Strainly site closing down! Update! Strainly is going to stay!

I just got an email from Strainly today saying they are closing their site in the next 10 days or so! They say that they hope to come back in the near future, hopefully! This sucks as it is a great resource for people to buy and sell genetics… I cant believe this, There is nothing on their site stating their shutdown, just the email I received… They were not real clear on their reasons for closing down shop… They provided a great service… UPDATE: Thanks to the outpouring support from members writing them to show their support it looks like Strainly will likely stay open… I like to think that my post here about their closing was the cause of some of the supporting messages they received…


Oh no! I never got to order from mark! At least his number is posted on his thread.


didnt get that email yet

Hit me up if you need his number. Do stay safe/be well.


The site is still up for now, it said to take down your ads over the next 10 days…


I haven’t received any email about closing… also they don’t mention it on their website.

I’d prefer not to spread rumours…

Do you mind sharing the email you’ve got?


Yes, it is not a “rumor” Joe…

Strainly Unsubscribe
Sep 7, 2020, 9:22 PM (18 hours ago)
to me

Hello Pookie123,
We are sorry to inform you that Strainly will have to go on a hiatus in the coming weeks.

The current circumstances, combined with the challenges faced by our industry (e.g. access to basic business services such as payment processing, social media, funding…) forced us to make this difficult decision.

If you have active listings, we would please need you to close them within the next 10 days.

You will have 3 weeks to complete pending transactions, provide tracking number and ensure delivery. If you still have pending transactions by 09-30, please reach out to us.

If you have a Pro or Premium plan, all your credits have been applied to your current listings.

In case you are wondering, our servers and databases have remained secured since we launched Strainly 4 years ago. You have strictly nothing to worry about when it comes to your information.

We are hopeful we’ll come back stronger when the dust settles.

Do not hesitate if you have questions.

You have received this email because you are a member of Strainly. What kind of emails do you want to receive from Strainly? Check your settings or unsubscribe from these emails.


I also stated the same thing about there being nothing stated on their site about it on my first post, But that I got an email from them yesterday…


I guess there is always a chance that someone could have hacked the Strainly sites email perhaps, but it was from their email address … |### Strainly Unsubscribe|Sep 7, 2020, 9:22 PM (18 hours ago)||

to me


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Thanks for reposting that email. That sounds serious. Looks like they are contacting established sellers first before announcing it publicly.

Do you think they refer to the recent killings and partly illegal marijuana production in California?


well that sucks. I don’t see what legal issues they would encounter running that site since they aren’t handling any actual products, etc., so maybe it’s something else unrelated to the nature of the business.


It seems to me as if their revenue stream is simply drying up.
This is unfortunate.


Thank you for this! (I have not been notified as yet)
I had the vendors addys that I wanted…all except one. MARK, and after I sent him a Strainly PM just now, he returned his address and phone number. I have a few of his in veg and they are looking great so far.

I am sorry to hear this and have had mostly very good results with the vendors up there…
Granted, I never went for any of those $400 packs and $300 .2 ml of pollen! :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


What, you thought the $1000 cuttings were junk too?!



All above my pay grade! :laughing:


Seriously, yes one cutting can be turned into a mother and generate lots of weight, but to make a cutting of a plant you have and charge for its potential is just ludicrous.
Adding to that, to me, the price of a cutting should only be about 2-5x the price of one feminized seed, or at max, the price of a pack of feminized seeds.


But 1st the cutting would have to root!
I have some seeds that cost $150 a pack (my current maximum), and have purchased a few rooted clones for $25 each.
Everything that I grow is either for me and mine, or gifts for friends. I have also done just fine with much less expensive gear …like from “Mark’s” $1 each seeds (so far)…
My gosh…$1 each, FREEBIES,free shipping, and no money up front!


Yeah, perhaps that might have something to do with it… I just heard about the killings a little earlier today and have not read anything about it… I don’t know really why they are shutting down… if it was a money issue I think they should have reached out to us members for help… I know if they would have asked they would have gotten financial help, so I am lost as to why they are closing to be honest… But it does seem that financing was a big part of it being they did mention a lack of business options such as payment options and funding… I know for one I would have mailed them cash or a money order if need be and I am sure many others would have done the same… I wish they would have reached out to us for help as they would have gotten what they needed I think…

All I can say is, I hope they come back soon…


Demonic Genetics, a Breeder I have supported, posted on his Page Strainly will close in 10 days, gave his Yahoo Contact info. It certainly seems as if it’s real. I wouldn’t put it pass the Feds to do something like this, it being an election year. With all the social media platforms, they’re “whistling pass the graveyard” if they think they can stop this. ALL, do stay safe and, be well.


Joe is good people and I have had the pleasure of dealing with him in person.
Just saw his note on his Strainly page too…Thanks for the heads up.