Skunk#1 & Critical Mass

Plants shown are two Critical Mass started as clones in the two smaller pots; cloning was done in ‘hot’ soil watered with distilled water plus Hydrogen peroxide. The larger pot is a Skunk #1 started from feminized seed and grown in ‘hot’ soil. All three plants started showing hunger and were fed fish based Nitrogen. All three needed their soil adjusted for ph balance which was done with several waterings with citric acid added; now reads 6.5, was 7.5. Last N feeding was about two weeks ago and they got 0-10-10 on the Friday before the switch. All small sucker bud tips were removed yesterday. Suckers more than a couple of inches long had only the buds nipped and the fan leaves left by way of letting them support small business :slight_smile:

Flipped the switch on Sunday for 11hours on/13 hours off…


Things look a little weird under 2 blurple and 1 yellow LED units. (The leaves are not yellowing or getting red…)


They do look purdy!


I agree . Those plants look nice!


I’m curious to why you add hydrogen peroxide when you water and what you mean by hot soil.

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Hot soil is prepared commercial potting soil that claims to have appropriate fertilizer added.

I clone into ‘hot’ soil in so called solo cups; one-use red plastic cups that will hold a full beer. I punch a slit into the bottoms so they can drain if need be. The nature of the plastic cup is such that they don’t breathe very well. Adding H2O2 oxygenates the water it is added to and using that ensures that there is ample oxygen for the developing root system. I use about 8 - 10 drops of 3% H2O2 per 150ml distilled water. I have better than 95% success rate cloning the way I do.


Cool. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. :smiley:

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My pleasure, sir!

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I ‘flipped the switch’ on my plants on Sunday. Since then, in the last couple of days, they are pushing out these spiky looking things with fuzzy hairs on them, some of which are almost white. Are those the beginnings of what are called ‘pistils’? I have to ask because this is my first planting ever of weed and I can’t seem to find anything 100 percent indicative online…


Yes. Those are female parts

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So I take it this good thing considering the timings and all?

Oh yeah! :smiley: :+1:

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On the Saturday before the flip i fed the plants some organic 0-10-10; nothing but water since. (And boy, are they ever going through water!)

Should the next feeding be 0-0-15?

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I don’t think so and you might want to keep giving them some Nitrogen to get them through the first 2 - 3 weeks. They will have a growth spurt.

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Yeah; they’ve been stretching up like crazy… I’m getting excited…

There usually done with the stretch after 3 weeks. Then the bud start stacking. :grinning:

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I was just looking at your earlier pics. I hope you have enough head room. You might have to bend them if they stretch to much.

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The tent is 72 inches and the plants are max 40 inches which includes the pots; they aren’t really big…

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They can double in size my friend depends on strain. You also have to take into account your lights

Yeah; my biggest hassle will be re-mounting the lights which are on wires right now. I’ll thread coat hanger wire through the wire mount holes and then hang them on the top bars…