THC Delta 8 Pre-Roll Review

A THC Delta 8 Pre-Roll Review
OG seems like a great spot to share what I learned when a friend and I sampled Delta 8
THC Pre-rolls from the local CBD shop.

On a recent trip south we visited a CBD dispensary in South Carolina that was advertising THC Delta 8 tinctures, creams and pre-roll smoke. My buddy is a cigar aficionado, no stranger to heavenly smoke, but new to Canna. He has insomnia and was looking for options.

OG members probably already know plenty about THC Delta-8, so just for context, here’s a synopsis of what says:

“Delta-8 is a cannabis compound that has become popular because of its similarity to delta-9 THC, the main compound in cannabis that gets you high, causing euphoria, happiness, sedation, symptom relief, and much more…Currently, the legality of delta-8 is hazy. It can be extracted from either hemp or cannabis. Because of the 2018 farm bill, hemp can be legally grown and used for extractions all over the United States, making delta-8 legal in states where delta-9 THC is illegal-sometimes.”

To continue, Every picture tells a story don’t it? The “story” in the picture below is that the Delta 8 growers are attempting to mimic common cannabis “flavors” using additives to create a “Flavor Profile.” More power to them in that effort, though in this case they fell a little short of the mark. It’s hard to make out in the picture but the top one is (I think) an attempt at a “Diesel” taste and the bottom one is a “Bubba Kush.”

The active ingredients numbers printed on the tubes (need to zoom in) are also interesting. The guy in the shop seemed to think they were reporting percentages but I believe the numbers are milligrams of each component in the one gram pre-roll. They seem to be shooting for a CBD to THC Delta 8 ratio of 4:1 in the Diesel (Top), and just about the opposite in the Bubba Kush. Honestly, I don’t trust either of them. Delta 8 isn’t regulated yet so who knows what their pseudo-specs mean.

We sat on the back deck overlooking a manicured 9th hole fairlane and swapped blunts back and forth as our ladies whipped up a batch of guacamole. We both have saintly spouses, what can I say?

Three things to note from our smoke test:

  1. They both got us high. Not a major smack down couchlock high, but about what you’d expect from a CBD-dominate smoke.
  2. The smoke was harsh as hell! My poor old lungs are prone to a cough and I normally stick to a vaporizer to give them a break, but Damn, this was rough!
  3. We couldn’t detect any particular flavor related to any cannabis. The smell and taste wasn’t bad but it was like smoking…Hemp! “Ropey” is how I’d describe it.
  4. It wasn’t cheap. I think we paid close to $30 for two 1gram cones. As a grower of epicurean pot, I found that a little egregious, but the sales dude was chill and he threw in some gummies so no worries.

I brought one of the sticks home and still have half a joint left so if anyone has any questions or experiments I’m up for suggestions.

This shouldn’t be read as a complaint, or even a criticism. The fact that there is now a completely legal form of THC for everyone to enjoy is a great stride and worth a try. My buddy is new to cannabis, he really liked his experience and his CBD shop is right down the road.


Delta 8 definitely pulls harsher than regular weed or extracts. Even in the vape. Tell your your buddy not to pay smokeshop prices though. You can get delta 8 distillate with or without terps dirt cheap online. I use cannaclear when I’m out between harvest $50 for 20g, heat it up a bit put it a vape cart with a syringe.


Careful smoking D8, a lot of sketchy companies putting out sketchy material.

Worth noting that there’s no such thing as D8 flower — it’s cbd hemp sprayed with d8


Thank you for the clarity! Happy to grow organically for myself, lots of sketchy stuff you are right. Overgrow the world! Going to grow some of the Box of Chocolates from you, an adventure

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While on the other hand the edibles I though rocked. I tried these, 30 and 50 mg gummies while in Florida a couple of weeks ago and it is a different experience compared to THC. On a scale of zero to ten, with THC being 10, Delta 8 was a 7. A very euphoric, social and even experience, no real peaking like THC. I found that one gummy was good for 4-6 hours with no tiredness towards the end and I slept well through the night. YMMV. Overall the edibles were a real treat.


Personally I wouldn’t mess with it. In my opinion you don’t know what’s in there. Vaping at one time was OK I felt like. Something changed. I gave it up but it was very harsh on my lungs.

I attended a Hemp Expo this summer where my gf and I each consumed one popsicle containing 25mg of Delta 8. Once it kicked in we enjoyed the buzz very much! It wasn’t heavy or couchlocky, though we weren’t motivated to get out of our chairs. We laughed A LOT and felt elevated for a few hours. We are both lightweights when it comes to THC, so YMMV. I grow more green than I can smoke so I won’t be seeking Delta 8 again, but we had a very positive experience.


That is way interesting @EugeneDebs420. I’m suddenly excited about getting some D8 distillate and making a GD Tincture!

Damned if it didn’t have a nice CBD kind of mellow, along with a mild high. Put that in a bottle after a 10:1 tincture reduction… sheesh has anybody seen that on the market?

What’s the price, concentration and volume of that D8 concentrate?

You know what @tejas, that’s almost exactly what a friend told me! A nice mellow high via gummy. Those must have been stronger than the cones we smoked.

Still, promising and “Legal” is a big deal for lots of people.

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The terpene infused stuff I get is 94% d8 and 6% plant derived terpenes. They’ve got a straight d8 that’s like 96%

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That’s interesting though. They have the hemp cigarettes here with 17% I haven’t tried them.

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Largest study to date on delta-8-THC finds users say it’s delta-9’s ‘nicer younger sibling’ (

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