Sholgar strain

#sholgar is a distract located in #Balkh province the geographically location of this district is very fair for agricultural, a big river is crossing among this district and a a very old ancient hot Water fountain (cheshma Shafa)is located in side of this river cheshma Shafa means Healing water fountain also this fountain made famuse this raver by the name of (Cheshma Shafa river )

People belive very plant which watering from this rever has healing power , the Hashish of this earea is very delicious aromatic and some people use for treatment of dybetic dieses and decrease blood pressure

A very famuse hashish extractor kaka Eid mohammad was lived in this district during the #hippies 1970. a expert hashishian he was busy in hashish dealing told : kaka Eid mohammad had defrent kind of hashish like Sorkh bang , Zard Bang and Sabz bang Evan some time he was extract wite hashish too . He added: we was buying hashish from him and was selling for hippies .


Hello @BaabaQo

thank you for confirming your OG account, I am glad to see you here. :+1:

Do you have any pictures of Khash?
What smells does Khash have?
Do you know what kind of effect Khash gives??


I was just looking at this strain thinking I need that and the kandahar


Look and sounds interesting


I will post pictures and details


Ah gheesh I’d run that also.


Looks great-

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That would be great

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So I want to order the kandahar and poss the sholgar . I found the site but have a few questions , how would you compare the sholgar to the dayum and what would you consider to be the oldest line out of what you have available ?


Site please


Made an image search and this one appeared … icon_e_confused|nullxnull


Inoculatethewest on IG is selling the individual packs of Baaba’s work as well as a combo pack with all of the selections. I copped the Baharak a couple of months ago, super excited to run it when I get the chance

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Thanks, saw that pack: 1.000 $ icon_e_surprised|nullxnull, I think some people is playing with our addiction … frech|nullxnull

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Ohh yeah, they almost had me for sure :joy:

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