Smkn is Back and Rarin' To Grow

Welcome to my zany page.35 yrs ago i travelled to B.C ok ran away from home at 17.Met 2 ole hippy brothers who took me under their wing and taught me all things Cannabis.Up and down the pacific coat we went from Alaska where i was introduced to the Thunder Fuck,B.C and the original Skunk,trekking through Washingtin,Oregon and Sunny California and my first encounters with Cali-0…Was an original member and Mentor on the Outdoor forum of Overgrow.Life threw me a curve ball and growing got put on a long pause.
Now I am back rarin to grow.
Come hang out meet new friends.Learn or share your knowledge,chill and shoot the breeze.Just say hi .
Treat each other with respect if you disagree with something said.

I go by the mantra of the immortal Bob Marley
One Love,One Life Lets Get Together And Feel Alright.

On To The Show We Go!!!

Thanks to my lil Bro @Mongobongo for the awesome selection of beans.Hope he has time to pop in and give me a run down of what he gave me…

My tent,1000w air cooled hps and 6 banks of 1000w led’s should be arriving any day now.Cannot wait to get back to growing the Love Bud. I will be growing in organic soil as i prefer the taste of earth grown bud.

I will make a detailed thread from set up,to germinating and planting,veg growing and sexing,to selecting mothers and cloning,through to flower and harvest…Along with pruning and training goal is to set up a perpetual harvest of 5 plants a week.

This will take care of the winter blahs and set me up for my true passion,Outdoor Monster grows.


Look forward to following along


I am going to make a divider to have a flower room 4 W’ x 6’ L x 6’8"H and make a shelf to have 2 chambers 2’ W x 4’L x 40" H one for moms that i will prune to keep low and bushy and 1 chamber for clones and seedlings.


This is the 1000w hps mh light i ordered and 2 sets of 3 1000w led…i am thinking of rigging 2 of the 1000w led to hang vertical to light the plants from the side and have the 1000w hps mh horizontal above the plants. That leaves me 4 1000 led for the 2 veg chambers


I also order a 6" and 2 4" inline fan kits for venting. As well as a collection of different sized grow bags


Tent is nice. I have the same one. Looking forward to seeing how you break it up


Everything should be here by Sunday or Monday so i will start soaking beans in the next day or two…Feels so good to be getting back in the game and reclaiming my mounds of karma i had in the original days of OG and my OG outdoor mentor status again…For the indoor grows just like the old days i will bring back my little Monster inc helpers to make the thread fun again.


Ron i am going to use copper tubing for the frame and mount corrugated plastic sheets lined in mylar for the walls,the cross shelf i am going to use aluminum checker board


Cool. I will be looking forward to seeing that.


@Old-Ron I am also thinking of running 1in plastic tubing to each pot to make watering and feeding easier in the flower room as i plan on scrogging.The one inch tubing will allow a funnel to fit in it to make watering mess free


Sounds like it will be a nice setup! A watering system is first on my list of things after a successful harvest. Will you be planting straight from a solo cup to the 5g or transitioning?


I also wanted to ask if you considered quantum boards for veg?


@projectgreenthumb710 i will go from 16 0z cups to the 5 gallon grow bags.i am even thinking about putting some sprouts straight into the 5 gallon bags…

I will acquire quantum boards when i expand to a second room …I ordered everythin posted above for $1350 canadian delivered to get me started


@SmknCanuck Dont blame you at all, you can get started at the very least. Which is definitely better than nothing lol.


@projectgreenthumb710 The 1000w hps mh light and the 6 1000w led’s will give me a great start. A lot better than 20 years ago running a 430w hps and vegging under flourescent banks and i did alright with that set up lol


Another old school organic pothead back to growing. Good stuff and good times.

My indoor setup back in the day was about like yours. I had a few banks of cfls and a 400w hps. The real fun is the outdoor beauties. I’ll be popping in a every once in awhile.


Can’t wait to see the completed set up! I’ll explain the beans as best I can.

OGer x Choclate Rain - The Ogers were the pollen donor and they came from Barefrog. They are very strong banana smelling cross of a Bubba Kush x master Kush. The Choclate rain was from a retired member named Jetdro I believe they came from Escobar. This is a pure pollen chuck and completely untested.

Snow lotus x Sour d is a Bodhi strain- it’s a Sour Diesel cut that came from Loompa (not headband), an ECSD cut, and Schroomy’s Original Diesel all crossed with Bodhi Snow Lotus.

Snow lotus/ sour d x Gods Space Needle. I selected the most frosty mama from 6 female GSN and did an open pollination using 3 SDxSL males. So it’s a selected chuck I guess haha

Huckleberry crackers is Oregon Huckleberry x Pink animal crackers. This was an open pollination done using 2 OH males and a selected Pink animal cracker female. The PAC female was from Mosca and was incredible. The plants grown by members here of the cross, from what I’ve seen have been really good. Ive got one going now outdoors and she is a beast.

Dragonblood Hashplant is from Bodhi. Bleeds when ya clip it. Really amazinG smoke. Warning It takes 13 weeks to finish flowering. Here is a link for a great breakdown of it

The snow lotus/ sour d x Blue coma cross is a chuck. The mom B.C. was amazing. This one is untested

Oregon Huckleberry is from dynasty genetics. Discontinued many years ago. She is bright green frosty plant that grows massive. Many people on the site are currently growing it outdoors and have posted some beautiful pics.

79 mowie wowie x Cherry bomb Is from Sebring and I’ve never grown it. I’ve got 10 beans here still at home so I might try it soon.

Hope that helps some! :v:


@Mongobongo thanks for your generous gift and great breakdown of the genetics…My mouth is watering already…Looks like that second flower room will be needed now just for the DragonBlood Hashplant and a perpetual harvest of it.Thank my lucky stars my license lets me grow 375 plants lol


Right? That looks super interesting for sure. Alot of people are saying you can’t wrog with anything bodhi though.

Mongo is cool to everyone for sure, but I love how he set you up to get back going again. It makes me look forward to teaching more to the younger ones around me who are eager to learn. They never forget that.


@Badger mongo was just 18 when i took him under my wing and shared my knowledge and clones with him.Makes me very proud to see what he has become and the effort he makes to share with others.And to reunite again Hoping to swing down his way soon for another game of golf and to rekindle memories and grow knowledge,me thinks the student can teach the teacher a few things :blush::blush: