Sun Days, Fun Days

I decided to give it a go outdoors with some auto fem Critical Mass and a fem Amnesia Haze. The CM is 6 weeks old and is showing pistils the six week. The single stalk is currently 20” tall and the tri-stalk is 16” tall. The AH is 18 days old and is 7” tall. I am using river water to mix my nutes . I am using AN micro, grow, bloom for all. Using AN feeding schedule, I halve the required nutes for the autos and full nutes for the AH. I add cal-mag to the nutes . I fed every other week. I don’t plan on any other supplements than what has been described. I want to see how well or poorly they do using base nutes. The CM are in 3 gallon containers, the AH is currently in a 1 gallon pot. I just dropped four of the Dank Sinatra x Blueberry Hashplant to add shortly to the mix. Soil I blended, 3 parts peat, 3 parts compost, 2 parts vermiculite and 1 part perlite all purchased from one of the big box stores.

CM Auto/fem





3 weeks later, the Critical Mass

Amnesia Haze fem, one week into flower

Last but not least, DS F2 x BBH. I hope one is a girl!

Later! :v:


Oooooh boy, I’ve got a good feeling about this one. Pulling up a chair and the :popcorn:

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Fed everyone this weekend and all have their leaves up praising the Sun.

First up, Amnesia Haze (fem., photo) almost three weeks into flower.

Next, DS F2 x BBH (photo) hope their girls!

Lastly, Critical Mass (auto., fem) 6 weeks into flower.


19 days later, one of the Critical Mass is a day or two away from chopping. Majority of the trichomes are cloudy.

The other CM, still showing plump pistils. Maybe a week or two away.

The Amnesia Haze

The DS x BBH. One of the two is very short and has a unique leaf structure. Both started at the same time 6/23 and neither have shown sex yet.

More to come. :v: