Size of scrog

Hello everyone,

Making a scrog “screen” from pvc and nylon string. It’s been years since I last made one. Curious what you experienced scrogers think is the ideal size of the holes?

Running two rdwc buckets in a 4x 8 tent. Vegging under two leds early on. Then 1000w mh in a cooltube. 1000w hps for flower.

Appercaite any advice!


I’d say 3-4 inch squares is pretty ideal.


Depending on the strain and if you have a lot of headroom as to how far you want them spaced but I agree with @beacher with 3 to 4 inch squares.

As an example. I feel that if you have high power lights and you are wanting to get a really tall canopy with deep penetration then you dont want them to close or you wont get the light reaching down to the bottom bud sites. This is the case for me so I use about 6 inch squares. So I use a SCROG technique but the bud sites go down about 3 feet. While others have shallower canopies but more densely packed.


1.5 inch. I started with chicken wire with its 1" holes. Then found some green plastic gardening stuff with the 1 1/2"
holes and liked it much better.
Also, ran mine 18" above pot so it’s easy to work beneath. Grew AK47 like this 2yrs.
Screen size was 2ftd x 5ftL.


Recently made one myself for my first scrog.
Was a fun project to build as well.

Mine are about 2-3 inch sized.
I’m very happy with that size for now.
It’s my first scrog though so i might still adjust them next time.

Very curious to see what you’ll be growing with that scrog. Can’t wait to follow your progress


I like my first screen to be 2" holes. Then, if needed a second screen with 3-4" holes more for a trellise.


I use a green wire garden fence it’s 3 x 2 holes and firm enough to tie things down to

I also start my net only 8 inches from the dirt



Used some green garden fence as my 2nd screen because i needed a fast solution for my big stretch. Am a little disappointed that i had to find a quick fix this way.
Fun thing about using those fisheyes and wire is you can easy cut away the wire and it doesn’t screw with your buds. I’m not looking forward to possibly having to cut open the garden fencing to harvest properly
Will definitely also make a 2nd trellis like my first one next time but indeed also with some larger holes.


Thanks all for the input!

I just bought some of these and some pvc to build the frame.

Will upload some finished photos in the next few days. Its Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend, lots of running around might be next week.

Just topped/fimmed yesterday, will do another two to get tops to get 8 main branches for the screen. Thinking of weaving these to the four sides and corners with secondarys filling out the rest. Trigger 12/12 at around 70% fill.

Never ran this strain (sluricane from in house genetics) no idea the stretch on these.