SUNSHINE for my Spine

Good luck my friend, hope this is the one :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll be watching from the sidelines.


Tent is prepped and the Soil is getting up to temp, all systems go
Seeds (pictured this a.m.) go in around Dinner

  • noticed a slight discolouration on the towels this morning. Picture taken: => Towels replaced. Back in the bag till dinner anyways. (Jan 8)


Today (jan9) the seeds had been in the damp towel / Bag combo almost 60 hrs… tails are visible and protruding on the SSDD2
The Ss 4 x B-Y tails have not really moved. They have All (5) been planted.

  • Putting Another pair of Ss 4 x B-Ya seed in Water as Insurance.
  • plants fed Cap-ful of pH’d water, Saran wrapped in Motion. There is even a security cat this season. Co-Grower of sorts…

(And just before the end of the day, checking the moisture of the soils surface… I accidentally sent one of the SSDD flying across the tent, like a Ping-Pong back-hand. Took a couple minutes to find the Seed and everything went back together. But damn, things changed so quickly lol). All is good


I have a Sunshine Daydream I got from Sebring in flower right now. I’ll be watching.


Thanks for that @Prince. I’m gonna snoop around your Garden !
Cheers to success in 2023 Bro


Yeah, I have Holy’s SSSD as well. been thinking on a photo run next. Watching.

I want to know more about this glass head. :rofl:


Thanks for watching the grow.

The heads I noticed in a Clothing Store, as accents for a Scarf / Hat line.

I knew the owner and put my name on them, for that rainy-day when he was Tired of them.
I got both heads for $40

FYI, seeds have been in soil for 24 hrs, alls good. No visitors yet


very neat. did smth similar one time with glass chunks from a jewelry store. bought a pendant and a bracelet if owner threw in the chunks. almost 30yrs ago.

try to forget about the seeds for another 48hrs. mine usual take 3-7 days to pop up (but I also just plant directly).

glss head would be an interesting humidity dome. unique for sure.


Thanks for that. Tips are always appreciated. Loving the people on this site. Probably the most intelligently run operation I’ve seen on-a digital platform.

With the Best Topic/Focus on the Planet
Its all here for a reason


I like the Humidity Dome… i already have an image in mind

Photo will have Two credits !!


Beautiful things a gwan. Gonna run the @HolyAngel SSDD BX so looking forward to watching and learning from your success.



It has begun; SSDD #2 seed2 has Popped and #3 is just poking the Shell through the Soil. (Jan 12)


50/50 on my Back-up plan, but help is on the way.
These two Sunshine #4 x Bye-Ya extras have been put into Soil, after 60 hrs in a damp towel/plastic bag.
And it “appears” as if one of the originals has broken ground… tba its early today (13th)
BUT, this one seedling looks real HeAlThY

Day 2 ssdd bean2, all fingers n toes accounted for. She’s ( it’s ) off



“2 strains” are now in the game, with Bean3 (rescue bean) of Sunshine #4 x Bye-Ya, Popping last nite.
Gave a little assistance to removing the Shell/membrane, but I think this Seed is Smiling

SSDD #2 bx1 Bean2
Above ground on the 12th, here today the 15th


SSDD#2 is picking-up speed! Day 5 & I love to see those true-leaves spreading

SS#4 x Bye-Ya, may be saying Just-That… and its definite, Bye-Ya did not make it. Cotyledons did not open and the Membrane was removed.

So, shifting gears I have agitated a couple of Jack Herer Auto’s in the film canister / sand paper and they are going to help justify the Light on SSDD #2
One big and light coloured, one small and dark. (Here goes on the 17th)

And today (17th) is day 6 above ground for SSDD#2. Which I had to take some pictures of when I noticed the 2nd set of leaves


FYI, I’m just stoked that a Pkg of Flips I sent to Germany, has made it through on Day 6

Testing ground for me, on a plea for Seeds from Deutscheland.

Feels damn Good Folks. Thanks All for the Tips n Tricks!

ps Fighting Buddha, Thai & WM x BK get Exposed to some funky German Damen und Herren


Day 1 of Veg. for SSDD #2. And it ends with a Foliar app (wtf) of BudBusterPro.

Cooler temps were used in the tent, up to this point 22-23c re: @JohnnyPotseed and my need for a female. From here on in the temps will climb => 26.5c. Taking the Temp higher (27) is where I have trouble maintaining a higher rh% in a 30”
** folks: BBP will be a weekly application till at least week 2 in Flower. It is also Outside of the Nutes

that will be used


Awesome picture taking there cuz! Looking good so far, here’s hoping for a nice successful run.


Thanks JP. Most Pictures, should tell a story. I had to include the inaugural Bling (bbp) in this one