Super Green Lab Ninja Bundle: the quest for independence!

Hi OG family!
Back to growing after 10+ years, I figured I should share this experience with the community :slightly_smiling_face:
First thing first, let me introduce you my setup:

  • 2/3 spaces inside a small Swedish furniture, left side will be mostly for blooming (35x35cm, height 70cm), right side for vegetative/cloning, same size but potentially splittable vertically in 2 part)

  • Super Green Lab Ninja bundle for lights (6 LEDs 15W 3000 lumens full spectrum), temperature/humidity captors and outtake vents. Comes with an app to manage it all.
  • soil Biobizz Light Mix with clay pebbles in the bottom of the pots
  • nutrients from Megacrop, easy to work with
  • couple of other tools such as carbon filters, extra inside vents (I opted for a passive intake) and mini humidifier device (had low humidity issues for about a week, now it seems to be the opposite :joy:)
  • seeds: surprise! I had a few dozens of spared unidentified seeds on hand (mostly from weed bags) and chose to start with it, time for me to get familiar with everything before to invest in seeds
    Could also be fun to try and find the original variety :sweat_smile:
    Out of 6 planted seeds (all germinated), only 2 made it through once into the soil (I used peat pellets for the first time and probably planted some to deep/overwatered them). They are now around 3 weeks old (in the picture they were probably one week).
    More infos/ pics to come (as I know you like it :yum:)
    Follow me buds :v::laughing:

very interesting :slight_smile: I cannot wait to see it

in action

all the best and welcome



Who doesn’t love Swedish furnitures :ok_hand::ok_hand::rofl:

Like @dequilo said… love to see what kind of fire it will grow :fire:


Looking forward to your grow. Good luck! :v:


Thought you were in a risky country viewing those fans tied with chains ninja|nullxnull, but IKEA use to not have shops there frech|nullxnull. Better pull up that fan or you will fry the seedlings :sweat_smile:. Looks you had a great time building that setup beer3|nullxnull, willing to see how it works … popcorn


Thanks guy for the warm welcome :slight_smile:
@George1961 ha ha :smile: Chains are the easiest/cheapest solution I found to be able to adjust the fan up and down. Same for lights, I fixed it with Velcro so I can move them, I think it’s better for a first grow to leave some room for adaptation…

Little update before today’s watering, plants are now almost 3 weeks.

My plan is to top both of them, keep the top crop to make clones and put the clones to flowering straight after roots appear to know the sexes. I want to get rid asap of potential males (not sharing my females :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), also I intend to keep the clones flowering till harvest (if females) to have an early sample of the final product :yum: I might also try to turn lower branches into clones, then mother plants, if I’m happy with them.
Already 5-6 nodes and quite bushy/not stretchy, I wonder whether I should wait/make them stretch a bit more before topping… what do you guys think?


I’d probably let them get a bit taller so you can get a good sized clone.

Cool setup, what kind of carbon scrubber are you using? Also I’d love to see a pic of your lights.


welcome aboard. I started with SGL this april. 192 board. it was great fun!


@SaintAliasKnife thanks man, I’ve been following your adventures both here and on the SGL discord server, I’d be pretty happy to have the same results :crossed_fingers:
@beacher better than a picture, you can find all the info for the lamps/global SGL setup here:
Carbon filters are DREHFLEX AK47, can’t speak for efficiency yet as only flowering will give the truth :smile:


Cool thanks. Those little panels are awesome, you could use them in all sorts of interesting ways.


Nice job on that cabinet! :+1: :sunglasses:
:couch_and_lamp: :popcorn:
This will be cool to watch.



That cabinet is boss! Look forward to seeing your grow!:v::peace_symbol::call_me_hand:

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Thanks guys!
I think the building part is almost as fun as the growing part :grimacing:
Here is a shot of the app screen in case you’re interested, it displays temperature, humidity, vent and light power (in % of max power), with the ability to switch light and vent power within the app.

Those past few weeks I’ve been around 28celsius and 60% humidity during the day, and around 20celsius and 70 humidity during the night. Good enough for now, but I might have to find a solution to decrease humidity during late veg/flowering :thinking:


Some news from the battlefront :grimacing:
Keeps growing nicely, took off a few leaves every other day to help air circulation and focus the effort on branches. Still not stretching a lot (/at all), so waiting on the good moment to top. Maybe in 2/3 days it will be okay :thinking:
Below is my topping plan:

Don’t know if the marks are visible enough on the picture but I’d cut the top after the 3rd node (counting from the bottom) and also the bottom 2 branches that develops enough to make decent clones, but that I don’t want in the way of the 4 main branches I’m keeping (nodes 2/3 right now) during flowering.
Would you think is too much to take off at once? Maybe first the top and after a while the lowest branches?
Also would you recommend to make the cuts before or after watering? If it has any influence at all…


Welcome back to growing @DHB, I love micro grows. I have done some myself in the past but this is super tidy. I will be watching :+1:


I think a little while after a watering after they look lively again is a good time to cut. I do not know how you will go cutting that much off at once. It should survive but it might slow down growth for a bit.

