honestly, I could have collected pollen and just did 1 fertilization on the single girl but I wanted to see what each brings to the table…1 down, 1 almost ready and 1 to go :stuck_out_tongue:


I know I am not alone, even though I’ve followed this thread from the beginning, when I say I’m stoked (@cannabissequoia is gonna bag on me :laughing:) on the recap. We’re all a bunch of stoners after all… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I suffer from CRS
Can’t Remember Sh**


Absolutely! Though you’ll have to remind me from time to time as I get stuck errr lost in my own lil world sometimes… there now he can rib me a bit too :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally got around to putting the DBHP girls into the big pot

Leaves fully decomposed

Dug up a spot and dusted the hole with Transplant powder

Checked roots going in

Put them in 6 hrs darkness to let roots settle and reduce shock

24 hrs later with the auto’s: 2 Colorado Cookies and a Divyder

I’ll let them get established over the next week then its light flip time! :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta love big pots! That is similar to one of my cabinets. I can fit two large pots. This is one I am looking forward to trying.


She hardly missed a beat! She looks happy already. Best vibes!



The 2 clone girls are settling into their spots though starting to grow again

The seeded girls next door appear to be about done though their seeds say not until next week

For the 2nd round of DocBuds kit I am going to add calmag plus to one of their weekly drenches as they are showing a severe deficiency in their sparkly, trichome bare sun leaves…I should have caught it earlier though they have been pretty much on auto pilot except for the occasional picture here/there since I removed the boy


They look great. I agree, the seeds look early. At least a week or 10 days maybe.

I have a SSDD f2 seed up! The other didn’t make it. Driver error I believe. I’m going to drop another one…

Hope you get to sleep sometime, sure looks like it’s busy around your place.



Thanks! Yeah, I figured they would be behind and am fine with letting them go another 2 wks if needed though wanted them harvested before the boys go on Spring Break (March 8th)…we’ll see as sometimes we don’t get what we want though we get what we need :wink:

Nice!!! Its very tempting to start one or 2 up though couldn’t possibly find another spot any any of my 5 cabinets :stuck_out_tongue:

Daylight hours are accumulating fast…the more the minutes increase, the less sleep we get out enjoying it :wink:


As many of you know, @bodhi has laid out some in depth guidelines to follow:

And had this to specifically say about our DBHP preservation

With that said, we will distribute the seeds already packaged from Boy #1, shelf all the unpackaged seeds from Boy #2 in my bean bank account (mini fridge), eliminate the boys, grow out the girls for a personal bud run only and encourage everyone to pick up the new release :wink:


Thank you so much @MomOnTheRun for hanging in there for us! And thank you @bodhi for taking the time for us! Peace and love! Thank you!


Its been an honor growing these out :kissing_heart:


@MomOnTheRun will you reopen the list once dbhp is no longer being sold? Please :innocent:


Absolutely! Once the current list is satisfied ~100 packs of seeds from Boy #1 will be left and who knows how many from Boy #2…both will be put in the deep freezer inside a thermos for long term storage.

I also have 3 envelopes of 1/2 Tb each of their pollen sitting in the back of the fridge that can be used once we find a nice strain to cross it with :wink:


Like that sweet #6 I seen in another thread? “Asking for a friend!” :smiley:


The “She boy” in the micro cabinet has been removed

Girls seeded with Boy #2 are down

The auto’s have taken their place…Colorado Cookies (back) Divyder (front)

The other girls are growing fast now so light flip is tonight for a bud run

The veg cabinet was full

Pretty bare now with the boys removed leaving the 2 remaining DBHP clone girls and the Dr Mendo’s (4 girls and 1 boy)

Now that’s done, I’ll go ahead flowering out the F2 girls and once boys are eliminated, move them with the sip girls into cabinet #1 with the bigger clone girls, move the Lucky Charms in with the auto’s and work on the veg space a bit… add a proper fan with carbon filter and make a seedling area

Do you guys want me to keep this journal going with updates until final harvest or are we done here?


I dunno there are several ways of storing pollen… after I collect pollen I add corn starch or flour (if I am out) aiming for equal amounts measuring it with my eyes then separate into small piles so I know how many envelope packets to make. Put them in the packets -> packets go into a small plastic baggie with a few dessicant pebbles -> into a small tin bowl with lid and a couple desiccant packs -> back of the fridge for short term storage or into a thermos with a couple more desiccant packs and into the freezer


Thanks for all the hard work @MomOnTheRun. If it’s not too much a bother I’d like to see pics of at least when they’re finished😀.