Sour Diesel Thread

Very cool, hope it works well for you. What do you mean you can’t post in the Sour Bubble thread? What’s it doing as there should be no issues?


Idk, I can’t reply to the “sour bub pollen up for grabs” thread
Was just gonna post that pic there is all but no option to reply


That’s odd, thread is open, I wonder why no reply there for you :thinking: Oh well, at least you got it bud, best of luck with the Sour Dub :v:


You’re still TL1, and you need to be TL2 to post in topics in the seed run co-op category. Assuming you’ve been logging in every day, which it seems like you have since you’re posting frequently enough to have 7 pips already, you should be TL2 tomorrow or the next day anyway though. :slight_smile:


What’s the deal with those anyways
IC has those too


I was referring to these pips you speak of


I hesitate to tell you because it will probably make you blush, but it means that people like you.


Aww shucks kicks rock

Oh shit just happened
I’m a diff trust level now

watch out seed traders I’m not just lurking anymore


They don’t really get you anything. It is just people liking your post. So you must be posting what people like :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:green_heart: :seedling:

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I’ll get in on that action!!

Has anybody ran any sour crosses from people under the stairs genetics? I asked him about what cut he uses he says it’s chacos ECSD


Yeah he’s super solid

I love chacos ecsd…
Which is the one and only ecsd imo

Any other cut with “ecsd” on the tag of it and it’s not the exact same as chacos simply isn’t the ecsd


I got these from a charity auction that P.U.T.S. Donated them to, I think they were calling him chefro? Can’t remember… anywho he said the top pack was pretty rare that he had only let out a few of them


Nicely scored

I’m sure both will be fire as hell

melting pot runs a lot of his gear and always smashes it

about to try out the phillthy soil mix finally


The actual guy running the auction did a terrible job, usual rules… no “snipe bidding”, tag the person you outbid…
So “A” was bidding, “B” outbid him, so me “C” tagged “B” and we went back and fourth till the time ran out. I had the last bud before the clock ran out, we diced to split the 12 pack between me “C” and “B”. Then “A” came in saying he was never tagged blah blah blah. The auctioneer felt bad and had us split it 3 ways which sucked… but P.U.T.S. Went above and beyond, sent us each 5 beans of the auction pack, a freebie each. He’s a nice guy


top dawg sd bx4 day 41, the least impressive in my room but it’ll probably be the best, everybody knows that’s usually how it works

i noticed these are not growing feeder roots, maybe decades of being grown in hydro the plants forgot how soil works?


If she doesn’t start impressing you more by 55 days she might not be the one you seek


Probably. I’ve read that plants bred in hydro setups don’t do as well in organic situations and vice versa. Don’t listen to shamus, though. Wait until she’s dried and cured and blazed to make a decision. Never understood this whole,”I’ve found my keeper at 35 days in flower!” mindset. Until you’ve smoked it, whatever it is, it’s impossible to know what’s what.


your totally right, who cares about a bland sour with no smell

did I say day 35? no
sour doesn’t start going much of anything until day 50…

If by a week after it should start being loud, and it’s not… I would tell someone looking for a proper representation of sour to look else where

like I said