Strainly site closing down! Update! Strainly is going to stay!

This really boils down to cash flow…or lack thereof.
Hopefully they will reconfigure their business plan, and attain viability.


Strainly had a IG posting about some legal stuff and how they only supply a platform but don’t sell anything…seems the lawyers are winning this round…



Yeah… that’s a dick move. I know TGA was big pushing this before subcool passed. Wanting to patent their strains and collect royalties off them. BS is what it is, you can’t patent a plant Monsanto…

It’s just the same as companies taking Open Source Community projects and close sourcing them so you’ll never see the code ever again.


Are there actually any patents for cannabis cultivars?! Seems like an impossible thing to enforce. then again they patent the black and raspberries I got, and those spread and propagate themselves, just not suppose to dig up an sucker cane or make cuttings and sell them without a license and paying royalties


Yeah, doubt you’d be able to patent it, but shame on breeders pushing for it in the first place.

Do they still try to get their sales cut through bitcoin only and delete sales pages they don’t like? That may be why they couldn’t make a buck.


So you’re saying there might be a new opportunity here?
Can we adopt Mark? :thinking:


Damn that sucks, ive only ordered a little off there but was one of my favorites to go to aside from being on here. Definitely gonna have ro give Mark a try soon.


Apparently they are notifying everyone now, even the users. I got this e-mail today:

Hi there,

For many families, businesses and communities, 2020 came with its lot of challenges.

We haven’t been able to find a reliable payment processor after we were shut down -again- in May. This is a common issue in our industry, and crypto currencies create way too much friction and overheads to be a viable alternative as of 2020. Hence, while many of you are willing to pay to use Strainly and its premium features, there’s technically no viable way to monetize Strainly at scale.

Ads network options are also very limited in our industry, while advertising is very regulated. Ad revenues are therefore quite limited.

In parallel, as our user base increased, our costs of operations did too, especially during the past year. Expenses grew faster than revenue.

Rather than going into a situation where there will be no chance to ever bounce back, it became wiser to take a break in order to keep a chance to restart when the dust settles. A difficult decision we resisted making for as long as we could.

A few people speculated about the reasons for this hiatus. In case you are wondering, our servers and databases have remained secured since we launched Strainly 4 years ago. You have strictly nothing to worry about when it comes to your information. It has never been shared, accessed nor requested by third-parties.

We are hopeful we’ll come back stronger when the context improves.

Thank you for your continuous support over the years!
The Strainly team


Got mine today too.

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Got a similar email as well. Too bad, I think there’s a model there that could work. Hope they work something out, but doesn’t sound good for now. Victim of its own success, really. Echoes of 1.0.


same today i got a email

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My email came a few days ago. Are there any other sites we can go to? I have Mark on my phone so genetics shouldn’t be a problem but you never know when that shiny new strain will pop up!
Edit: I REFUSE to go back to paying $10 a seed.


I’ve been a member on Strainly for over 3 years, I got the same email 9/7 . Yea, it’s a shame, I suggested maybe to charge a couple bucks to members when a sale is made, if they can’t afford for their service to stay up and running but, who knows. It was a good thing, seems like it should improve as it got bigger rather than closedown abruptly , hopefully they can figure it out and reopen before too long. Later :peace_symbol: ReBoMaN


Yes, there are several plant patents for Cannabis. And there are plant variety protected hemp varieties. I also saw varieties on strainly being resold from people like Oregon CBD, which has material transfer agreements for all their stuff, even if not PVP or patents (probably unenforceable, but they can still cost a lot of money if they sue you).

Personally, I never liked strainly. It is a marketplace of completely unvetted people selling $1000 cuts, F2s of breeder gear, and packs for hundreds of dollars. If you are looking for those types of things, a forum like this, where people develop a reputation and you can look at their post history, seems far better. Maybe it’s the sellers I dont like, not strainly itself. But they could do have done a better job of vetting for grifters. Though its not like most seed banks do a much better job, so maybe I am just a curmudgeon.


Welcome to Overgrow!


I got an email from Strainly earlier this week saying that they are taking the site offline for an indefinite period of time. They asked that I close all my posts there in the next few weeks. Here is the email that I got from them:

We are sorry to inform you that Strainly will have to go on a hiatus in the coming weeks.

The current circumstances, combined with the challenges faced by our industry (e.g. access to basic business services such as payment processing, social media, funding…) forced us to make this difficult decision.

If you have active listings, we would please need you to close them within the next 10 days.

You will have 3 weeks to complete pending transactions, provide tracking number and ensure delivery. If you still have pending transactions by 09-30, please reach out to us.

If you have a Pro or Premium plan, all your credits have been applied to your current listings.

In case you are wondering, our servers and databases have remained secured since we launched Strainly 4 years ago. You have strictly nothing to worry about when it comes to your information.

We are hopeful we’ll come back stronger when the dust settles.

Do not hesitate if you have questions.


Its true they are shutting down in 9 days…I contacted them and they may come back sometime in 2021.

I’m glad they are. I got ripped off for $80 of seeds I ordered and they never germinated and then the fucker disappeared. Fuck you Nick and rest in piss Strainly.