Smkn is Back and Rarin' To Grow

You should be proud of him for sure. Between seed runs and sharing with many people, he is one of the reasons I will never join another forum. The many like minded people help too :wink:


Oh wise @Mongobongo of the 8 which do you know to finishes quickest…i can see a 2nd flower room for the DBH and the maui wowie x cherry bomb as the will take longer…want to do a run of a 7 to 9 week flower time if possible with any of what you sent.


So while waiting for the equipment.I found a guy local to me has a dispensary and clones for $10 each.Gonna grab 10 to play with while i start my seed runs.

This way i can veg the clones 3 weeks take a cutting from each and throw the 10 clones into flower,and get some bud and bubblehash while the seed runs and cuttings grow.

Going to soak seeds tomorrow and have tents set up by monday and grab the clones…Happy days are coming back again.I have so missed growing beautiful ladies and The OG community


Haha you guys are so kind! :joy::joy:

@SmknCanuck I think the quickest will be the OH or the HBC
Your risky takin in clones right off the hop you might introduce unwanted pests. I’ve had to completely shut down twice in the last 4 years because I took in that “special” clone.


Heck no man, you’ve earned it. I can watch other members as well as yourself, and it gives me something to shoot for.


Have ya got everything set up yet? excited to see your progress!


Had to go out of town to help my daughters.Germinating beans tomorrow and will be up and running this weekend…Have a couple of clones of gorilla glue and a kush cross coming Friday to :grin::grin:


So i just soaked 8 seeds each of the Oregon Huckleberry f2 and huckleberry crackers and 5 seeds each of the SD SLx Blue Coma, SD SL x GSN, OGer x Chocolate Rain, Mauwi Wowie x Cherry Bomb and 5 Dragonbood Hashplant…Since i have 2 crosses of the Sour Diesel Snow Lotus going i opted not to start any SD SL f2 at this time…Will prep my 16oz beer cups today to have ready for seeds opening.

The clones i get Friday will be isolated and thoroughly washed,rinsed and receive a light spray of neem oil,then get a long hard blow in front of a fan till i am sure there are no pests or fungicide.


Now to make a trip to get the copper tubing,copper connectors and the coroplast and mylar to make the divider wall for the tent.will end up with a flower chamber 4ft w x 6ft l x6ft8" h and have 1 seed and clone chamber 2ft w x 4ft l x 2.5ft h and a veg chamber for mums 2ft w x 4ft l x 4ft h.
At 24sq ft the flower room will have a 1000w HPS and 1000w LED for 83w/sq ft to start with 2 more 1000w led available if needed…the clone and veg chamber will each have a 1000w LED for 125w/sq ft.

I am already looking at using a storage closet as a 2nd flower room for those strains that take 12+wks to finish and will give me another 36sq ft flower room.

Dam grow bug addiction is taking hold again​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


So within 10hrs of soaking beans all have sucked up water and sunk.always a good sign.some are even showing white nubs,will be going in soil cups late tonight or tomorrow morning.


Welcome back, I’m here to enjoy the show.

One thing, those LEDs only pull 100W, not 1000


Those Huckleberry Crackers are BOMB! My fave smoke Ive grown to date! I also havr a straight Huckleberry growing now that is BEAUTIFUL! ENJOY!!


All caught up! Excited to see how the tent turns out!


@Mongobongo 44 of 44 beans have taproot with in 24hrs of soaking seeds.putting in 16oz beer cups with an orgainc blend potting soil and under 2 of the LED lights until i set up the tent this weekend.


So as the taproots came so quick.i had to get them in cups.For now they will sit in my wall unit,i will line it in mylar tomorrow,until i set the tent up Saturday.I will turn the wall unit into a clone chamber in the future.

Turns out i cracked 45 seeds 8each of OH,HC,OG x CR
6 SDSL x BC and 5 each SDSLxGSN , MW x CB , DBHP


I took a better pic.I am suprised at how bright the led’s are in a black cabinet,should be even brighter in a mylar room. I am ordering a 2nd 1000w hps light for the flower room and will use the 6 led’s for clone and veg chamber.


Just noticed one Dragonblood and one of the SDSL x GSN popped up,the DB dropped its shell and still has the membrane around it,The SDSL X GSN still has the shell on,been misting it to help it open and remove it.Very impressed with Mongo’s beans the just wanna grow😁so DBHP #5 took 3 days to sprout from seed…OGxCR #3 sprouted up 3 days from seed but still has shell bein moistening it to help it soften and i can help it off.


So moistening the seed husk let me gently release it using 2 pin points,the membrane will come off soon and it will be on its way.

The first MW X CB #3 popped up this one pretty well tossed its on husk.

Another DBHP #3 popped up

And the 2nd SDSL x GSN #1 Has just popped.
First OregonHuckleberry #3 has sprouted.Sure more will be popping up today.
@Mongobongo great job on the beans bro.They are very eager to grow for soaking beans 3 days ago.

My soil is an all organic local blend from a friend with a landscaping company.A combination of rich dark soil with a lot of organic material and small styrofoam pellet mixed in for aeration.


Now have 43 of 45 broke the surface with half of them losing its husk.should have 43 tiny little babies by tonight…

Now i gotta the tent set up but now it get baked and relax time.Have a great day all.


So i now have 30 babies opened up.12 up with seed husk still on and 3 that have not popped up yet,great results for starting seeds 3 days ago. The first sprout up the DBPH#5 is raring to grow