Tent of horrors - Solstrips / Autopots

My first grow went downhill fast, so I’ve gone and planted 2 new seeds. My previous grow resulted in some dead plants…the horror!

So I’m on a mission to get this right however long it takes! Lets start with the setup…

Tent : 2x4x7
Light : 280watt Solstrips
Medium: Canna Coco Grow Medium
Nutrients: Mega Crop
Additives: Great White Mycorrhizae
Autopots: 3.9gal

The one thing I’ve got down is germinating my seeds! I’m 4/4 so far, and they have been sprouting all within 3days of me dropping them in water for 24hrs, then off to a paper towel moistened and kept warm in my tent.

I’m going to plan on updating daily with photos which may be a lot, but I’d like to know where the hell I’m going wrong, and what I can improve upon.

Stay tuned for some photos and details of what the heck I’m doing.


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