Stoners Garden 2020

It is a fine New Year to start another season.

My hardy Apollo 11, on it’s third regeneration. Regeneration was set back by an infestation of web spinners.

Cleaned her up as much as practical, got her in natural light for a final flowering.

Cuttings, hope to carry on the line.


Saw her in her past life and was splendid, it’s amazing how you can regenerate her again and again when mine’s struggle to end her miserable one and only life :sweat_smile:, congrats on your success … :sunglasses:


Thanks George.
I stumbled into regeneration when my grow buddy gifted me some cuttings. Problem was, they had spend about a week in postal transit. It was a struggle, rooting and flowering, then regeneration. I had nothing but time in the middle of Winter.

I have not always succeeded, but when it works out, it is great.


You must have green fingers indeed, I always get astonished on how those cuttings and clones survive their postal adventure and mine’s with all the greatest care won’t survive :sweat:. I gain some hope and courage by reading stories as yours, thanks for sharing them … :sunglasses:


I recently received some cuts that spent 5 days in a box traveling to me. Two of four died right away one due to me screwing with it one to stem rot. The other two are slowly taking hold in a dome and if they root I’ll be one happy camper. Its defiently a challenge but can be done.


Most peoples problems when taking cuttings are not using sterile tools. Always use a Clean sterile razor blade some people even dip the cutting in a isopropyl mix before inserting into rooting media. Other common issues are to much moisture in the root medium and not enough initial humidity around the cuttings. Then there is the hardening off period,
that is equally important. Besides those things starting with healthy mothers that have been recently fed a good carbo load and maintaining the correct temperatures makes all the differance.
Another big helper is a product called t. Harzianum it causes explosive root growth, just make sure to get the t22 strain if spending money.


Do you take her all the way through flower every time? My one full success with reveg (assume you mean the same with “regen”) came after an early bud rot chop. Her bottoms were still green and hadn’t begun to die off.
Personally, I would wait for one of those cuttings to root before growing her out but maybe the natural light dictates your schedule.


I downloaded your pics to be able to get a better view of your plant and cuttings, looked them over and deleted them.

From the looks of your regen plant, you had a previous infestation, albeit, it’s been taken care of, but there is still a lot of leaf damage on your plant, meaning the plant is still recuperating. It will obviously grow past it’s current state and become healthy again, by way of new shoots/growth, with the most damaged leaves being sacrificed by the plant.

Clones are a direct genetic copy of their mother plant. If/when a clone is taken from a plant with issues, it shortens it’s expectancy. The clone must now overcome the issues it’s mother plant possessed and turn itself into a viable, rooting plant despite any added issues. It’s difficult for cuttings to achieve all these things, it’s not impossible, but it is difficult. Genetics play an important role here.

Rule of thumb that I have exercised for decades is to only take cuttings from healthy plants, unless forced to do otherwise. Healthy cuttings from healthy parent plants root the fastest and with much less stress, making them the ideal choice.

Brother, I have been in the same boat as you more times than I can remember and it’s always worth a try to bring back that special strain and attempt to keep it going. Apollo 11 (Jack Herer x Cinderella 99) comes from great genetics and both parental plants clone readily, that being said, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble getting those cuttings to root and pull themselves out of the rut their mother put them in!

Good luck my friend and I’m looking forward to your progress!


So is there a thread I’m missing on how to reveg? If not could you please explain to me the procedure?


@Burnso chop down most of your plant. Leave a few buds near the bottom of the plant.

Next thing I like to do is pull the plant out of the pot; cut away some soil from all 4 sides as well as the bottom. Add new soil to your pot; bottom and edges just like you would with transplanting.

Flip lights to 18/6 and watch the mutant leaves begin!! Lol :laughing:


What @Leaf said, expanded here.


Thanks for the tip. I’m definitely gonna try this. @joecool did this last summer and that was the first time I’d ever seen it happen.


Yes I did. It was a wild ride. The few buds from the first bloom that I didn’t get off in time turned into freaky little bushes with dozens of branches from each and every one. If I had been in the ground instead of a 5gal bucket I would of let more of them go and probably had a better second harvest. Be that as it may my little reveg mutant looking plant gave me just a bit over 2oz when put into the jar to cure. So I couldn’t complain. Especially considering that I added no nutes or anything to my home built soil other than rainwater. It was that gifted girl that brought me here and got me going indoors after all I read and saw on here. This place is great


Leaf!!! My mentor back in the old days.

You once posted about a child getting into your seed stach. I had night mares over trying to sort the seeds out by the distinctive appearance of their base… :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to confirm my suspicions. That plant was badly infested, couldn’t save it.
You are right about the stress in the cuttings. After 6 weeks I have one growing cutting of the Apollo 11. Plenty of time to recover and produce new cuttings for this season.

It is in the window for daylight, but I move it back under a florescent to maintain the long days needed for veg growth.

I still have hopes for a couple more of the cuttings, not dead yet.

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Black Diamond regeneration. This plant was also infested with spider mites.
I have been using it to test my ability to keep them controlled by interrupting their life cycle.

I am using Raid, insect and spider spray. Twice a week, paying attention to getting the underside of the leaves.


Use the raid sparingly. Only mist the plant in the room, don’t saturate it. It will eliminate your plant pests, but is designed to be used on ornamental or non edible plants.

The spray residue left behind on your plant can keep killing insects that come into contact with it for around six months. This stuff kills everything that comes into contact with it… whether it’s good or bad.


Hey @Stoner

Apparently there was another leaf from back in the day, sorry for the mix up… I just chose this username this year and have been mistaken for someone else. :slight_smile: I am just as cool though! Lol :laughing:

Happy growing senoir


Apollo 11 clone is doing well.

The spider mites have been managed. No sign of new leaf damage.


She’s looking good and is ready to grow now! She’ll make “beast” status soon enough!

Spider mites are a real bummer… I glad you evicted those bastards… it’s a task that is easier said than done in most cases. Good job bro!