Small tent for producing seeds

Have any of you used a small 2x2x48 tent to make seeds.
I want to make s1 from some clones with a led. I’m not sure if this will be enough room to flip a clone into flower make s1 .
How much light do you thinks needed to make seeds? Not much right .
Or maybe I should use it to make s1 pollen only take it to my flower room . Apply on lower branches ? Thoughts?


Should be plenty of space. Lightwise they’ll need the same as any flowering plant, shoot for about 30 watts per square foot with LED or 50 watts per square foot with hps.

I just did a small seed run in a little box I built. I used 75 watts of hardware store LEDs and it worked out pretty well.


I run on 2 2x2 spaces, one a tent for veg and one a cabinet that’s actually 26”x27”x66” for flower.
I’ve done a few seed runs in this setup and it works fine for me. I’ve done open pollination and controlled pollination.
The tent is actually 2x3 with divider so it’s 2x2 n 1x2 which works really well for a clone/seedling space without taking room out of the veg area.
My next project is a 2x4 mom setup that I’ll probably just use some 4’ led shop lights for lighting.


How many seeds do you want to produce ??

I can make hundreds of seeds in a cab that has under a square foot. 3/4 of a foot to be precise and only 8 inches in height ( think computer case sizes )

If your going to self, S1, or so you can achieve 50 to a 100 on a single decent sized bud.

Check out @Mr.Sparkle for his consistent results

Cheers Johnny


All of them :slight_smile:
. Im just looking to self some s1 I spent allot of money on so I dont have to buy packs for 250 to get what I want again.
Sounds like I should be ok. Thank you those who replied.


Yeah in my 2x2 with an open pollination I produced thousands of seeds, so you’ll be able to produce plenty.


With screw in led bulbs, you could easily get the 25-35w/ft2 needed to flower.


I have 4 quantum boards not being used . I think ill use one of those. Thats why I asked.

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all i can think to say is the first time i wanted seeds indoors I over did it by far, ended up with a lot more buds pollinated then wanted and all kinds of seeds. I did try to paint certain buds with pollen but didn’t think to turn off fans and in general underestimated the power of pollen.


thanks , you live and learn. Thank you for sharing your experience . That would be something I would do.