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Thanks for the input @BudSy :wink: Actually up to now the plants never looked less « lively », even if I was very cautious with watering in order to avoid overwatering (I find harder to realize whether there is too much water with fabric pots as water doesn’t go out from the bottom of the pot).
Also I finally did the topping/cloning session yesterday :grimacing:



I followed my plan (using Clonex and peat pellets) by topping the main « trunk » and also taking out the bottom branches (so 3 crops per plant in total) to only keep the 4 strongest branches. Now I just have to pray for everything to turn well :crossed_fingers: Will see what happens in the next few days/weeks…


Follow-up pictures one week after topping/cloning attempt:

The plants seem to have reacted well, I also removed a few leaves as with 4 “trunks” per plants it’s starting to get really bushy :laughing: I’ve slightly moved up the side lights too to make them stretch a bit more.

The crops still look healthy, even if I don’t see roots coming out yet. I’ve been following Clonex recommendation by water spraying them every 2 days with the dome closed, and now I’ll start to gradually open the aeration holes on top of the dome for another week.

Also I’ve been thinking about changing my plan a little bit, meaning keeping all the clones in veg (if they survive) and rather put the main plants in flowering sooner than expected, maybe in 1-2 weeks from now.

The main reason is I have a quite small space and I don’t know how much they will stretch during early bloom, so I’m concerned 8 main colas might be alot for this space. Of course the harvest will not be “maximized” if I make them bloom that early, and I might have to deal with a male plant to take out from the main space as I don’t know their sex yet. But I guess I’d rather do that than letting them grow too much while waiting for the clones to be ready for flowering/sexing, at the risk of overcrowding the main space (leading to moisture risks, light burns…).
What do you guys think?


As I can feel your impatience to know who’s gonna die on the next episode, I can’t help but release it :laughing:

LEFT SIDE everything is still going well:

I did a bit of training for future buds spacing, and took off a few leaves every few days, mostly on the center of the canopy to improve the exposure of secondary nodes and keep outside leaves to gather enough su power :sun_with_face::muscle:

I noticed a very slight yellowing on the end of some leaves of the right plant (remember the 2 plants are 2 different unknown species), what I guess should be linked to nutrient (slight excess?), while the left plant looks like she could handle more :stuck_out_tongue: Nice teaching for future grows of those 2 babies (if any of the clones survive :grin:).
I’ve been following the recommendation of @GreenleafNutrients for the quantities.

A couple of lower fan leaves on the left plant kind of showed brown areas though, and after a few research (this forum, growweedeasy…) my best guess was a calcium/magnesium deficiency.
Also acknowledged that the little “balls” in the Megacrop new formula are (apparently) Ca/Mg, while the powder essentially contains the other nutrients. So I paid a bit more attention to the balance between both (not so easy with so little quantities) and the problem disappeared. Or rather it didn’t reappear, as I ended up taking off those leaves :sweat_smile:

Moved the side lights a bit higher again, this time to prevent light burns.

RIGHT SIDE, the real battlefield :rofl:

I decided to replant the peat pellets in small pots with soil and a tiny bit of nuts in the water. I wasn’t really seeing roots popping, but a few signs told me it might be time to make a move :face_with_monocle:

  • Clones from the right plant (3 to the right) seemed like they were asking for water/nuts (?)
  • Clones from the left one showed lot of yellowing at the end of the leaves and a globally less healthy look. I’ve read somewhere that it might be a sign the plant is using the nutrients stocked in leaves to grow roots, anyway I felt I needed to change the atmosphere :sunglasses:

Generally, it seems the crops where I kept more/bigger leaves reacted not so well compared to the more “naked” ones…

Also, when transplanting I realized the worst looking clones were the one with the pellet almost completely dry :worried:

For now I find the peat pellets very hard to work with, quite hard to put/keep at the right humidity, while the outside “net” makes difficult to figure out what’s going on inside…
First I had a few germinated seeds that didn’t make it through once in the pellet, and now the clones seems to struggle a bit :thinking: Obviously I don’t master it yet :sweat_smile:

—> Next step

LEFT SIDE, put to flowering within 3-4 days while keeping spacing/trimming the canopy every few days (only during late veg/early flo)

RIGHT SIDE, save the troops, soldier :joy:


5 days after switching to bloom:

Stretching sweet, the 4 branches of the left plant are roughly the same height, while on the right plant 2 are a bit behind. Maybe because they have been trained a bit more (/lower) than the others and thus do not get as much light :thinking:

Also even if it’s still early to tell for sure, I’m afraid the one on the right is a dude:

No pistils and some kind of small ball looking like a male preflower, unfortunately.

The one on the left is most likely female (a some white pistils showing up):

I’ll wait a few days to be 100% certain but if confirmed I’ll need to get rid of the mister asap, not sure if I should just cut him and let the roots in the soil or find a way to get them out/replant the other one in a new pot…