Stash of seeds collected from Transkei area to trade

Hey folks. So like the title says, i have a few hundred Transkei seeds id be interested in swapping out. Let me know what you have … if it tickles my fancy I’ll be more than generous. These seeds were collected off of Transkei buds by a friend of mine who lives in the kei. He grew a few out to learn the ropes and offered the rest of the seeds to me to work if i wanted. They were a very earthy fruity sativa when grown out.
This is my 1st time putting seeds up online to trade but have sent to both US and UK privately with good success… just understand it may take up to 4 weeks for the seeds to arrive.
These pics are a 1st grow for my friend when he collected the seeds (just for reference ) … the pic with the pack of seeds is what I have to offer. I will also throw in some Swazi mixes too


I’ve got some Old Skool from MSNL (Hawaiian Sativa x Columbian Gold) that I could swap some out. I could part with 5 seeds.


I’ve got some White Widow x Critical Kush F1 regs and some CBDream x Critical Kush F1 regs to trade. PM me if you have any interest.


I have some white widow crossed with an old school skunk that my father used to grow if your interested. Just let me know my man.


I want some of these

I really want these

Oooo and I want some of these


Lol duh sorry @Sunvalley I would love to trade I don’t know if I have anything you would want but pm me

@Hoodini you’ll have to PM me because I don’t have that feature yet.


before asking “what’s Transkei” I looked up it…sounds cool!!


Do you still have that critical kush x widow beans? I’ve been wanting to check those out.

What year is the WW x Old School Skunk from your dad use to grow? Thanks

I have a few strains of beans worth of a trade… Those are beautiful too by the way mate! Kudos! I have a strain we call Chemberry 4D which is Chem 4 x Chem D x Strawberry Diesel (Kushman Strawberry Cough x SDv3) also have Lemon Luckdragon :lemon: :four_leaf_clover: :dragon: which is Bodhi’s Jade Dragon (Legend OG x Snow Lotus aka Goohead) x Yoga Booty Kush (Sanity #4 x Cherry Pie) and have something in L.A we call Quavo 11 which is Abusive OG aka L.A Kush clone x Bay 11 (male from seeds Ken Estes gave me Appalachia x Ken’s Kush back in 2013) I actually have a ton more… But I wanted to toss a few out there. Thanks -js


Those sound good @Sanity818SFV … If you’re down for a trade I’ll take you up. I also have some Space Monkey (Bodhi) x Blues (Ugrog) and Cuvee (TGA)f2 chocolate pheno x Blues I just collected and am busy growing now. Have a few of those id be keen to trade too


Whats up brother @Sunvalley , I saw you were a member here also and was just saying whats up… I like the looks of the transkei plants for sure!:v:

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Hey my brother! Glad we could get acquainted and do some trading. Really looking fwd to more exchanges. @pookie123

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Right on that sounds cool :+1: I’m not sure how to message on here or if I’m allowed to drop my email… Shoot me a dm or when can do it over this topic doesn’t matter to me just let me know :+1: I have tons more crosses and projects too you’ll see :wink: I’m interested in both those I also have that same Chemberry 4D times Pineapple Express G13 Labs and also the Chemberry 4D times Platinum OG the clone from L.A here and times Sanity OG which is Banana OG x Romulan Diesel… Just let me know what to do I’ll hook it up for you!!! Here is the Platinum OG clone x Chemberry 4D it’s called Zenberry :grin: enjoy ttys


all u inside growers and seed trader or so lucky to be doing what you love.

Hey @Sanity818SFV

I have DJ Shorts Bluemoonshine F1I BX my own creation, AK47 F2, Hill Temple Jamaican Jam, Flying Dutch Man Pot of Gold, AK47 X LOWRYDER

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Everybodies parcels have been sent off! Hope they get through to you all.


1987 skunk #1 it’s an original strain from Amsterdam.


Don’t hesitate to use Strainly for your trades :wink: